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KR Day: A Mystery No More

You’ve probably heard about the upcoming KR Day with all the blasts on the block chats and the #krickshots Instagram competition. But a quick survey amongst freshies shows that aside from there being “I ❤ KR” shirts, not too many are sure what KR Day is all about.

Well, here’s what this year’s Heritage Comm Chairs have to share:

‘Every year in Heritage Committee, we aim to accomplish something spectacular, something entirely different from past batches. It is our burning passion to put a smile on all your faces ’ - Jaden Lau, Heritage Comm 17/18 Chairperson

'To bring enjoyment to Kent Ridgeans and it's a time where all the phantoms come out and gather together as one big family' - Leon Quek, Heritage Comm 17/18 Vice-chairperson

The theme this year is “OKRana is family”, emphasising that we share one united KR spirit amidst the daily struggles of schoolwork and demanding commitments. Brace yourself for the exciting TV show-styled programme which Hairy 17/18 has planned out, with popular game shows and commercials for KResidents to participate in.

But, who better to share about the importance of KR Day than our very own FYFs! Reporters had a short catch up with 3 of ours FYFs this year, Sellek Teng, Alan Ng and Koh Yeshen to find out what KR Day is through their eyes.

1. What does KR Day mean to you?

Sellek: KR day is the day where I get to declare my love openly by wearing the I love KR T-shirt to the whole of NUS!!

Alan: Well, KR Day is a day where we celebrate and show to everyone out there what it means to #bleedblue. KR has given so much to all of us and different people have different ways to show our love for the hall but on KR day everyone comes together to celebrate it together.

Yeshen: It was first about the free Starbucks and the free Koi. The games and the performances and the laughs. Not to mention the little notes that we all wrote to each other and deposited in the giant mailbox in the lobby. Then it became a huge headache, a worry that our idea and theme was good, not great. A worry that the comm will not pull it off, that the residents wouldn’t participate in “welcome to my KRib / #KRalways”, that the rabbit hole was not nicely decorated enough, that KRam Willows would not show up or that people would leave right after KRam Willows performed, that the residents would neither feel satisfied with the food or feel "awww" and of course, that the balloons wouldn’t drop. My Second KR Day will undoubtedly be the most memorable one. My 3rd KR day was the extreme disappointment that I did not win Coldplay tickets, but still, managed to have a great day of fun at the KRanival. And of course regrets that I could not make the actual one. This last KR day, it’s all about the people I’ve met and experiences I had that changed me, for better or for worse. #ThankyouKR for being with me every step of the way!

2. What do you look forward to every KR Day?

Sellek: The free food definitely!!

Alan: KR day... I mean I always enjoy the celebration at night in the MPSH but I would think it’s wearing the I ❤ KR shirts around school the whole day and seeing all KR residents doing the same.

Yeshen: The craziest, out of the world, most innovative and fresh ideas that Hairy comm can throw at us It has never failed to surprise. Hairy 17/18, we’re all so stoked!

Well, there you have it folks - there’s sure a lot to look forward to this coming Thursday. See you there!

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