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January 01, 2020

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March 01, 2020

Just like how the exact origins of this culinary masterpiece is unknown, I can’t remember what first urged me to try mala xiang guo (maybe it was along the lines of constantly viewing this curious combination of instant noodles and liao on many of my friends’ Insta stories). But I did, and let’s just say there's no turning back now. 

February 24, 2020

So it has been awhile since you moved in and decorated your room, and your place is starting to look a little dull. Maybe those fairy lights look just a little stale after a semester and a half. Fret not as we serve you inspiration from our fellow residents who put in a tremendous amount of effort to makeover their rooms. Spicing things up may just give you even more reasons to look forward to coming back to your safe haven after a long day of school! Not-so-scientific fact: Studying feels less of a chore when done in a pretty environment 😊. It is not just girls who know a thing or two about decorations, as this piece brings you two rooms decorated by our male residents.

January 21, 2020

The topic of food is often a contentious one. Whether you’re an overly enthusiastic resident who responds to the overly enthusiastic daily 6pm “dinner jios” by your block committee, or someone who prefers to dine alone with your earphones in, perhaps we can all agree that the idea of having hall food doesn’t really make anyone excited… or hungry.

December 05, 2019

As the semester comes to a close and the holiday's approach (not before exams, though), let us revisit our best memories from the past semester.

November 27, 2019

The clock is running and another holiday, is upon us. Thanksgiving this year is on November 28th, a time which coincides with not just the end of semester 1 but also coincides with finals. Hence, it’s a perfect time to focus on gratitude and the present.

October 30, 2019

As the Halloween mood creeps up on us, we begin to see people whipping out their once-a-year creepily sexy(?) Halloween costumes. It is as if they forget about the real horrors of their lives for a week, as they party their time away. Let me be the devil here and remind you of what terrorises your everyday life here in Kent Ridge Hall.

October 17, 2019

I recently came across a video on the internet of how one woman managed to fit four years’ worth of trash into one tiny mason jar. This led me to wonder, is it possible to do the same in hall? For a day at least.


I had to find out.

October 06, 2019

It’s official. There’s a KR Buzzfeed trivia quiz.


This isn’t really an article; more of a link to the quiz itself for you to have fun (kinda like the “new post!” function on IG story. But a lot less annoying). 

September 16, 2019

It’s a new academic year and KR welcomes all new blood with open arms! Which category of freshie do you fall under?

October 17, 2018

“The right room arrangement” has been a furiously debated (or maybe just discussed) topic amongst residents for as long as our FYFs can remember. The freedom to customise our room layouts and the number of variables to consider can be real confounders. “Should I do that?” “Wah his room look damn nice” “Omg got so much space.” Today we shall attempt to put this debate to rest (or maybe just make it worse) by giving our best breakdown of the pros and cons of the different arrangements.

October 18, 2018

Crazy Rich Asians was hailed as a huge step forward for asians, even touted as the “Asian Black Panther” for featuring an all-asian cast. With the inclusion of Singaporean “stars” such Pierre Rice and Fiona Thanks, it was a really proud and heartwarming for most Singaporeans who saw our tiny island represented on the big screen. But peering past the smoke and mirrors of patriotism, what we were really more intrigued with was the portrayal of these “crazy rich asians” — How crazy, rich and asian are these affluents really? Do they even exist? More importantly, could they be in our midst? We had to find out.

October 01, 2018

The time has come yet again, the highly hyped about KRBFF game. In this KRaticle, we are going to explore the different types of KRBFFs that we have encountered this year.

September 16, 2018

What's this item about? What makes it interesting? Write a catchy

What exactly, is this “hall life” that uni kids talk about? Some might assume that it’s all about the unbridled freedom and havoc-wreaking nights. Others might just see it as a convenient place to crash on school nights. But only those who have experienced this “hall life” will truly appreciate the little things that come along with it.​

August 30, 2018

Hello Seniors and Freshmen! Hope you’re still alive after the first 3 weeks of school. WelKRome back to KR - the land of fun, laughter, and a load of bad, KRingey puns. It’s another exciting academic year for you to discover yourself, meet new people (and snakes), and wreck the bell curve to maintain that CAP 5!


For those who are fresh to the KR culture or have just returned from NOC/exchange, here are 10 useful words/phrases to get you up to speed with the KRew. 

March 17, 2018

Formed in 2015, Sine was birthed as an artistic outlet for their members - CJ (Vocals and Guitar), Eugene (Bass) and Marcus (Drums) to delve into the deep sub-genre of rock. A year later they released a 3 track demo. In 2017, Sine was accepted into the Singapore Noise Music Mentorship. Under the guidance of Martin Kong from Caracal, Sine is set to release their upcoming debut EP "The Average on Everything" in April 2018. Also, they will be releasing the 2nd track of their EP, "One Day" on the 29th of March in anticipation for the rest of their EP.

March 17, 2018

Formed in 2014 as a creative outlet of expression for themselves, Terrestrea is the ongoing collective artistic endeavor of five friends, for whom music has nurtured as much as it has corrupted. Described by Juice Magazine as producing music that is simultaneously violent and beautiful, their songs have a dynamic that feels as destructive as a hurricane but calm when you suddenly enter its eye.

KR Day: A Mystery No More

March 12, 2018

You’ve probably heard about the upcoming KR Day with all the blasts on the block chats and the #krickshots Instagram competition. But a quick survey amongst freshies shows that aside from there being “I ❤ KR” shirts, not too many are sure what KR Day is all about.

Struggles in KR

March 06, 2018

Having stayed in KR for nearly a whole 7 months as a freshie, I think it’s finally safe to say that I’ve comfortably assimilated into my new environment. While it’s definitely been a truckload of fun and games, that isn’t to say that it’s been entirely smooth sailing on these blue waters, though…

14 Things to do for 14th of February

February 08, 2018

One of the most headache-inducing problems you’ll encounter leading up to the 14th of this month is deciding what the heck to do to make Valentine’s Day perfect for your bae

Humans of KR: Nigel Cheah

November 21, 2017

Nigel Cheah: Deman behind Denim

FYF Series: Hui Yang Says

November 21, 2017

We sit down with Hui Yang to learn about the dynamics of the command ICs, talk about girls and of course, to hear his life quotes.

13 KReasons Why You Can Survive Finals

November 14, 2017

It’s the time of the semester again, when Kent Ridgeans flood to MRB to study

Oh My Gourd: Supper Poll

November 07, 2017

3 words, 11 letters, say it and we’re yours.

"Hello, Al Amaan?"

The Rumour Mill

November 01, 2017

Did you hear about the couple that got caught getting frisky in the Reading Room at 2am? Or about the guy who scratched his RF’s car on purpose? Or about all the other fake rumours spreading through the grapevines of 10 Heng Mui Keng Terrace? 

October 24, 2017

He’s KR’s Handball Girls coach.

Command IC for KR FYFs 17/18.

Floorball star player.

ex-SMU Chairperson.

Business School’s resident shuai ge.

Services in KR: The Bread Box

October 14, 2017

Craving a midnight snack in hall? Here's how it's available now!

October 08, 2017

Kent Ridge Hall. Indeed, an epicenter of unbelievable talent and skill. From superhuman sportsmen to show-stopping dancers to eargasm-inducing singers to no-kick-CAP-5.0 students, it appears that KR has them all. And by “all” we really mean all.

September 27, 2017

Part-time dancer and full time architecture student, Ong Yong Qing, is one of the rare members of Kent Ridge (KR) Hall who has managed to master-list all three years of his hall stay. With his only commitment in hall being dance, many have wondered how he’s even back for his third year.

September 25, 2017

For some, staying awake into the wee hours of the night requires a steady flow of snacks and occasional bouts of caffeine. To most KResidents, this is a struggle for the mornings. 

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