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KR Open Day 2018: Kent Ridge Airlines

The annual NUS Open Day returned this year with not just a bang, but a bangin’ KR Open Day Booth built from scratch by HPB 17/18! Our theme this year was “Kent Ridge Airlines”, modelled after the concept of the Kent Ridge experience being a journey in its entirety (check out the promotional video here!). The KR Day Open Booth definitely stood out on Open Day with the #JointheKRew banner flying high and the interior of a tech-savvy airplane on display.

Notably, there was a TV screen installed in one of the panels showcasing all the signature videos of KR from batches ago till date. The airplane seats were also fixed with iPads for easy scrolling between photos, and the seats themselves were usable! Instead of the conventional goodie bags (which many people empty and throw away ASAP), HPB also gave out airplane tickets promoting our engagement camp, Camp Blue Blood 2018.

From 9am to 5pm, the committee worked hard to persuade incoming freshmen (and their parents) to come to KR and sold the hall as best as they could. However, their sole efforts were not the draw of the booth. So many other Kent Ridgeans made time on a Saturday to come down and promote Kent Ridge as well, waving KR-themed boards around uTown (for which HPB is so grateful!) and bringing people to the booth. You’ve probably seen some of them on social media “hustling hard”! Some great examples include:

All in all, it was a great success with lots of good feedback from the public. KR Open Day would not have been possible without the help of the hall, and the support was truly heartwarming.

Written by Grace Lee and Kenny Lee

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