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Wheelie Wet Night at Tomorrowland

It was wet and slippery so we had to put on plastic protection over our heads. The mood was somber, like the dark clouds and the thunderous roars, but it got really enjoyable when we started slipping and sliding. Night Cycling 2018 was an unforgettable wheelie wet and wild night.

(cues flashback jingle)

For the first time ever in KR history, ten minutes before the meeting time at MPSH, many groups of Kent Ridgeans, clad in their respective block shirts were already seated and we truly believe it was for the free milk tea. We did not know if there were really only 100 bottles of milk tea or was it just a successful bait by SRU?

Thank you TRZ Milk Tea for the delicious drinks!!

A briefing by SRU was conducted before all of us left on the buses to East Coast Park for our supper. We got our satays, bbq chicken wings, and the unhealthiest of food to indulge in before intending to burn them off when cycling.

All smiles and laughter turned into sadness when it started to downpour. While the SRU and safety commitee were tirelessly thinking of a contingency plan, many of us huddled together to play games, talked to one another, and some even decided to warm up their bodies and drown themselves in ‘warm drinks’ to combat the chilly rain.

Despite the rainy weather, our fellow Kent Ridgeans weren’t just going to let it dampen their mood. After the green light was given, we donned the chic plastic ponchos and set off on our night cycling journey in high spirits - some obviously higher than others.

FYF Xiao Ting (left), VS Model Cindy Bruna (right). The resemblance is uncanny!

Our second stop was at Marina Barrage, where we were rewarded with cold and yummy coconut jelly. Afterwhich, we tried our hand at the game booths at the carnival which SRU had set up. Decorated elaborately with fairy lights and fluorescent glow sticks, SRU’s effort definitely shone through the ~top~ aesthetics of the carnival area.

Only those with adequate skills and practice excel at this station

Through determination, perseverance and honesty, many Kent Ridgeans harvested enough tickets to exchange for prizes such as socks, foam rollers, soft toys, movie tickets, and even a mini kettle for those steamboat nights. Not a moment did we go hungry, thanks to the delicious ramly burgers provided by SRU too. With the plethora of prizes to be won, it was hard to leave empty handed. Uncle Ringo could surely get carnival tips from SRU!

After wiping out the prize truck, we continued our night cycling journey towards our last stop, Stadium, where we were treated with more food - grass jelly and beancurd! The way into a Kent Ridgean’s heart is truly through the stomach.

Despite the bruises and cuts on many of our limbs from skidding and falling off our bikes, we were thankful that none of us had any serious injuries. What we were left with were memorable moments that we wouldn’t trade for anything else. Night Cycling 2018 was truly one amazing event and having stayed the entire night with our fellow Kent Ridgean family was incredible.

They say “Good times and crazy friends give you amazing memories” and it is true indeed. Night cycling had left us with smiles and laughter that will be talked about for a very long time.

See y’all next year!

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