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FYF 17/18 Series: Hui Yang Says

Confucius Says:

According to Hui Yang, you have to say it in a serious voice.

Beneath his serious demeanour, Hui Yang claims he is actually a “very weird person” with a love for memes - one of his goals is to make a smart meme. But for the most part, Hui Yang is one of Kent Ridgeans most committed residents. During his 3.5 years in KR, he has been B Blk head, joined numerous sports and committees, taken up the role of Soccer Coach and now he is also the Co-IC for Command. All whilst juggling a double major.

We sit down with Hui Yang to learn about the dynamics of the command ICs, talk about girls and of course, to hear his life quotes.

Tricia: What is your most outstanding memory in KR?

It was an April Fool’s prank when I was Blockhead. I did a “hate” prank… directed at myself. I posted hate notes on every floor directing insults at me, saying that I was a sh*tty blockhead, threw my clothes on each floor and even pinned my block shirt in the lift and wrote “GET LOST” on the mirror beside it with lipstick. We thought it was a nice touch, the lipstick.

We set up a meeting pretending it was a serious talk about this but instead we planned a Japanese Appreciation Night for the block. But half of the block thought this prank was very insensitive because we sort of played with their feelings. I mean I regret it a little because it was quite insensitive and controversial, but it was still memorable.

The good thing about it was that I found out that B Block really cared for me because seniors started telling the block not to spread this, people removed the notes and a lot of people actually PM-ed me to ask how I was and tell me that they did not agree with the notes. So I was actually quite touched by this!

Amanda: How did you injure yourself?

I tore my ligament while playing soccer. It was the most painful thing I had felt in my life but right after that I was more sad because I realised I could not play soccer for a year. So I just want to tell everyone that Life Insurance is very important!! Because I would have had to pay $27k (!!!) if my insurance did not cover this injury.

But that aside, although I was really sad that I could not play soccer for a year I think this injury helped me become a better soccer girls coach. Without the injury I would have taught according to guys’ standards but now I had to rethink how I could teach and how I picked up soccer. It brought me back to the basics and it was actually a good thing as a coach.

Amanda: Why did you take up Soccer Coach?

I contemplated if I should coach because it was hard with my injury – there are a lot of things I want to show but couldn’t demonstrate on my own. Heng got Nigel and Elmer to help me out. It was the closest thing I could do to sports and I always wanted to coach soccer since I was in Year 2 but only got the chance this year.

Tricia: You’re the Command 2IC for this year! What do you think is command to you?

It’s a ‘last year’ thing. Hall gave me a lot of mixed emotions; a lot of good and bad times; a lot of sh*t. The time spent here was enjoyable so in my last year, why not make the most out of it?

Tricia: Is that why you wanted to be Command 2IC?

Actually, it was because I thought no one would want to do it. Beyond that, there were some things I wanted to do as a batch – in our previous years we don’t get to bond like we can do now. As Command 2IC it puts me in a better position to take the responsibility to lead a great Command and also to implement the things I wanted to do from previous years.

Amanda: What are the dynamics between the Command ICs?

It’s an isosceles triangle and I am the uneven side. Alan and Xiao Ting are both in Biz and everyone ships them so I’m pretty much the lamp-post… Sometimes even on the chat they just talk and I let them talk because I don’t want to interrupt.


Tricia: So what is your vision for Command?

To do stupid things, the things are the most memorable. You only remember the stupid things.

Amanda: How would you like Command to be if it was uncensored?

I would really like to have a roasting session.

Tricia: What is KRexit to you?

I think KRexit is a toxic pithole. It’s so retarded – it doesn’t add meaning to anyone’s lives but it’s very entertaining.

KRexit caption: When you’re running late for a 9am lecture, and getting hit by a full blown quarter life crisis

Tricia: What is your response to your KRexit feature?

I have to say that the caption and picture is really quite apt. It was taken when I came back from Exchange so I’m a little pudgy in that photo. It’s really a smart move.

Tricia: How do you juggle y4 life and hall life?

Once you grow older you learn to play the system. So when I was in year 2 I would always try to do tutorials on time.. But when you reach year 3 and 4 I’ll just wait for the solutions to come instead.

Tricia: Since you’re doing a double major in math and econs - where are the prettier girls?

Econs girls for sure. Arts girls in general.

Tricia: You’ve been in SMU, KRV and Welfare. What’s your favourite comm so far?

KRV. Elmer has a very clear direction on what he wants to achieve and he delegates work well. But yet he’s stupid enough so that everyone still has a good time. By the way, I can call anyone stupid because I’m an FYF.

Amanda: Eh, what does FYF actually stand for?

F*** Your Freshies.

Amanda: Which sport to get the gold?

Soccer Girls!

Amanda: Any words for @kroccerballs?

Initially my aim was just to get 3rd. But the more I’ve been coaching the girls, I feel like we actually have potential to get 1st or 2nd.

Tricia: What’s your laojiao advice?

There are more and more people who don’t want to stay in hall compared to before. People don’t find meaning in what they do in KR because they join stuff simply for themselves. But if you do things for others you will tend to find more meaning in your commitments. Rather than joining something because you wanna try it out or just to get more comms added to your list, people should try to make a difference in others’ hall experiences be it your neighbours, friends, sports or committees. That is the mindset you should have if you really want to make the most out of your KR experience.

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