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Keeping Up With KR: Sleep Edition

For some, staying awake into the wee hours of the night requires a steady flow of snacks and occasional bouts of caffeine. To most KResidents, this is a struggle for the mornings. Being a morning person who lives in KR is challenging but also hilarious when you nod off talking to your friends halfway or mostly just comes across as antisocial because your door is always closed so early.

If you have trouble staying up late, it doesn’t mean that you’re abnormal. But it does make you seem like quite a loser, I have to admit. It turns out that there are biological differences between early risers, who wake up at the same time every morning and tend to feel more active in the day, and night owls who study better at night.

While my friends have heated conversations past 2am or set supper-going hours at 3am, I struggle to keep my eyes open. I decide that staying awake takes too much effort and fall asleep, waking up fresh the next morning, to realize that everyone will remain asleep for the next couple of hours. Most people have probably eaten breakfast here less than five times a semester, while I have tried every dish of breakfast on the menu. And I am not excited to start my day with oily fried rice or noodles, but that will suffice.

Photo credits: The New Yorker

Living in hall requires making adjustments to your life - be it your introverted nature, ‘healthy-eating’ no-supper lifestyle or never having washed your own clothes. This is no different for sleep cycles - life in hall only starts after 8pm, so you have to adapt to the late nights.

Being a morning person does have its perks. Besides having extra time in the mornings to chiong some studying, you get to actively class-part your way through 8am classes without any challenge! Exciting stuff!

While being a morning person may help with productivity, etc., it does deprive you of some quality time with your other KResidents. The best memories most FYFs have are the sleepless nights they have spent in hall. We also get to witness the most exciting news in KR firsthand that only happens at night. Check out our latest exciting news here. Besides, we have a lifetime of 9-5 schedules ahead of us to wake up early.

As they say, the early bird gets the worm. But maybe just not in KR.

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