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IHG 17/18 Series 4 #chasingoalsdreamsunfold


Volleyball (F) Prelims KR 0 - 2 EH

Our Volleyball girls’ first match was against one of our toughest competitors - Eusoff Hall! The line up saw Calida, Sydney, Cristal, Liang Ying, Lim Ping, Elaine, Qian Hwee, and Charmaine fight for the victory as they tried their hardest to defend against Eusoff. The girls put in a tough effort, sometimes managing to close the gap between the Eusoff girls and themselves, but unfortunately Eusoff’s attacks proved to be impossible to counter. While the girls eventually lost 2 sets to Eusoff, they still put up a very strong fight.

16th January 2018

Reported by Tricia Neo

Volleyball (F) Prelims KR 0 - 2 SH

Losing their first match of the season did not deter our Volleyball girls’ spirit as they fought hard and strong against Sheares! The line up saw Calida, Cristal, Liang Ying, Lim Ping, Elaine, Qian Hwee, and Charmaine on the court. The rallies that resulted were a combination of the girls’ strong teamwork and their effort to lead their team to victory. There was an obvious display of communication between the girls, and the atmosphere was charged with the girls’ high spirits. The scores from the two sets were neck-to-neck, but unfortunately Sheares had a lot of lucky shots that made it impossible for our girls to receive - such as spikes that dropped right at the net - that eventually secured Sheares their victory.

Nevertheless, chin up girls! We believe that you guys have played exceedingly well. The season might already be over, but this is definitely not the end!

21st January 2018

Reported by Tricia Neo

Volleyball (M) Prelims KR 2 - 0 TH

Our Volleyball boys started their season with an intense match against TH! The first set saw 7 of their members, Wenping, Zane, Glen, Sze Lin, Timothy, Wei Xun and Zhi Peng take the lead against their formidable TH opponents. Their first set was very intense - both teams started off neck to neck with each other, but Zane’s series of serves eventually gave KR the lead of 16-7. However, within minutes, TH quickly caught up, decreasing their score different by only a few points. Nevertheless, our KR boys maintained their composure and continued the game. Timothy’s ability to jump ten floors high helped tremendously in his blocking, preventing TH from making any hard spikes and quickly bringing the ball back to the latter’s side of the court. Our KR boys eventually won the set 25-21!

The second set saw TH considerably more panicked and nervous than they were previously, which also resulted in a tougher fight for the win. The highlight of this set would definitely be Wenping’s unconventional use of his feet to solidly block and bring the opponent’s ball right back into their court. It happened so quickly that no one saw it coming: the supporters were on the edge of their seats as the boys were unable to save that one ball that was quickly hitting the floor… until Wenping stuck out his foot and the ball miraculously flew back to TH’s side of the court. Nevertheless, the scores were pretty much very close to each other throughout the game, but with KR in the lead. Supporters were constantly kept on the edge of their seats, anxious and also nervous to see the outcomes of the intense rallies between these two incredible teams. Eventually, KR got the game point due to an out-of-court serve, winning 25-22!

Overall, our KR boys seemed to have a ton of fun on the court. While both teams played well, our Volleyball guys’ ability to stay composed throughout their rallies was probably what gave them the win. Good job to our KR boys, and a shout out to all the amazing supporters (and Josh Chin!!) that cheered their hearts out that day!

9th January 2018

Reported by Tricia Neo

Volleyball (M) Semis KR 3 - 0 SH

With two clean wins under their belt against TH and KE, our Volleyball boys made it into the semi-finals against SH! This match was particularly intense, with both Sheares and KR putting up a very good fight. The Sheares team gave it their all, pushing our boys to the limit as they fought hard for every single point. As the boys put in their best effort, our very own supporters were on the edge of their seats, cheering as each point was scored. The court was often filled with loud cheers from both sides.

The first set played saw us win comfortably with a score of 25-23. This set had many good rallies, with Sheares making very good saves at the very end. The second set was much more intense, with the score being 27-25. Although we maintained the lead from the very start, Sheares chased very hard to tie at the 25 point mark. The second set was probably the most exciting to watch - our aggressive offense and well-strategized defense giving Sheares a difficult time in catching up and taking the lead. In fact, our very own Sports Management Unit were so excited when we won that they accidentally hit someone in the head while drumming to our KR Warriors cheer! The last set was also closely contended. This set saw Sheares step up their game, taking the lead for the first time to a score of 19-13. However, our boys played their best and took the lead back! Our 7-point chase up to win the set was one of the most exhilarating things to watch, and probably the most nerve-wracking, but the Volleyball boys stayed calm under pressure and eventually won us the game point 26-24!

31 January 2018

Reported by Tricia Neo

Volleyball (M) Finals: KR Champs

KR 3 - 1 EH

This match saw considerably less supporters than that with SH, but those that came still brought the roof down with their heartening cheers :’) The Volleyball finals against Eusoff was unexpected, and had a lot of highs and lows. We won our first set 25-15, in which the supporters were quite shocked by. After the intense matches against Sheares, it was quite anticlimactic to have won so easily. However, the excitement might have been premature, because Eusoff really stepped up their game in the second set, with one of their players stepping up to take charge. While we still won our second set 25-21, the third set saw Eusoff really take the lead, with some amazing spikes instilling fear in the audience. This set’s best (and heart-stopping!) moment was when Jit Hao slid across the floor to save the ball at the very last moment, centimetres before it touched the ground. That amazing save shocked almost everyone in the hall, but unfortunately it wasn’t enough to win us the game.

With us being this close to winning, it was extremely nerve-wracking to see Eusoff win their first set 25-17. As a result, we went into our fourth set at the edge of our seats. The overall anxiety was heightened with the scores being very closely contended. However, this set really saw our players work and shine as a team. They stayed calm under the intense pressure, communicated well, and as a whole fought incredibly hard to edge out their opponents. There were countless good saves and timely blocks that gave our team the advantage to properly set the ball for our spikers. It came to a point where each point won saw some of our supporters stand up to cheer the players on. It came to a point where both sides were cheering so fiercely you can barely hear each hall’s cheers. Although the Eusoff boys were equally fierce in their plays, our boys were tougher. We eventually won the match 25-22, making our players the official Volleyball (M) champions of IHG 2017/18!

Overall, the Volleyball boys’ composure and tenacity on court are truly commendable. Good job boys for your effort, and a huge thank you to all the supporters who came down to liven up the atmosphere on a Saturday evening. All the best to all the remaining IHG matches! :-)

2 Feb 2018

Reported by Tricia Neo


Tennis (F) : KR vs RH, 5-0

On the 21st January 2018, Tennis (F) had their first match against RH. It was not easy playing under the scorching hot sun but our girls persevered and emerged with a clean sweep of 5-0 against RH.

For a start, there were three ongoing matches – 2 singles and 1 double.

Yuri played against the RF of RH and her game concluded rather quickly. She served really well throughout the match which handed her easy points.

Meanwhile, Cheryl’s game went on for quite some time and dragged on. She endured the extreme heat and overcame all anxiety. Both parties took turns to be in the lead but she eventually pulled through and came out on top.

For the doubles, Rachel and Claris were up against the RH duo. In spite of the fact that Rachel only picked up tennis as a sports in Kent Ridge Hall, she performed well with nice serves. Along with Claris’s rich experience in tennis, the impeccable teamwork between the duo led them to victory.

During the next round, there were 2 matches – 1 single and 1 double.

For Angeline’s single match, it was a tight one as there were many sudden deaths. It was certainly a close fight but she managed to win the sudden death afterall.

The other double match that took place had Sarah and Nicole on the court. They displayed great teamwork and their chemistry came off well. With their victory on court, Kent Ridge hall eventually came to a clean sweep and won all matches against Raffles Hall.

21 January 2018

Reported by Emily Khoo

Tennis M: KR vs RH, 4-1

After a short drizzle which threatened the cancellation of the match, our tennis boys went on the play their crucial tie to determine their placing in the semi-finals. The matches did not disappoint.

The first Singles was played by Nicholas Thong the vice-captain of the Tennis(M) team. It got off to a tight start which each player holding their serve. Several good rallies ensued and Nicholas managed to pull ahead with a score of 7-3. Some highlights were his neat drop shots and non-stop running. He eventually edged out his opponent with a score of 9-5.

The second Singles was played by Terence Phua, captain of the team. Being our only capped IVP player, Terence raced to a 9-0 victory over his opponent. His strong ground strokes and kick serve managed to keep his opponent at bay and did not allow for them to earn a single point.

The first doubles were played by Mervin (aka Mao) and Jey Sng. Their aggressive net play coupled by their strong chemistry allowed them to take the game with a score of 9-1. It was an amazing sight seeing a freshie and FYF working so well as a team.

The second doubles were played by Andrew and Jey Ren. Jey Ren’s great serves and Andrew’s solid ground strokes were able to lead the pair to a comfortable win of 9-1. Jey Ren our resident badminton player and Andrew, a table tennis player show us the diversity that KR has in terms of our racket-sports men.

The last singles was played by Chi Yang. Having only picked up tennis last year, it was inspiring to see how hard work and dedication went such a long way. Chi Yang would put in extra time after training to practice at the tennis wall with Hannah our KR Tennis superstar. This had led him all the way to this exciting match. Playing against an experienced player, Chi Yang held his own and lost with a score of 9-3.

KR Tennis M has taken the game with a score of 4-1 and are on to the semi-finals of IHG!

25 January 2018

Reported by Nicholas Thong & Emily Khoo

Touch Rugby M

“They can beat everyone else but they can’t beat us!” Captain Tay Ye’s war cry in the midst of an intense game against defending champions Eusoff, lit a fire in the hearts of his teammates and supporters alike. It rang true during the penultimate game of the Touch Rugby (M) Carnival as KR held the favourites to a 2-2 stalemate. As much as it was not a win, it sure felt like a victory for the KR team that was plagued by a run of below-expectation play.

The team started off slow, conceding a game 4-0 to Sheares in the first bout of the day. Subsequently, the team posted a better performance against formidable opponents in Temasek but still losing by a try with a score of 3-2.

Subsequently, the boys shifted into a higher gear. In the next game with KE, an athletic try by Marcus sealed the deal for a 3-1 win and revved up the team. They then turned their attention to the climax of the day - playing Eusoff in the marquee matchup of the day. Supporters from other halls also gathered around the field to watch as stars from either side took their chances to one-up each other. Lucas had a stellar showing in this game, slipping past the outstretched arms of Eusoff defenders on the end of a pass from Andrew to score KR’s crucial second try. Subsequently, KR steamrolled RH 2-0 after a stoppage due to rain and closed the season with a victory.

Overall, Lucas stood out and had a good showing, managing to stick to the game plan consistently. KR’s vice captain Hayden also played well, starring as one of the most improved players from the previous season. Much can be said about the leadership of the veteran players in Tay Ye, Marc and Justin and their efforts to carry a team that was 3/4 composed of inexperienced players. Special mention goes out to Sean who wasn’t able to play as he finally graduated but still came down as vice coach. Last but not least, many thanks to Coach Alvinia for bringing us this far.

28th January 2018

Reported by Brandon Yeo

Table Tennis

Table Tennis M: KR vs. KEVII 1 – 4

(entertainment value was defo 5 – 0 to us for putting up the best PING PONG SHOW!!!)

Line up for the night:

1st singles: Wei Jie 3-0 to KEVII

1st doubles: Daniel Tam and Joshua Chin 0-3 to KR

2nd singles: Kristoporous 3-0 to KEVII

2nd doubles: Dylan and Zheng Ping 3-0 to KEVII

3rd singles: Wen Ping 3-0 to KEVII

At the end of the day, it’s all about the experience and fun that we have had. It’s about the sportsmanship that we adhered so closely to. It’s about the friendships that keep us going. Truer words have never been spoken until a little bird flew past our ears and whispered, “Ping pong is not just a sport, ping pong is ART” (credits to @danieltamago)

On a lovely, lovely Friday evening when most of us scurried back to the comforts of our homes, or to support our Handball pals (SHOUTOUT FOR WINNING THE SEMIS!!!), our table tennis boys were huddled in KEVII Hall’s very stuffy and very, very warm MPSH, ready to give their opponents a good fight.


Wei Jie took on the first player from KEVII and displayed many accurate and sick smashes as he treated his undying supporters many interesting and heart-racing rallies. Similarly, Kristoporous, who played the 2nd singles, displayed the same amount of tenacity and showcased some sick scores that could have only come with the long hours of gruelling training they have had. For our 3rd singles, we had Wen Ping, who could definitely smash both on the court and on the table. He never gave up even though his opponent was a lot more experienced but it’s okay Wen Ping! You can always challenge him at volleyball and show him how to smaaassshhhh bigger balls!!

Our players definitely kept their supporters on the edges of their se- okay no, they were all standing, but you get what I mean. Unfortunately, they were outmanoeuvred by the more experienced players on the other side with a score of 3 – 0 to KEVII in the three singles matches. Nonetheless, good job for persevering and not giving up!


Shout out to our extremely interesting duo who paddled animatedly and entertainingly to a VICTORY of 3 – 0!!! The boy with the dragon serve (you’d know who if you read the previous article) paired up with our in-house 24/7 entertainer, @shuaseeniger, whose last major entertaining feat was his mysterious broken front tooth (or his signature screech right before he plunged into the pool and emerged first in breasssst strrrrokkkke; you decide), in our first doubles match of the night.

Uncharacteristic of table tennis matches, the crowd was chanting “SMASH, SMASH, SMAAASH” and even more “很好很好”s and “就是这样”s while the players were jumping so exhilaratingly that some say they were off the ground more often than on it. Some say they mistook it as a kungfu showdown when they saw Tam and Chin doing high kicks and overheard the screeches and screams they were making, but rest assure, it was just an artistic interpretation of the sport we call ping pong.

Our second doubles was probably one of the closest matches of the night, with each set going to KEVII with only a slight edge over Dylan and Zheng Ping. Captain Dylan definitely went all out and ballerina-ed his way through to pressure his opponents, who were caught off guard not only by his skills, but also his grace. This feat could not have been pulled off if not for the trusty Zheng Ping whom Dylan could depend on to fend off some of KEVII’s pretty sick advances. Nonetheless, the match went to KEVII, but at the end of the day, we can definitely say we had fun and learnt a whole lot from our opponents. Our Table Tennis boys will definitely come back stronger next year to deliver another kick-ass PING PONG SHOW!!!!

2nd February 2018

Reported by Amanda Poon

Table Tennis (F): KR 4 - KE 1

Kicking the week off another round of IHGs with a win on Monday, KR’s female table tennis team beat King Edward VII Hall in claiming a hefty 4 out of 5 matches. (You’ll note that 3 seems to be KR’s lucky number in table tennis!)

In the first set of singles play, Fion played against one of KE’s strong players. She emerged with a 3-0 win over her opponent, which set the tone for the upcoming matches.

In the first set of doubles play, Roxanne and Chang En breezed through against KE’s weak doubles and, following in Fion’s footsteps, won the match with a score of 3-0.

Sarah played the second singles match against KE’s strongest player, which turned out to be a rather nail-biting game to watch. While she played really well with some beautiful smashes, Sarah lost 0-3 to her. Kudos to Sarah for putting up a strong fight!

Nicole and Steffi played in the second doubles match. It was really intense with both sides exchanging quickfire play, but Nicole and Steffi eventually won the deuce with a score of 3-2 to KR.

In the last hour, Teng Yue played the last singles match and did KR proud, closing the night with yet another win of 3-0. It was an easy game, and a great finish for the table tennis girls. Well done guys! Do stay tuned for how the table tennis girls will perform and show your support at the semi-finals.

29 January 2018

Reported by Grace Lee

Road Relay

While most sporting events have their championship titles battled over the entire duration of IHG, the runners of KR have had their runs done in a 1 x all out, in which the girls and guys clinched 2nd and 3rd places respectively.

To many, road relay is not particularly one to watch because of the same reason why people don’t usually watch Formula 1 – you would only get to cheer for your friends for a few seconds and that marks the end of active spectatorship. Last year, SMU attempted to cheer our runners on right in front of their dying, breathless expressions by following them (in the van) throughout the route but it has been deemed as a disqualifier this year. To be honest, that would be pretty empowering. #ideas

Most do not know how road relay works – it’s a 1.8km run relayed by 6 people covering the route extending from the entrance of Raffles Hall to the main road that leads to the Arts Slope and back to Raffles Hall. Arts Slope. Also known as “The Hill” to all RR runners, it’s a term that triggers them all because most die while running it. As a road relay runner myself, I’ve often joked (or is it…) about ofoing/ ubering up the slope during trainings because I feel like my body ages and declines to unfitness as I gradually run up and regret all the chicken wings and bubble tea that I refuse to abstain from. Jokes aside, kudos to all the runners regardless of their relative timings or positions because it takes strength and resilience to give your all, where “all” is not a relative term but a personal agenda.

The before-race jitters were evident as runners could be seen restlessly pacing around the start point and most surveyed other teams, fearful of the competition especially when everyone looks ten times fiercer and fitter in sporting attire. The girls had their flag off at 7:30pm where Eusoff had the lead with KR following a few places behind. Gradually, our girls caught up and managed to sustain a close fight with Eusoff vying for 1st place but unfortunately fell short by a margin at the end where we achieved 2nd.

Most girls run at an average timing of 7:45-8:15 but we have our very own KR beast (and also a beauty) who ran at an astounding timing of 6:42, where she broke the course record. I’ve managed to interview Vanessa Lee of E block (while we were having supper at PP, excuse the background) where she said she had to face “one big ass hill” but was very proud of her team because they did their best.

(trying to find a pic of vanessa from photocomm so that I can caption: van and her big ass hill)

On the guys’ side, Jeevan broke the course best, setting a beast record of 5:30. (idk what else to write tbh I asked Jeevan how he felt and stuff, probably gonna ask Vincent and dr ivan)

In totality, the race experience was a memorable one because of the adrenaline that the runners feel especially at the big ass hill where there were cheers and support from our friends and strangers alike. Good luck to all athletes who are still fighting on for KR!

“We fight not because we hate what’s in front of us, but because we love what’s behind us.”

Reported by Jasmine Go


Netball Prelims 2 KR 29 – TH 29

On Wednesday evening, the netball girls went head to head with Temasek Hall in their second preliminary match in a bid to top the group. The game started out slow, with both teams sizing the other up, but the KR girls managed to scrape a small lead with decisive plays and a tight defence. While we managed to widen the score margin slightly in the second quarter, TH switched up their strategy and came at us stronger than before, bypassing our defenders with bullet-like passes and accurate long shots by the shooters, closing in on us slowly but surely. Throughout the next 20-30 minutes, the supporters on both sides were kept on the edge of their seats, as the game went on with rapid turnovers as the two teams adapted impressively to each other’s defensive and offensive tactics. The enthusiastic cheers must have boosted the morale of the girls on court as both teams fought hard to do their respective halls proud. Whenever one side gained the lead, the other would quickly bounce back and increase their intensity to take it back.

With the score tied at 29-29, supporters and players alike were both unable to contain their excitement as every player on the court fought tooth and nail to score that 1 more point, while also preventing the opposing team from getting the chance to score the winning shot. After a minute that felt like ten, the final whistle was blown, and silence fell on MPSH 5. The spectators didn’t know what to make of this result, didn’t know whether to cheer or offer comfort, but the girls knew that, thanks to their 14-point victory against Raffles Hall which beat TH’s 13-point victory against them, we clutched the top spot in the group, and would be facing King Edward VII in the semi-finals, rather than Eusoff Hall, the defending champions.

Congratulations on advancing to the semi-finals, KRNB! Let’s support them in their next few games against worthy opponents!

Line-up: Zenna, Dorothy, Wen Sze, Sze Min, Natasha, Teri, Vivien, Deena, Joli, Sherylyn, Amanda, Yasmine

31 January 2018

Reported by Gwendolyn Tai


Floorball (M) KR 5 - EH 2

Crowds packed the stuffy MPSH6 court to the brim as KR prepared to face off against Eusoff in a highly anticipated rematch. After drawing with Eusoff the previous season, the boys were back with a vengeance.

KR started off the match playing coolly but aggressively – all part of the game plan. It was a only a matter of time before Chay Chye opened up the scoring in the early minutes, finding the net from behind the goal. After that, Mao added to the momentum with another goal off a great touch on a first time shot, exploiting the opponent’s lapse in defence while they were substituting between lines.

After that, Eusoff managed to answer with 2 scores of their own, and unfavourable calls from the referees plus mounting frustration made the situation looked frighteningly reminiscent of last year. Would Eusoff reenact catching up from behind and holding us to a draw once again?

But KR had learnt from previous mistakes and kept up the pressure while sticking to the game plan. Soon, captain Kevin found the back of the net after a minute of solid play behind the opponent’s goal with fellow teammate and playmaker Yeshen. Ex-captain Alan then sealed the deal with a skillful turn drag from the left side of the court that blazed past the Eusoff keeper. The final goal was the icing on the cake, with passes between Chay Chye and Dion flowing in quick succession to confound the defence and set up a first-time wrist shot by Joshua Chin that rocketed into the net. Special mention goes to Joshua’s machine gun celebration after the goal which was straight out of a FIFA game and signified that the game was truly put away for good.

With a strong showing by the floorball team, their next match is a derby game against our neighbours at 20 Heng Mui Keng Terrace which is also guaranteed to be a thrilling showing so come on down to support your hallmates!

29th January 2018

Reported By Brandon Yeo

Floorball (M) Finals KR 2 - TH 4

The newly developed University Sports Center MPSH played host to a finals matchup between defending champions TH and challengers KR on a stuffy Sunday afternoon. Anticipation reached a fever pitch as the court divider separating both teams during warmup was drawn.

TH took the early lead, capitalising well on occasional lapses from a generally stout KR defence. Ending the first period at a 2-0 deficit, KR was determined to step up and make TH earn the victory. Coming back in to the second period, KR answered with a skillful volley from Zhi Peng off a beautiful penetrating pass from Chay Chye into the opponent’s slot area which flew past the keeper’s outstretched arms into the top right corner of the goal. Subsequently, KR’s very own Mr Clutch Ye Shen found the net off his trademark turn drag shot from far out to make the score even at 2-2.

Despite coming back to make it a tie game, KR conceded two more goals by the end of the third period to fall to TH 4-2. It was a hard fought loss by the underdogs, and we should be proud of the team for testing the victors in a tough game that could have gone either way.

Special mention goes out to the FYFs Yeshen, Alan and Sahil who have been stalwarts of the team every year for 4 years straight - thank you guys! And also to Captain Kevin Chan who manages to fit floorball in despite his commitments as a final year medical student. Kevin, when asked about the game, mentioned, “Really proud of the team for putting up such a great fight against teams with national players, and even though we didn’t get the gold, I believe the team should be proud of the way they played especially in the last two periods.”

With that, the Floorball IHG season is concluded - the team will train hard and hope to better their result next year!

4 Feb 2018

Reported by Brandon Yeo


Basketball M: KR vs EH 36-56

KR basketball boys had their first fixture of the IHG season on 27 Jan at the Utown MPSH. The turnout from the Kent Ridge crowd was amazing and there was a lot of excitement and anticipation before the match began.

The first quarter started at a blistering pace with Eusoff sinking a 3 point shot. Matthew Ang (#7) replied with a drive to the basket scoring KR’s first points of the night. The offence was great moving the ball around. Sam P (#35) managed to break on the counter attack to score a layup and drawing a foul from the EH player. His ice cool composure allowed him to net the “and 1” from the line.

The second quarter started with a change in personnel. Jin Tat (#22) came on to play the role of point guard and started running the box play which gave him the chance to drive in to the basket and score a layup. The first 3 of the night was put away by Jovi (#27) with a great shot from beyond the arc. There was a lot of hustle on the court with our centre Bart (#5) getting 2 rebounds in the paint and putting away a 2.

The third quarter got coach Lester fired up, barking instructions to Bart (#5) from the sidelines as EH took 2 free throws. Coach Lester wanted him to take the rebound from the EH free throw and our KR centre complied. Another play worth a spot on @Houseofhighlights was a 3v1 fast break from EH which only Sam P (#35) was left to defend. With some mad hustle, he managed to stop them in their tracks.

The fourth quarter saw an opportunity for the rest of the players to get a run out. Xian Jun (#13) made a fierce introduction of himself by shooting a 3 point shot. It landed in but unfortunately, he stepped into the arc causing it to be a 2 point shot. Jin Tat (#22) also took one for the team by drawing contact from the EH player and getting a bruise in the process.

Overall the game was one not to be missed, do go down and watch the rest of the Basketball M IHG matches!

The boys are on course to improve from their standing last year to make it into the semi-finals.

Score by Quarter:

Kent Ridge vs Eusoff

1st quarter: 9 - 20

2nd quarter: 21 - 31

3rd quarter: 25 - 46

4th quarter: 36 - 56

Top Scorer:

Zi Hang (#4) – 6 points

Bart (#5) – 6 points

Kent Ridge Roster:

Ying Hao (#1), Wesley Yeo (#3), Zi Hang (#4), Bart (#5), Matthew Ang (#7), Andrew Wong (#10), Xian Jun (#13), Jin Tat (#22), Jovi Ang (#27), Sam P (#35), Shawn Poh (#87)

26 January 2018

Reported by Nicholas Thong

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