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IHG 17/18 series 3 #chasingoalsdreamsunfold

Floorball (M) KR 6 - RH 0

On 21st January, the Kent Ridge floorball team got off to a roaring start with a 6-0 victory over Raffles Hall in the spanking new University Sports Center. Led by captain Kevin Chan, the floorball boys saw their performance steadily improve throughout all 3 periods. While there were some teething problems initially, all it took was a goal from Mervyn (a.k.a. Mao) to settle their nerves and get them into the groove.

Team captain Kevin Chan taps the ball past the Raffles keeper.

Late in the second period, Ryan Tan found himself dribbling past his opponents to the back of Raffles’ goal. Unleashing a defence-splitting pass through four defenders right to the blade of his fellow 2TN floormate Kwee Yong’s stick, Kwee seized the opportunity and duly blasted it past the keeper into the back of the net.

Forward Joshua Chin dribbled past multiple defenders at will.

On a free hit opportunity in the Raffles third of the court, Nicholas Low spotted a gap in the keeper’s coverage and deftly slotted the ball into the top right of the net in a rare display of accuracy and power that left the crowd cheering.

By the end of the 60 minutes of game time, Kevin Chan and Joshua Chin also found the back of the net and Nicholas Low notched another score. Overall, it was an entertaining display of both individual skill and team chemistry that leaves us optimistic for the upcoming matchup against Eusoff Hall on 29 February. Come down to catch another thriller live!

21st January 2018

Reported by Brandon Yeo

KR Soccer Girls emerge 4th

On a humid Sunday morning, our very own KR Soccer Girls aka The KRoccerdiles kicked off their IHG Soccer season, carnival style. The field was muddy and water-logged from the morning rain but our unrelenting Captains Gabrielle and Raelynn went the extra mile to paint the field, getting it ready for the games ahead, for the benefit of everyone.

The first match against Eusoff Hall was slow on the blocks, with EH taking control of most of the game. After having conceded 2 goals, midfielder Raelynn played a through ball that cut EH’s defence and forward Sze Min ran onto it with the crowd cheering on madly but, alas, she could not make the finish. Our KRoccerdiles managed to play better in the second half, with Isdiyanah performing a very well timed mud slinging sliding tackle, kicking the ball out of Eusoff’s possession. What a slide! Having lost the best chance of the game, the score was 3 – 0 to Eusoff at the final whistle.

In the second match against Sheares Hall, tensions were high as KR tried to make up for their previous loss. This was to no avail as the ball went back and forth between the two halves, not creating many chances for a goal on either side. KR kept up their defence and drew the game against SH, 0-0.

As the sun came out and started drying up the mud bath, aka the field, KR played our 3rd match against KE. We played a great defensively in the first half against the defending champs despite the surmounting pressure. However, in the second half, it was a moment of individual brilliance by KE’s number 10, that led to a final score of 1 – 0 to KE.

The fourth game against Raffles Hall saw our very own Messi emerge. The very first goal by KR in the carnival was scored as Rachel Sin managed to finesse a shot, which rolled just out of reach of the keeper. It wasn’t really a goal worthy of the FIFA Puskas Award but at least the girls had scored! For the remaining of most of the game, RH could not stand up against our strong defence, which was top-notch with the commands and instructions coming from keeper Pei Ling. KR managed to finish strong, 1 – 0 to KR!

In our very last game, some of our freshie girls made their debut for KR soccer. With fresh faces of KRoccerdiles on the field, they tried their hardest to gain back KR’s footing but alas, it was not their day. I guess it’s safe to say that KRoccerdiles do better in water than on land.

However, KRoccerdiles’ vice-captain Gabrielle is not defeated by their performance. She believes that KRoccerdiles have achieved their goals (no pun intended) of building a bonded and hardworking team, with a good environment for girls to learn the sport. With most of the team being fresh faces and only 6 soccer seniors, it was a challenge for the girls to pick up a new sport but they managed to enjoy the game and have lots of fun under the guidance of soccer coach Hui Yang and the other soccer boys Elmer, Gerard and Nigel who trained the team as well. Well done KR Soccer Girls!


EH 3 – 0 KR

SH 0 – 0 KR

KE 1 – 0 KR

RH 0 – 1 KR

TH 4 – 0 KR


Defenders: Caryn, Raelynn, Isdiyanah, Usy, Jia Min, Ginny, Fiona, Tricia

Centres: Melissa Boey, Izni

Wingers: Rachel Sin, Almond, Gabrielle, Claudine, Zoey, Deanna, Woan Jing

Strikers: Sze Min, Cheryl Lim

Goalkeeper: Pei Ling

21st January 2018

Reported by Amanda Lee

Soccer (M): Sheares 3 – KR 0

In the second and last group stage match, Heng Mui Keng neighbours (or some might say rivals), KR and Sheares Hall, went head to head to determine who will top the group. Both teams had already qualified for the semi-finals, claiming convincing wins against KE in the previous week, yet this did not deter either side from fielding a near full-strength starting eleven for this match-up. Clearly, the coveted top spot was of equal importance to both teams.

The game kicked off with much ferocity and intensity, as it shaped up to be a physical and aggressive game expected from these two sides. Both teams started strong, as they matched each other tit-for-tat in the opening few minutes, with each side creating decent chances. Sheares almost went ahead with a headed effort rebounding off the crossbar, much to the relief of the KR supporters, before Dede (#7) had a long-range effort saved comfortably by the Sheares keeper. However, it was Sheares that broke the deadlock first, taking advantage of a lapse of concentration in the KR defence, to unleash a volley of great technique from the edge of the 18-yard box to take a 1-0 lead. KR tried to muster up a response, but a disciplined Sheares defence kept the score as it was until the half-time break.

In the second half, KR continued to look for an equalizer, but Sheares seemed to have settled comfortably into the game. They started to control the match and had a handful more chances, but were rejected by a string of good saves by Shasqil. However, Sheares proved to be too clinical and soon extended the lead with a free header from a corner. Now 2-0, Sheares began to close the game up, making it difficult for KR to find a response. As the clock ticked down to the final whistle, Sheares finally killed off the game with a quick counter-attack that opened up the KR defence, and converted a one-on-one effort against the keeper, to wrap up the score at 3-0.

It wasn’t the best day for our football boys, and the score didn’t do their performance justice either. Yet, let us not forget that this isn’t the end of the IHG journey for them, as they will be facing Eusoff Hall in the semi-finals. Our boys will be looking to put this game behind them and show what their really made of, so do show your support for them in their upcoming game!

22nd January 2018

Reported by Nicholas Tan

Handball Boys KR 29 – SH-27

After their close fight with Raffles Hall the previous week, KR’s Handball boys returned to the court with renewed determination. This match being their penultimate one before the semis-finals, emotions and resolve was high. The match started at a slow pace, which each side sizing up the other. A triple attempt to score by KR was foiled by their opponents, leading SH to inch forward in goal difference. Attempting to catch up, KR players Jovi and Siew Wei performed good game plays which included several fakes, leading to a good shot. The match went into timeout at 8-10 to SH, leaving both players and crowd anxious. Diving back into the match, KR upped their intensity, creating opportunities for pivot Zane to make several good shots. Yet, SH’s defense proved to be extremely tight, forcing KR to miss several shots taken from the nine metre line. This proved to be detrimental to the score, with KR down by four goals—14 to SH’s 18—at halftime.

The second half started with increased urgency from KR’s side, with Alan taking two penalty shots. KR’s players played hard and fast, making sure that their determination to steal the lead back from SH was evident. Their efforts weren’t for naught, as the team went into time out with a score of 19-20, inching the goal difference closer. Mid-game interviews also saw supporters acknowledging the fight exhibited by the players, rallying team spirit and support from the sidelines as well. This proved to be essential in proving the players with an extra push, as the score evened out to 22-22. KR saw their opportunity to grab the lead, and grab the lead they did. Making a glorious comeback, KR fought hard and pulled ahead by one goal, going into the final timeout with a score of 24-23. In the final minutes, KR’s players continued to push forward, seeking to pull their score difference ahead to secure their lead. Intense saves by keeper Joel left KR up 29-27 at the final frontier. With the roaring support of the crowd, KR’s players held on to their tight defense, managing to seal their victory with a score of 29-27 at the final whistle.

The handball boys clawed their way back from their previous loss to anchor their spot in the semis. This fight was a true show of sportsmanship and determination, and we hope that the upcoming IHG matches show the same level of resilience! Go KR, all the best to the handballers for their remaining matches!

22nd January 2018

Reported by Teri Chong

Netball: KR 33 – RH 19

Quarterly scores and lineups:

1st Quarter 8-4 Zenna, Amanda, Wen Sze, Sze Min, Deena, Vivien, Dorothy

2nd Quarter 15-8 Zenna, Amanda, Wen Sze, Sze Min, Deena, Vivien, Dorothy

3rd Quarter 23-15 Sherylyn, Amanda, Wen Sze, Sze Min, Joli, Vivien, Teri

4th Quarter 33-19 Sherylyn, Zenna, Wen Sze, Sze Min, Joli, Vivien, Dorothy

On Friday evening, our Netball girls began their season with a comfortable 33-19 victory against Raffles Hall. The girls started the game with a 4-point lead in the first quarter, playing at a steady pace and assessing their opponents’ strengths, weaknesses, and strategies.

In the second quarter, both teams attempted to tighten their defences and aggressively challenged every ball, resulting in numerous calls by the umpires for obstruction and contact. When the whistle blew signalling the end of the first half, KR was leading 15-8.

After the half-time break, RH came back more determined than before, defending with all their might and matching our conversions 1:1. While they prevented us from stretching the gap between the scores, we ultimately came out on top as the third quarter came to a close, maintaining an 8-point lead having scored 8 points and RH scoring 7.

Determined to widen the score margin, the last quarter saw the KR girls ramping up their defence and attacks, with quick purposeful passes, shots with near-perfect accuracy, and impressive interceptions and conversions by the mid-courts and defenders. Our players’ increased intensity was too much for the RH girls, and our shooters managed to deliver another 10 shots, concluding the game with a convincing 14-point lead.

Our netballers' hard work paid off with a great start to their first preliminary match. Let’s continue to cheer them on for their next match against the formidable Temasek Hall! All the best KRNB!

26th January 2018 Reported by Gwendolyn Tai

Frisbee Carnival KR 2 - 9 RH, KR 1 - 9 TH, KR 4 - 2 KEVII, KR 2 - 7 EH, KR 5 - 1 SH

Gloomy rain clouds had mercilessly thundered down upon the vicinity just the night before, but thankfully this did not mirror the determined disposition of the Kent Ridge frisbee team who set off bright and early for the day’s matches on the morning of the 27th of January.

Never once wavering in the face of the tenacious, sticky mud that viciously plagued the fields (and the footwear of both athletes and supporters alike), the team kickstarted their first match against Raffles Hall at 8am with great resolve. However, the disc was stolen from their grasp by their opponents who quickly scored the first and second points of the hour. After a quick pep talk by frisbee captain Wesley who advised his team to remain composed, the team proceeded to make a fantastic play with Zhe Ying throwing himself forward in a skillful attempt to capture the frisbee followed by Wesley himself taking a hard tumble to the ground in order to reclaim a point for Kent Ridge Hall despite suffering a high fever.

In response, Raffles Hall began to drive up the pace of the game and although KR tried their best to gear up their defense, the opposing team’s handlers managed to break through to score another 3 points. Trying their best to close the point difference, Sherby, Huimin, Jeremy and Lucas displayed outstanding teamwork as the disc whizzed from hand to hand without rest to great success as a point was scored for our home team. While Zong Luck also managed to divert an attempt at scoring by Raffles with a gasp-inducing dive that left half his torso caked with mud, the Kent Ridge team eventually succumbed with a final score of 9-2.

After an hour’s rest, the blue-clad players stepped onto the muddy grassland once more for their next match against Temasek Hall with Sherby exchanging amicable quips with a couple of her ex-teammates, but quickly switching back into game-mode once she received the signal that the game was about to begin. She then received the disc mid-air with a nimble jump from Edmund, who remained calm even in the midst of being poached relentlessly by several members of the opposing team. KR then called for time-out as the coach earnestly appealed for the team to make more daring plays. Back on the field, Benjamin Lee’s crystal-clear display of individual prowess and agility was acknowledged by the supporters on the sidelines who erupted in a thundering unison of cheers the moment he clutched the disc and rapidly darted towards the scoreline to seize KR’s first point of the game. Unfortunately, this proved to also be the team’s last point of the hour as the game wrapped up soon after with Raffles leading 9-1, but the two halls parted amiably after huddling together in a spirit circle to thank each other for the game well-played.

The players remained visibly pumped and more eager than ever to take home their first win of the day as they trudged keenly towards the neighboring court for their next match-up against KEVII Hall. The match commenced with a pace that was slightly slower from that of the last as the players collectively scrutinized the opponents’ iron defense for any possible openings or holes. A golden opportunity was proficiently harnessed by Wesley as he pulled off a convincing fake, only to maneuver an adept throw to Lester, who then dodged a flurry of arms to pass the disc along to Sherby who guided the disc back to Zhe Ying. Zhe Ying then made a nail-biting attempt to score with a basketball-style dunk and was met with an echo of encouraging yells by relieved supporters from the sidelines when he prevailed. Jeanny and Daniel did the team proud by putting up an iron-wall defense against KEVII and easily deflected their throws, and the crowd found no time to rest their voices as Wes and Lucas collaborated to easily score KR’s second point of the game followed by an outstanding dive by Xin Wei towards the score zone. Jintat and Sandrine polished off the final point as they left supporters awe-stricken with a perfect demonstration of harmonious teamwork to deliver the disc to Wesley, who subsequently helped raise the score up to 4-2 in KR’s favour. Without a doubt, the victory was one that was very much needed to help lift the team’s spirits and bring a smile back to their weary faces, and gain strength for their following two matches.

The frisbee team then took a break for lunch, wolfing down packets of chicken rice while fervently discussing strategies and reflecting back on their matches in earnest. Once recharged and full, they stepped back onto the playing field once more. If the players had been daunted at the prospect of facing Eusoff Hall, the defending Frisbee champions of the last Inter-Hall Games, it was certainly hard to tell save for the slight tenseness etched in their expressions as the starting lineup stood at the ready. Alert and one step ahead of his opponents, Xian Jun made an impressive cut as he thwarted Eusoff’s attempt at getting closer to the scoring zone. Lucas too exhibited tenacity as he executed an impressive dive in order to save the disc from touching the muddy ground, only to lose his boot in the process. Well done, Lucas! Although the frisbee boys and girls fought hard to turn the tides back in their favour, Eusoff’s defense proved far too tight – but this did nothing to discourage Jeanny whose efficient play had her scoring KR’s last point of the game and was highly applauded by those standing the sidelines. Although Eusoff eventually prevailed with the score of 7-2, the first match of the afternoon proved to be an exciting one as the audience chattered on excitedly in its aftermath and received the finishing line-up with encouraging shouts.

And last but not least was the long-awaited match between neighbours Sheares and Kent Ridge Hall, also nicknamed the Battle of Heng Mui Keng Terrace. Just moments after the game kicked off, Sherby, Edward and Lester all but glided across the field to bring the disc down in the scoring zone with a gratifying finish, but it was regrettably outruled. However the crowd was not left dissatisfied as Lester proceeded to recapture the point at lightning speed, much to their delight. The audience was also treated to a display of D Block’s second-floor’s chemistry as Sam and Xian Jun assisted Wesley to score once more. The rising intensity of the game had the audience rocking forth on their feet as they desperately echoed encouraging cheers to the team’s individuals – it was highly apparent that this was a match that had been highly-anticipated by many of the players, who had previously expressed a fervent desire to deliver one last victory to the audience. And deliver they did – Woan Jing and Jeanny dashed forward to meet their opponents head on in the final frontier, displaying determination and grit as they ended the game with KR’s final victory, resulting in a concluding score of 5-1 in KR’s favour.

It’s safe to say that the frisbee team unequivocally braved the sun and mud to bring glory to Kent Ridge Hall that afternoon – while they had started off unsure and hesitant, they gradually geared up in both confidence and spunk that helped them work together as one team to clinch two victories. Good job frisbee team, you’ve made Kent Ridge Hall extremely proud!

27th January 2018

Reported by Natasha Lau

Special thanks to Photocomm for the photos and SMU for supporting our Kent Ridgeans.

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