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Freaks of KR: Elmer Loy

Kent Ridge Hall. Indeed, an epicenter of unbelievable talent and skill. From superhuman sportsmen to show-stopping dancers to eargasm-inducing singers to no-kick-CAP-5.0 students, it appears that KR has them all. And by “all” we really mean all.

Unbeknownst to many, there exists a very special, elite group of talented individuals that often fly under the radar. They usually keep their unique set of a skills a secret, but just for this feature, our very own “Freaks of KR” have kindly offered us an exclusive look at their God-given abilities. If you thought you were special, think again.

Our first guest is Elmer Loy from A Block, who possesses the very impressive yet mildly disgusting talent of fitting his whole fist into his mouth.

N: So Elmer, when did you find out about this talent and how?

E: Back in 2015, in my army days, I used to talk a lot and very loudly in camp. So my CSM (Company Sergeant Major) told me my mouth damn big and I should shut up and just put my fist in my mouth. So, I did it and that’s how I got my reputation as the guy with the big mouth. But really, my fist isn’t very small you know, it’s comparable to a 1.76m man’s hand size ok!

N: Wow you must be very proud. So have you ever tried pushing the limits of your talent by putting other things in your mouth?

E: (after saying some very inappropriate and nasty things) Actually, I only ever tried with marshmallows. I can fit about 8 in my mouth, but ya good idea, I should try with some other stuff soon.

N: Do you see a future with this talent?

E: Like what Jack Ma, founder of Alibaba said, “It's all about being special", and that's everything I am. But seriously, I feel this trait will be highly demandable in the future.

What a freak indeed. Stay tuned for the next installment of Freaks of KR!

If you know anyone that should be featured or if you yourself would like to be featured, feel free to email us.

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