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KR Hall Production: Those Who Can't, Teach #3

With the biennial Kent Ridge Hall Production just right around the corner (tomorrow!), we thought it would be fun to sit down with the characters (NOT cast!) of KRHP 17/18 and find out a little more about the students and teachers of Marine Parade Secondary School before watching their story.

KRHP Cast starring: Lam Wei Yi, Justin May Cheng Wei, Raelene Chin Bte Reeyan Abdullan Chin, Katelyn Joy Li Anne, Sellek Teng, Usy Aliya Rusyda Nur Adly, Benson Choo Bing Shu, Lee Yih Chee Karen, Dadi Santosh Amoghraj, Ryan Cheok Ann and Tan Wei Yang (not all in above photo)

1. Please introduce yourself, along with any quirky facts you think you have!

Su Lin: My name is Phua Su Lin. I saw an MOE advert when I was younger and I knew I wanted to be a teacher ever since then. I actually really love reading, especially literary classics like King Lear and men in white, and taking long relaxing walks by the park.

Hana: I'm Hana, a Super bubbly, easy going and warm teacher. But get on my bad side and I'll definitely bite!

Teck Liang: HELLO, my name ah TECK LIANG. I tell you ah I honestly don’t know what this is for ah. Like I come school, do drama, then then must still do this interview. For what ah?

Clare: Hi I’m Clare!!!! I am a typical millennial teenager who believes in modern feminism and doing whatever I want against social norms hehe I have three tattoos whoohoo I love it a lot though I kept it a secret from my parents hehe

Raymond: Hello I’m Raymond. Uhm I don’t think I have any special characteristics. Perhaps I’m sensitive towards how people feel towards me. I have trust issues and I don’t feel right in this world sometimes. Sorry.

Ms Amanda Lim: I'm a fresh grad who lacks experiential knowledge of the real world - caught up in my fairytale heroic storyline as a PE teacher changing student's lives. I value a holistic lifestyle - physical fitness, wellness in mind, and a balanced diet.

Sabtu: Hello my name is SABTU. I am 1.81m tall, I weigh 70kg. I very clever to use computer and cook roti john.

Kak: Hi!!!! I am Kak, sister of Jali. One quirky fact is that I used to shower Jali when he was a little boy. That boy doesn’t like to bathe I tell you. He would even run around the house naked just to escape the streams of clean water and soap.

Laurence: Hi I am Lawrence, CEO of Casanova, and I am Raymond's father.

2. Who is your favourite teacher, and why?

Su Lin: My favorite teacher is Hana, as she was my student, so I treat her as my daughter.

Hana: My fave teacher is definitely Lim. Especially how she always gets attacked by Zach for being a newbie.

Teck Liang: Fave teacher still Mrs Phua la. She a bit annoying but still nice ah. Like she really cares for us la.

Clare: Ms Hana!!! Super cool and hip really just all I aspire to be in life

Raymond: I guess Mrs Phua. I feel like she understands me and my problems... but I don’t understand why is she always focusing on other people. Isn’t education about character development and not academics? Sigh.

Ms Amanda Lim: Zach because his annoying characteristics really crack me up. Also I think he is obsessed with Su Lin and can't admit it to himself haha so he plays hard to get and irritates her like a 5 year old child having a crush on a gal.

Sabtu: I like Hannah la... cause I talk to her the most

Kak: My favourite teacher is Su Lin, the part when she scolds her students. Kids these days are too pampered and I feel they should be “disciplined” as much as possible.

Laurence: Ms Hana has a way with words and gestures and I believe she puts them to great use in the classroom as well.

3. Who is your favourite student, and why?

Su Lin: My favorite student is Raymond, as he is such a sweet and thoughtful boy who willingly strives hard to do well in class.

Hana: Jali! He's so immature (cognac becomes konek) hahaha! yet he really is so selfless and helpful, despite having his own problems.

Teck Liang: My one and only true babe, Claire. She really amazing la

Clare: Obviously myself because self love yo!

Raymond: NIL.

Ms Amanda Lim: Jali. he's a simple guy and a loyal friend. he's stuck in the poverty cycle and his lack of a happy ending is a realistic perspective of life in the lower income class.

Sabtu: I like Teck Liang la cause he get daring. Keep pressing Claire. And he like to close his eyes when doing warm ups. Tickles me so bad.

Kak: It’s so hard to choose a favourite cast member because all of them have already melted into my heart to become one big family and choosing favourite would be like choosing which is your favourite child as a parent.

Laurence: Well, I am obliged to choose Raymond, and he has indeed grown to become a smart and responsible young adult, in spite of the lack of harmony in our family. However, I do hope that he absorbs some of Teck Liang's assertive nature, which would help him tremendously in the future.

4. Biggest challenge as a student/teacher?

Su Lin: As a teacher it's very hard to sustain a passion for your job due to all the obstacles you face, with recalcitrant students, inundating paperwork and honestly the tedium of school life after awhile. You spend so many years of your school life trying to breakout of the school system, only to get back into it again once you graduate from NIE? it's thoughts like these that affect me every once in a while.

Hana: It is so hard to always be on the ball, knowing that students are ready to catch every mistake because you're supposed to be a role model to all. But we are all just human.

Teck Liang: Juggling different stuff? Homework la, lessons la, CCA la, friendships la aiya everything so hard!

Clare: I am honestly not extremely bright so I have to put in the hard work to reap results and and I am very lazy and careless so I have a bad habit of skipping school

Ms Amanda Lim: Finding your place!!! Finding how you can impact students and change their lives from a PE lesson haha

Sabtu: I am just a vendor la...

Kak: I’m Jali’s sister uh, nothing much to challenge uh

Laurence: As a parent, the biggest challenge is to completely entrust Raymond's education to his teachers. That is also why I do my best to maintain close ties with his teachers.

5. I love/hate school because…

Su Lin: I love school because it holds a lot of memories for me. I've been teaching at MPSS for over 20 years and it truly means a lot to me, seeing batch after batch graduate. I especially love it when students visit me and I know my presence has made some form of positive impact on their lives, and they are doing well.

Hana: Love school because watching what happens is like a TV drama series. But hate it cause the work load can be quite demanding.

Teck Liang: I hate school because aiya everything so restrictive ah, cannot do this cannot do that. sometimes idk if it’s school or jail ah

Clare: I love school because I get to learn what I want to learn and to strive towards my ambitions however it’s extremely annoying when things don’t go my way la like sometimes I really want to drink and club but teachers and too much work 😢

Raymond: I hate school because they never think about the students. We’re all the same cookies from the same cookie dough, cut out from the same cookie cutter. The education system in Singapore is not suited for people who wish not to be engineers, businessmen, but artistes, music producers.

Ms Amanda Lim: I love school - especially secondary school because it's the adolescent period when you're on the cusp of adulthood. your school environment is crucial in shaping and moulding who you are.

Sabtu: I love school cause I can earn money. I hate school cause I earn little money.

Kak: I have a love-hate relationship with school. I love the never-ending childish curiosity that I get to quench with the materials and people here but I hate the regimented system and quick deadlines that kills that interest in the first place.

Laurence: As a kid, I didn't really like coming to school as I was constrained by all those rules. But now, I really enjoy my trips back here as I can relive those wild days.

6. What is your favourite place in school, and why?

Su Lin: My favorite place in school would be the staff lounge/pantry, as its really just a relaxing corner for us teachers to chat.

Hana: Canteen of course! Can makan and relax!

Teck Liang: Definitely the canteen la, can eat all the food and just relax w Jali! hate the classrooms ah serious

Clare: Canteen la can lepak and smoke hehe

Raymond: The rooftop of buildings. It makes me closer to the sun and the sky.

Ms Amanda Lim: The gym. gotta get them gains

Sabtu: The canteen la... that’s where I earn my money and interact with the students.

Kak: My favourite place in school is my dorm bed because that’s when dreams come true temporarily.

Laurence: My favourite place is the library. I regularly visit the school to check on Raymond's progress, and I must say the staffroom is a tad too unconducive for discussion. The library, on the other hand, has many quiet corners and isolated rooms that are perfect for discussion.

7. Last but not least - a more fun question! As your character, who is your favourite cast member other than yourself, and why?

Su Lin: I love them all equally - like a teacher loves her students.

Hana: Benson is extremely himself. Awkward and cute.

Teck Liang: Benson! That guy is always making rehearsals so fun and enjoyable! he’s a unique fella la!

Clare: I love Dadi, he is like mah daddy taking care of me and checking on me now and then, making sure my life is in check

Raymond: I like Dadi. Despite the many setbacks he has faced, never did he once faltered. He walks the talk and there’s a purpose behind every action he had taken.

Ms Amanda Lim: Karen. She really embraces her character and has a great stage presence. It's nice to watch her be an Ah lian.

Sabtu: I would say Kate la. She is a very nice and genuine person.

Laurence: Benson. He is passionate in his pursuits and is in general a very fun guy.

Wow, we certainly have a diverse range of characters to watch out for this Saturday! Were you able to tell which character your neighbours were playing? Don’t worry if you couldn’t, because KReporters got your back with our giveaway! Details can be found below.

Do remember to show your support for all your neighbours involved in KRHP! All the best, we look forward to your performances this weekend.

Show Information

Tickets: $25 per ticket (GST inclusive), $22 each for bundles of 4 or more tickets

Venue: Anglo Chinese Junior College Faith Centre for Performing Arts

Opening Night - 23 February 2018 @ 7.30pm

Matinee Show - 24 February 2018 @ 2.00pm

Closing Night - 24 February 2018 @ 7.30pm


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