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14 Things To Do For 14th of February

One of the most headache-inducing problems you’ll encounter leading up to the 14th of this month is deciding what the heck to do to make Valentine’s Day perfect for your bae. It’s easy to simply grab the standard Cadbury bar and card from NTUC and hope that all pulls through, but we here at Kent Ridge Hall think that Valentine’s Day deserves just a sliver more respect. It is the ultimate holiday dedicated to celebrating all things related to love, after all, and who couldn’t use a reminder of your affection for them?

But if tutorials and assignments have put you off thinking about the big day till now, we’ve come up with a whole list of almost fuss-free things you can do that’ll cover your you-know-what. And if some of us happen to be embracing the single life this February (by choice, of course!), shouldn’t the celebration have something for us as well? In short, yes! Stay tuned for the lobangs, and you’re welcome.

1. Buffet at West Coast (Eatigo)

This is for singles and couples alike! A buffet for $15 and it is near school!?!?! What a steal! Drown your sorrows in BBQ beef or bring that special girl to have the meal of her life with you! Food is the way to a person’s heart and also a cure for depression on a lonely day! Eat for 1 or eat for 2 (one person can eat for 2 if you know what I’m saying). You’re down to have a good time! I heard that dad bods are in so guys looking for true love can consider soloing this buffet and increase your chances for love next year!

Check out:

2. A Rose By Any Other Name

The demand for flower-delivery tends to sky-rocket during Valentine’s Day period, and for good reason. There’s no better way to melt the heart of your special someone than by reverting back to the classics – and the External Events Committee (EEC) along with Flourish and DB6F’s very own artist Karen Hutchison have got your backs! Bespoke creations that are sure to make bae all heart-eyes for you include abundant, captivating bouquets sold at prices that are about 15 to 20 percent cheaper than what they would cost you at florist shops anywhere else, plus delicate brush calligraphy cards that give off a rustic charm, presented in a pretty silver envelope. The bouquets are very much customisable in terms of colour options and even types of flowers you’d like to use if you happen to remember bae’s favourite flower; watercolour, custom gold and illustration options are available for Karen’s personally-crafted cards as well. Orders will be closing this coming Sunday, 11th of February at 2300 hours and your little tokens of love will be delivered to you the night before Valentine’s Day from 7-10pm, so it’s time to get clicking! All it takes is a couple minutes to show a little love.

3. YEP Bake Sales

Don’t think, click here first:

Give double the love by sending your loved ones some freshly baked goods while all your proceeds will go to aiding our very own YEP’s expedition to Thailand! You may not get all the goods this coming 14th, but $3 brownies and $2.50 cookies will be on sale and you’ll even be able to have them delivered to your loved ones’ doorsteps! If you’re itching to profess your love (or loves), publicize a personal message on the lobby’s TV screen at only $1*!

*50% off when purchased with cookies/brownies

@/YEP: eh I write this promo for you got discount or not -jasgo, a301

4. Feeling Tense? Make That Past Tense

It’s really easy to forget how to treat yoself when midterms are on the horizon for many of us. If both you and your bae constantly find yourselves slouching over your laptops typing furiously away with bags under your eyes, perhaps it’s time to fly over to Japan for a quick getaway… in spirit! Yunomori Onsen & Spa is the first authentic Japanese-style onsen in Singapore, located right at Kallang Wave Mall. It creates a unique experience of relaxation and healing for you to melt away all the stresses of the semester by bringing together both the practices of Japanese Onsen bathing and Thai Spa therapies. Broke university students struggling to survive on pre-paid hall dinners (i.e. us) can rejoice because Yunomori Onsen & Spa is now bringing back its 1-for-1 entry promotion all the way until the 29th of March, so that’s plenty of time for a Valentine’s treat! The expected damage for 2 pax is around $38 before GST, which is unquestionably a mind-boggling bargain.

5. Smashing Stuff

Couples aren't the only people who can smash on Vday! The Fragment Room is a place of angst where single people get to bring things that remind them of love and destroy it with a bat. Who said anti Vday wasn’t a thing! Take the trip down to Serangoon to cleanse your soul of the things that make you hurt on this day. Sometimes you got to smash something to get an old flame out of your head!!



6. Stay Inspired

Let the professionals handle it! Inspire will be having their very own Vday dedications on 12th Feb where our talented musicians go door to door to sing for your loved ones! If you ever feel inadequate as a singer but know your special person is into music you can use this chance to win their heart! Also there is a troll song service to help remind those close to you how lonely they are. Hey maybe if you play your cards right you might make that person feel so bad that

they’ll just want to fall in love with you! The price you have to pay is only $2! SO CHEAP!

Sign ups right here.

7. Whisk Them Off Their Feet Instead

The best way to say ‘I love you’ this Valentine’s Day is by giving sweets to a sweet. And although there’s nothing wrong with giving something pre-packaged, why not take one step further and do it yourself? Even for the best of us who absolutely suck in the kitchen to the point of burning water, we’ve got a super simple yet aesthetically-delightful recipe for you. It’s high-time you load your shopping trolleys with heart-shaped sprinkles, because Cupid himself would not able to resist this irresistible Valentine’s Day treat! (Recipe adapted from kawaiisweetworld on Youtube)

Recipe: Makes 12 red velvet cake pops


Half a box of red velvet cake mix, or chocolate cake mix with added red food colouring

1/3 cup cream cheese frosting (the recipe)

Melted milk chocolate or white chocolate, dyed in your favourite colours

Lollipop sticks or skewers



  1. Bake cake according to instructions on the box.

  2. Let cake cool, crumble into fine crumbs, add in frosting and combine.U

  3. sing an ice cream scoop, scoop out cake balls and roll into a ball with your hands. For heart-shaped cake pops, flatten out the cake ball and form tip into a V-shape. Then use your pinkie finger to create an indent at the top. Make sure it’s still about 1cm thick to insert your lollipop stick into! Refrigerate the finished cake balls for 20 minutes.

  4. Dip cake pops into white or milk coating, and decorate with coloured chocolate or sprinkles if desired after letting excess coating drip off. Refrigerate and package according to your liking!

(source: kawaiisweetworld on

8. Galentines’ Day

Putting aside all the unattainable Gs’, there are still 2 that’ll always be there for you – your Girl and Guy friends! Have a girl/ guy’s (whichever you assume yourself to be) day out with your best buds and have tons of fun. Have a fantastic day munching on whatever you want or go to the gym for a sweating good workout with your pals. Whatever the case, you’ll still be in shape and no one can tell you otherwise. Round is also a shape.

You do you gurl.

9. Send nu…vday cards to your loved ones

Say no more.

10. Biz Comm Flower Sales

Classic Vday flowers. How wrong can that get? Impress someone with pink or red roses to make 14th Feb a memorable one. There will even be limited edition vday cards for sale! Can you imagine going out of school to buy overpriced flowers? Why not just get it here! The money goes to KRV which is a great cause as well, buy a flower for someone you love as well as helping another person out? What a sweet deal to up your karma! For the singles out there you can even buy flowers for yourselves and pretend that someone gave it to you! You get to increase your popularity and help a good cause too. Amazing!


Perhaps the reason why you might have found your perfect match is that competition runs thick in bae’s blood… and yours too! If you’d love nothing more than to engage in stage games and compete to be best-dressed in your PJs, head on down to the MPSH on the 13th with a fellow human being or two to KRuddle. Now we all know that the only thing better than a stomach filled with food is a stomach filled with FREE food, but to top it all off, the Heritage Committee will also be indulging us with free admission, a beautifully-decorated photobooth to immortalise your moments as well as attractive prizes such as movie tickets! The event runs from 6:45pm to 10:30pm and the first 50 to stride into the hall are promised an extra special surprise, so mark the date on your calendars and RSVP now!

12. Buy a ton of your favourite food and realise that you don’t have to share

Take long, romantic walks to the fridge and enjoy the feeling of not having second thoughts about that Royce chocolate piece you’ve been wanting to devour for forever. Eat twice/ thrice the amount you usually do and get everything you love, bring it home and binge watch whilst screening your favourite movies.

tip: it doesn’t have to be expensive, hawker food is great – get one from each store 加料加饭 everything. Shiok asf

13. Name a Roach After Bae?

Who says that Valentine’s Day has to be full of only sugar and spice and everything nice? Perhaps you’re the type who gets a kick out of giving your loved ones comedic gifts, or maybe you’re looking for the perfect message to send to your arch-nemesis… Well, you’re in luck, because The Bronx Zoo is offering you the golden opportunity to name a Madagascar hissing cockroach in their dishonour! Options include sending your Valentine a digitalised certificate to officiate the whole process as well as add-ons of roach socks, roach chocolates and roach pins. And they say romance is dead.


14. Saved the best idea for last

Isn’t Valentines’ Day just another day? So…

Wake up

Snooze your alarm

Wake up again


Be late for your 9am

Try to class part

Roll your eyes at those who do a lot of unproductive class part

Get through the day



Have hall dinner

Do random, unproductive stuff around hall but you’re not really sure what you’re doing

Ladies night? #ideas




Sleep at 5am

And that rounds up our list of 14 things you can do for the 14th of February – did any of our options help you plan your way into a happily ever after? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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