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Hall of Shame: The #KRBFF Game

As per KR tradition every year, the highly anticipated KR BFF Game, revamped from KR Dating Game, returned this year with a new name and new rules. Organized by FWOC, #KRBFF is designed to bridge the gap between freshies and seniors, where freshies have to “chase” a senior of their choice to be the chosen BFF.

I know what you’re thinking. With all the mad welfare, suppers, and door deco that had to be done, life’s tough? Well it’s not over - and it gets worse.

In this first edition of Hall of Shame, we take a look at the top BFFs from each block that still, after close to 10 weeks of semester 1, have not put up their BFFs’ doors.

A Block: Kah Onn

BFF: Grace Liu

To start off, let’s check out Ms C Block’s painfully empty door that actually has space for people to stick gifts on (perhaps in pity). Kah Onn or Kah Off?

B Block: Huikay

BFF: Sam Tan

Unfortunately, the trend repeats itself in B block, where the SDE King’s door is decorated with random things and an arrow, instead of riches and royalty.

C Block: Grace Liu

BFF: Kah Ohn

In this series of unfortunate events, we chanced upon Kah Onn’s even emptier door. We suspect it could have been a joint effort… They are BFFs after all.

D Block: Sam Tan

BFF: Huikay

On the same note of mutual door emptiness, Sam shows us that he is clearly not a senpai at door decorations, leaving Huikay hanging with a piece of paper.

E Block: Tay Ye

BFF: Izni

And in this last round of door-shaming, we found Tay Ye, who arguably trumps all the other BFFs! You may be thinking that it’s okay not to do your BFF’s door especially if they haven’t done it for you, but not when your door looks like this:

Do feel free to show some extra love to these door-less Kent Ridgeans! BFFs, hope you never forget, #KRBFFneverends.

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