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A KRV KRistmas

KRV over Christmas – KRistmas KRarnival

For many of us, Christmas means beautifully-wrapped presents, a bountiful feast, and story-telling with friends and family around the Christmas tree. But often, we forget that Christmas is more than what we can receive.

Christmas is the season of giving -- true to form, our very own Santa KRlauses brought some festive joy to old and young alike this holiday season. On the 20th of December, KR volunteers headed down to Geylang West Community Club to organise a fun-filled family carnival, with the aim of allowing underprivileged families supported by the Asian Women's Welfare Association (AWWA) to enjoy a worry-free day with games, food, and gifts abound.

Volunteers helped to set up a myriad of game booths around the multipurpose hall, with games such as Ring Toss, Tic Tac Toe, Nine-pin Bowling etc. The logistics for the booths were painstakingly made by volunteers themselves, whom assembled recycled items together from scratch into innovative game ideas. Much to the kids’ amusement, An indoor bouncy castle was also set up, along with a large play area filled with all kinds of wonderful toys.

Last but not least, no one could forget the tantalizing aroma of free popcorn and hotdogs which wafted through the air -- even volunteers themselves could not resist trying a serving or two!

Snack time for Jarel!

Kenny dishing out the good stuff!

Throughout the day, volunteers brightened everyone’s day by patiently explaining and facilitating games, adorably hoisted little children who were too short to reach the game tables, and exchanged hi-fives and laughter with kids and even elderly participants!

Do not be mistaken, for the children entertained the volunteers as much as the volunteers did: a child enjoyed the Ring Toss booth so much he decided to help Kevin Mak and Jamie run the booth, earnestly offering us half-eaten hot dogs and even insisting that we give out the rings, which were looped glow sticks, to participants as souvenirs, which eventually saw our supply of rings dwindle to nothing. It was also heartening to watch the children share their hard-earned candy rewards with family members and even volunteers.

Everyone was also thoroughly entertained by the performances put up by groups of children onstage: from an energy-filled cheerleading rendition of Shake It Off, to hip-hop freestyling, to soulful singing of Locked Away and more, every performance was met with bouts of applause and cheering.

Before concluding the day, volunteers and participants were invited to a mass freestyle dance on-stage, which saw volunteers Hui Yang and Dadi bravely step up to show off their dance moves among crowds of equally excited children, ending the day on a high note.

Project Director Annadine exclaims, "I am super proud to have had the opportunity to work with KRV and Friends of KRV to execute this year-end carnival. Everyone was actively engaged, and it was amazing how we spread the festive spirit and brought smiles to those who popped by. Hopefully this tradition carries on and we get to see this through again next year!" Well done, Annadine!

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you, volunteers!

Jamie, signing off 😊


KRV over Christmas – ChariTrees

Have you been on a date along Marina Promenade near the Sands and chanced upon this well-known stretch of trees?

Jointly organised by TOUCH Community Services, Community Chest and the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA), ChariTrees @ Marina Bay 2017 celebrates the tenacity and resilience of families, at the same time creating greater awareness about the needs of disadvantaged families cared for by charities under Community Chest and TOUCH. Leading our hall to be a part of this project is Donovan Chua (C block), who has partnered with AWWA, contributing to their mission to empower the disadvantaged, maximize their potential and lead dignified and independent lives. In total, KR Flag has donated 6 trees along the stretch which has been decorated by our very own volunteers with self-sourced and handmade decorations by the children of AWWA.

Some even got very attached to the minute foam balls we purchased and insisted on throwing a whole bag of them into their very own globe, to the point where it covers Santa’s face! (guess which one)

KRV would like to extend our thanks to all volunteers who took time to head down to AWWA on a Saturday morning to accompany the children, helping them unleash their creativity through personalized snow globe making and card drawing. It was not a walk in the park settling children with special needs aged 5-7 down, but through the occurrences of spilt glucose (what is that thing) and intense sequin obsessions (refer to top right globe), it was heartwarming to witness children who are deemed ‘special’ to have a platform for self-expression and creativity.

Alongside the cards that the children have crafted, our very own KRV chair Elmer Loy (A Block) has also thrown in his own rendition of a Christmas greeting

Therefore as we usher in the new year, let us always be reminded that even seemingly insignificant choices of kindness can perpetuate.

“…each tree tells the story of families who have been impacted by setbacks. Through the touching experience of these families, we hope that visitors to ChariTrees @ Marina Bay will be inspired by the resilience and determination of the families to overcome the challenges and to rise above their circumstances.”

- Mr Eugene Seow, executive director of TOUCH Community Services

Jasmine, signing off 😊

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