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KRashion Week

There is an ongoing Instagram competition in Kent Ridge Hall - #HappyGoLucKRy. Fellow residents can post pictures of them dressed according to the themes and use the applicable hashtag so they can stand a chance to win some really attractive prizes. The first released theme was #KRactiveWear followed by #KRashionWeek.

KRashion Week had just passed us and it was truly exciting to be able to have a glimpse of the unique styles that our Kent Ridgeans have to offer. As the fashion week progressed, we were very eager to see the big names that will be arriving on the red carpet.

Fashionista Kai Yao spotted strutting around in the vicinity of Kent Ridge Hall.

From head to toe: Adidas white cap, Admin Tee, Audio-Technica Tote, Chino shorts & Slippers.

Lucky us! We managed to spot the renowned fashion analyst, Kai Yao. His extraordinary fashion sense is definitely not unheard of. One can spot him from even a thousand miles with his signature white Adidas cap that he never fails to wear out. Grasping this opportunity, we were able to hold a short interview with him.

The summer collection is always a favorite for Kai Yao as he loves dressing light - in sunny Singapore especially. This is his opinion on the wearing of jeans, “who ******* wears jeans, are you dumb?”

The admin tee that he was wearing is actually from a limited edition collection as he commented on how one can purchase them for 2 only years in their life from the E-mart. With this shirt, he was not only making a fashion statement, but a political statement to remind fellow residents to always stay vigilant.

We wanted to find out more but unfortunately Kai Yao himself was rushing off to attend the US Fashion Week, as well as to oversee the planning of the upcoming Victoria Secret show with his many girlfriends - Gigi, Kendall, etc. (Or so he said)

B Block DTE

We were certainly pleased albeit appalled by what B Block’s DTE squad had for us. In order to find out the fashion inspiration behind the towel concept, we were fortunate enough to receive an answer from hypebeast – Chong Ee. He expressed that “Dadi wanted us to dress up for fashion week but, these days, it’s all about the hustling. Who even spends time dressing up now? Just grab a towel once you’re out of the shower and go. Quick fashion.” Indeed, that is the most time-saving and convenient form of fashion – as long as we are somewhat covered.. ;)

It had been wonderful to be able to see the sick display of fashion that our fellow residents have to offer. Rumor has it that hypebeasts originated from our very own hall and that seems highly likely seeing the kind of styles around here.

There is still the last theme left for #HappyGoLucKRy for you to stand a chance to win some attractive prizes. Get lucky friends!

Apart from that, do take part in the #KRIHG1718 competition as well. There are still 2 more days left for you to upload a photo of yourself/friends dressed up in your full kit (leave it up to your imagination) and include #fullkitwanKR in your post.

Many attractive prizes to be won with the ongoing instagram competitions! Post away!

#KRashionWeek #HappyGoLucKRy #KRIHG1718 #fullkitwanKR

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