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Services in KR: The Bread Box

The bread was starting to expire, so they started to aspire.

KRBFF Brandon Baba from B Block took things to a whole new level when he left a sandwich machine, ham and cheese and sandwiches in his BFF – Alexandria from A block (Alex’s) room. What would you have thought to do with it – right? Nearing the ingredients’ expiry dates, Alex decided to jio the A block angels for a sandwich feast! In the meantime, her floormate, Jasmine Low, devised an ingenious scheme to start a business with the influx of popularity they received from the warm sandwiches that filled the A blockers’ tummies at the unearthly hour.

Rest assured that your sandwich is of quality – I mean, look at those aesthetics

“Actually, ya that was it,” when they were asked about their inspiration for starting the service.

“It was all thanks to Brandon,” they chuckled, reliving the fond memories of how their initial pockets of ideas concretized to form their current sandwich enterprise.

They started hiring 3-4 days into provision of the service and are considering expanding their menu in the near future to include a “Baba Set” (named after Brandon Baba) which may include a drink on top of the usual:


Cheese $1

Nutella $1

Ham & Cheese $2

Meet the People

From left to right: co-founders Jasmine Low (JasLow) and Alexandria (Alex)

“We’re doing it for the LOLS”

Like many, the co-founders of Breadbox, Alex and JasLow grinned when they thought about the beaming faces of their patrons when they deliver their sandwiches to them but what strikes them as distinct is that they operate solely for the fun of it.

As I’m churning out this feature of them at this moment, I immediately get recalled to my previous experience with them – the sight of JasLow carrying an Ikea bag full of sandwiches and a tin can full of money. Terms such as “fun” were used to describe their agenda for keeping it running, and the profits made would all go to a Hai Di Lao steamboat at the end of the year to thank the people that have helped them thus far – notable contributors include Fung Hui Min, their floormate who has consistently assisted them in purchasing the logistics they require and Jeshua Koh, who is, as they call him – the “social media guy”.

Featuring Gaowei, a satisfied customer of Breadbox’s cheese sandwich

Catch them while you have the chance to, because it’s not every other day that they are up and running. Adopting a casual and leisure pace of operation, the team of Breadboxers open “as and when they like” – perhaps once or twice a week. However, they’ll try their best to operate during finals season when everyone mugs and burns the midnight oil, or maybe even during breakfast. Increasingly popular, Breadbox can sell up to 18-20 sandwiches per night and will continue to uphold their mission of creating quality sandwiches. They’d like to thank everyone for the support shown thus far.

Like a lot of us university students, they see the possibility of this small entrepreneurship spirit germinating into something bigger in the future, if “NUS doesn’t work out”. Remember to check them out at @TheBreadBox_ if you’d like to place an order!

Jasmine, signing out 😊

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