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FYF series 1718: Getting to Know Our Command IC

He’s KR’s Handball Girls coach.

Command IC for KR FYFs 17/18.

Floorball star player.

ex-SMU Chairperson.

Business School’s resident shuai ge.

With so many achievements under his belt, Alan Ng is truly a man of many talents.

One of Alan’s most taxing yet fulfilling commitments this year would be to lead KR's 48 FYFs in Command. Some might say it is the most prestigious event a Kent Ridgean could hope to participate in (Only FYFs can participate in Command). It’s also a coincidence that Alan is from D Blk 3rd floor, where his 3 predecessors - Lok Junli, Eugene Ng and Leonard Choo - were from.

To the FYFs, command is the highlight of their final year: the last display of their many hidden talents, and their final chance to take the center-stage before they leave this place that they have called home for the past 3 to 4 years.

FYF is a term we commonly hear of but don’t know exactly what it stands for. Final Year Fools? Final Year Favourites? We sit down with Alan in the first of KRonicles’ FYF series to clear up some misconceptions about what FYF means and also to introduce the leading man of our FYF batch.

Amanda: What does FYF actually stand for?

Alan: Final Year Friends. All final year students who have been in KR for at least 4 sems and they will Command at the end of sem 2.

Amanda: Tell us more about Command.

Alan: It’s a night when FYFs come together and put up our final performance before we graduate, like a swan song. It’s one last time to do stupid things before we graduate and sh*t gets real.

Amanda: Why did you choose to take on Command IC?

Alan: Initially, I had never thought of being Command IC but throughout the whole of last sem quite a few people told me to take it up. I also spoke to the past 2 Command ICs and from what I learnt, I thought its something meaningful for me to do before I graduate. Also it really helps that I can really trust the other 2 Command ICs – Hui Yang and Xiao Ting to work well together with me.

Amanda: What is your vision for Command 17/18?

Alan: My vision is for the whole batch of FYFs to enjoy our last year together and also get to know each other better since for some of us we didn’t have so many chances to know each other as much in the first 3 years. And of course, to really not have any regrets on Command day. To know that you have done everything you want to do in KR already.

Amanda: When exactly was your best Command experience?

Alan: It was Year 1 when I watched Command. After that, I really wanted to Command. It also helped that Sam Chng was my neighbor so the entire experience felt a lot closer to me. At the beginning, a lot of freshies including myself wanted to stay for just 1 year. Then after every year, I just want to come back…then now 4 years already. Command really makes you feel that you want to stay.

Amanda: So, how would your ideal Command be if it was uncensored?

Alan: I guess before Command starts…must leave all your phones outside the MPSH. (Smirks)

Biz School Shuai Ges

Amanda: I’m sure many of the girls in KR want to know more about Alan gor, especially about how you’re able to juggle being a year 4 and hall life.

Alan: I don’t. As an accounting student, my workload is quite heavy but we also apply for jobs early. So I already got my job offer and now I intend on focusing on making the most out of my final year in Uni. CAP is not everything. What I want is to make the most out of what I do and do what I like. This year I joined comms that I really enjoy like SMU, SRU and now Command IC. I also took up coach for Handball girls team because these are the areas I want to contribute in before I graduate.

Amanda: So now that you’re a Laojiao, can you give the freshies some advice?

Alan: Laojiao ah.. Prob-….. Definitely. I will quote Sam Chng “We come to NUS not for a degree, but for an education”. My advice is as much as studies are important, you can also play. After you graduate you won’t have the chance to do this anymore.

Amanda: Last question, which sport to get the gold this year?

Alan: Since I already won the gold medal in floorball, I will go with handball this year.

What a humble baller.

While we know that Alan is great with balls, we have yet to find out what else he’s a master of. But girls, just so you know, Alan is single and available. He’s one of the great men behind thirdfloorslides and also one of KR’s most committed and talented KResidents. He’s also D Block’s Diva of The Month! Under his lead, we trust that Command this year will be an amazing and unforgettable experience.

Watch out for the next in our FYF series!

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