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Ended With Sex at Timbre

It was a Tuesday evening on the 17th October 2017. The afternoon rain had ceased and Kent Ridgeans were seen flocking on shuttle buses to Timbre @ The Substation. KR Rockers, the resident band of Kent Ridge Hall, was having its biannual Timbre gig performed by two groups: Timbre Band 1 and 2. From classic oldies to fresh hits, eighteen songs were covered and made their own.

The evening kicked off with ‘All You Are Is History – State Champs’, performed by Timbre Band One. The thunderous bass and spectacular vocals by Benjamin and Rene echoed the air.

“We chose the songs that we liked and hoped the audience will too.” said Rene, the vocalist.

The band performed a series of songs from the classic hit ‘Pretty Young Thing’ by Michael Jackson to Harry Styles’s fresh ‘Sign of the Times’.

During the last two performances of ‘Use Somebody’ by Kings of Leon and ‘Thanks for the memories’ by Fall Out Boy, the band evoked our nostalgic senses and brought back memories. Benjamin’s richly textured voice combined with the soaring range of Rene’s got everyone transfixed at the mesmerising performance.

Timbre Band Two, led by female duo vocalists – Madeline and Steffi – electrified the ambience with their first hit, ‘When you were young’ by the Killers. The night was extra special for the band as its bassist, Eugene, turned twenty-three.

He mentioned, "This Timbre gig means a lot to me. It wasn't just because I had to blow twenty-three candles, but because it was my fourth time performing with Nigel (guitarist). We have formed a unique bond over the

years; strumming through our ups and downs as one."

The band went from hot to cold with Katy Perry's dance pop single and turned it into an incredible rock rendition accompanied with vocal harmonies by the girls. Covers of Michael Jackson, Muse, and Paramore were also performed and the audience was immensely awed at the voices and instrumental.

The evening ended with empty pints and pizza trays as the audiences grooved along the song –Sex by The 1975.

"We decided to close the night with a bang and we wanted it to be an unforgettable one” said Madeline, the vocalist of the band.

It was an incredible night that was enjoyed by not only the KR family but members of the public too. The virtuosos of Kent Ridge Hall had once again made us feel very proud to be a Kent Ridge Resident. Many of us cannot wait for the next Timbre gig!

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