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Charity Golf

Thursday, 28th September marks the date that NUS Alumni from far and wide congregated at Raffles Country Club Golf Course as participants in the first ever Kent Ridge Hall Charity Golf event. Organised by alumni in conjunction with KR’s Alumni Relations Unit, it featured alumni from both KR and the rest of NUS.

Out in the scorching sun on the golfing green, old friends were reunited and new friendships were forged. Loud peals of laughter often interrupted the general hubbub of casual conversation interspersed with lively reminiscing of the Good Old Days - way back to when KR had it’s very first intake of residents. I guess you could call it a major #throwbackthursday. The mood might have been lifted even more thanks to the finest social lubricant: beer, kindly sponsored by Carlsberg.

In totality, a whopping total amount of $339,888 was collected! This will go towards the Kent Ridge Hall Bursary to aid financially needy students in KR! Truly, these generous benefactors understand the meaning of giving back to KR. One must wonder how much love these people might have to Kent Ridge that they might pledge such a substantial amount of money to us, even decades after leaving.

There’s nothing like a little friendly competition, but could the competition still be friendly when the Hole-in-One prizes ranged from $50,000 cold hard cash to a Mercedes Benz? Our very own C Block RF Dr Ivan was the lucky winner of a Versace watch! But being the good man that he is, all he had to say was,

“Anybody has good tips for me to sell it? I will put back the proceeds as donation for the bursary.”

We also interviewed ARU vice-chair Marion Low for some perspectives on the event (pictured below, with fellow ARU member Natalie)

As part of the organising committee, what are your thoughts on the event?

The execution of the event exceeded our expectations!!! It was successful and despite some hiccups and delays, we managed to get back on track to end the programme well. There were definitely a few learning points with regards to what we could've kept an eye out for, but overall the dinner was enjoyable both for the committee and the guests!

What is something you enjoyed about the event?

It made my heart warm when a few KR alumni requested to sing the KR anthem. That was a true representation and definition of the phrase, "Once a Kentridgean, always a Kentridgean”.

How do you feel about not winning a Mercedes Benz?

Outraged!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I should've slipped my name inside the box.

What's the first thing you would do with a new Benz?

This is a very good question. The rational thing to say would be to cruise along empty roads with it but knowing myself I'll probably crash it trying to drive out of the carpark hahaha.

KR acapella and rockspire also livened up the night with their soulful tunes.

At the end of the day, many handshakes were exchanged and many pictures were taken. As the goodbyes were being said and final toasts drunk, there were promises aplenty to meet again. Regardless of whether these promises hold true, there is comfort in the thought that while people and circumstances may change, some things - like the golden memories we forge in this place - will never change.

ARU would like to thank the Platinum Donors who contributed above $25,000: NUSS, Tote Board, Quantedge Foundation (Singapore) Limited, Dr Lee Soo Ann, Mr Gan Chee Hong Vincent, Ms Janet Ang Guat Har, Mrs Goh Mui Hong and all the other donors who had made this event possible.

Many thanks to the corporate sponsors: Carlsberg, CATY Singapore, EEBA, Fuji Xerox, Future, MCL Land, Mitsubishi Electric, NUS Office of Alumni Relations, NUSS, Singapore Pools, The Cocoa Trees, Raffles Country Club, Travel GSH, Wan Chai Hong Kong Tea Room, Windows Estate, 100 Plus and Mr Steve.

As well as Mercedez-Benz, Masterpiece Time & Jewels and Singapore Airlines for sponsoring the Hole-in-one prizes.

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