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Welfare Supper

It was Tuesday night, 9pm. Small groups of early birds were waiting patiently in the canteen, making small talk amongst each other. ‘’Oh come on, I came early because I thought I could make a hit and run- But looks like I still have competition.’’ - commented one Kent Ridgean.

Then, slowly, the queue started moving and excitement passed through the air. The crowd grew larger and the once patient, the small crowd had turned into a long noisy line of eager residents.

Stop being such an attention whore Jeshua

No, this wasn’t the queue for the launch of the Iphone X. This was the grand annual treat by the Kent Ridge Welfare committee- the Welfare Supper.

The queue just kept going

Dubbed ‘’Miss KRuniverse’’, the welfare committee had prepared a supper menu nothing short of a global cuisine. From the classic dish of s’mores, to Pasta and Aglio Oglio that inarguably beats our resident Michelin 5 star Spread’s version, this was a meal treat superbly done by the committee.

I rate this an 8/10. 2 points off for not giving me more.

This sh*t so good and exotic I don’t even know what it’s called

My final Welfare bowl Mix

The food was enthusiastically served by the committee members and this only enhanced the Supper experience and had our Residents queuing up for rounds and rounds like Hungry Ghosts.

Not sure if Welfare comm hired him to be clickbait for the ladies or...

Blood, sweat and tears to fill our stomachs

The comm members were so excited to serve us they moved faster than my camera shutter speed

With Finals just slightly more than a month away, the Welfare event, with the very nicely prepared dishes and the excellent service by the Servers ,waiters, Committee members, was indeed an awesome way of giving KRidgeans a good break from all the stress and studying.

Chill dude you look like you haven’t eaten in years

On that note, we would like to thank the Welfare committee for planning and executing such a thoughtful event for us- and I’m sure many of the KR residents appreciate it as well.

Good food, happy faces, who’s that guy in the cap again? The food was so good even outsiders came along.

Good job and see you again next year!

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