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Above 1.65cm on the left, 1.65cm and below on the right.

One of the most hyped up events in the calendar of Kent Ridge hall is KR Bash where a night of endless fun happens. This year’s bash happened on 6 September 2017 where fellow Kent Ridgeans headed down to Zouk Singapore to support their block represents. The preparation of the event took only a mind-blowingly short span of approximately 2 weeks - “Is that even possible???!”, some remarked in utter disbelief.

Like they say, behind every great show is gruesome practice and a ton of rehearsals (starting from 21st August). After interviewing the bash contestants, we discovered that bash preparation work hadn’t been the most easy - but they expressed their gratitude towards the mutual support, encouragement and help that had been provided amongst themselves.

Anyway, let’s start from the very beginning and check out our contestants’ stunning photos!

Armed with stellar modelling portfolios, it is even rumoured that some contestants have been scouted by top-notch modelling agencies. Shout out to Keli for taking these amazing shots!

Our very own Mr Kent Ridge Hall, Farhan Angullia has shared some valuable tips on how he managed to achieve the perfect beach body as well. He revealed, “I kept to my very strict regimen of maintaining a healthy diet and frequented the gym.” He also put up a picture of Mr C Block in his room as a form of motivation as he had been greatly inspired by Russell.

Emily being very pleasantly surprised @ Farhan’s gains. Remember boys, hard work pays off!

With 10 heads brainstorming for 7 ideas, the bashees knew that they had to think fast and act fast within 16 days in order for the show to carry on. Juggling their block performance, girls/guys performance, video filming, video editing, music mixing, props making, IBG, and most importantly, school work, it was truly unbelievable that the contestants still had such healthy glows when Bash Day arrived. (Must have been the Creme Simon Magic?!?)

During the event at zouk, the performances were well received with mad applauses and roaring cheers. The efforts by the contestants had not been in vain as they managed to put up a good show for their hall mates. From insult battles to a dance extravaganza featuring a wide array of dance styles such as bollywood, salsa, hip hop, and ballet, it was needless to say that the crowd (note: not the MCs) was kept on high throughout the night.

Raise your hands if you loved Bash!

Before we end, here’s an exclusive interview with the bash contestants!

How did you guys end up getting chosen for Bash?

Russ: I wanted to volunteer for KRV but I couldn't so I volunteered for bash

Emma: my blk head told me i can promote truthfulb using bash LOL

Auston: I’m Mr Popular for a reason ;-P (HAHA JK he didn’t say this)

What was your favourite part of the whole experience?

Russell: just hanging with my awesome partner and the other blocks pageant people. And laughing at Farhan

SY: watching everyone's rehearsals and seeing it come to life after their hard work. And laughing at Farhan

Auston: wearing Emily’s bra teehee (he didn’t say this either heehee)

How did you guys prepare for Bash, any dieting/special workouts?

Farhan: biz canteen’s 6 pieces of buns

Any quick tips for your junior Bash wannabes?

Sid: if you guys are headed to Pratunam in Bangkok any time this summer…………..

Couldn’t make it for Bash? Don’t worry! Check out what you missed here, or KR’s FB Page, or the KReverie Instagram Page (yes, it exists!!).

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