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BREAKING NEWS: Joshua Chin Breaks His Tooth

KENT RIDGE, NUS - As reading week starts and Kent Ridgeans prepare to study harder than they usually do on Wednesday and Friday nights, one unlucky chap has been met with some unexpected misfortune.

Joshua Chin, 21, has lost his tooth and cut his mouth in a violent fight rumored to be second only to A Block Heavyweight Anil’s drunken fits of rugby tackles.

Chin, not quite living up to his name

At first glance, floorball’s rising star and block committee member Joshua chin seems like any ordinary Kent Ridge resident. He’s a member of numerous CCAs, hangs out with lots of friends and loves to party hard. However, upon further research, you will find out that Chin might be slightly crazy. He loves to shout in hall at a fixed timing every evening to ask people to go for dinner in a volume louder than the fire alarm system, excels at almost every single sport and appears to be high all the time. Does that explain why the fight happened?

‘’I don’t really know what happened but Joshua was supposed to study with me. However, when I went up to look for him, he was shouting hysterically and was being punched by a mysterious guy. Thinking that this is probably one of Joshua’s peculiar ways of bonding C block, I walked away and studied myself.’’ – Buay Brah Der, a good friend of Joshua said.

With such incidents rarely occurring in the peaceful and tranquil Kent Ridge, the event has raised the fear levels of residents all around.

‘’This is why I don’t come out of my room! Look who’s laughing now.’’ – Fan Tom Lee said as he slammed the door on us.

With Chin still barely able to speak, one can only speculate. Could it be a jealous person sick of Joshua’s popularity? Or could it be a dramatic love triangle? Or maybe someone was getting sick of Chin’s Dinner Jios.

Stay tuned to find out as our team embarks on our investigation next week.

This article is purely satire and no identification with actual persons (living or deceased), places, buildings, and products is intended or should be inferred.

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