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WelKRome Back: Get Updated On The KR Lingo

Hello Seniors and Freshmen! Hope you’re still alive after the first 3 weeks of school. WelKRome back to KR - the land of fun, laughter, and a load of bad, KRingey puns. It’s another exciting academic year for you to discover yourself, meet new people (and snakes), and wreck the bell curve to maintain that CAP 5!

For those who are fresh to the KR culture or have just returned from NOC/exchange, here are 10 useful words/phrases to get you up to speed with the KRew.

1. Juuusss

verb. just kidding, (or maybe not really)

Usually used in banter to lighten the mood and prevent hard feelings. Though used to indicate that statements prior to it were jokes and just for the lulz, it often suggests a hint of underlying truth which everyone silently acknowledges.

The right way to say juuusss: (creds to @leongkyyy)

“Eh just now the exam damn easy sia.” “Easy like u?” “...” “Juuuss”

2. Hustle

verb/noun. work hard but b cool at the same time

Let’s face it - no one calls that weird smart alec in class who class parts all the time, a “hustler”. You gotta work hard, while stayin high on the cool meter + get featured on instastories before you can be considered #hustlin.

Wanna know if you’re hustlin hard enough?

Heard there were real hustlers on EBlk 4th floor last time, but their last post on insta was in April…. These guys lost their hustle alr? Juuuss.

3. Clutch

adj. able to perform under pressure

We all have those moments when we submit an assignment at 11.59PM, score a last minute goal (not applicable to Bene), or catch the leaving D1. Next time you document these small victories on social media, try adding the word “clutch” for elevated hype-ness.

“Wah bro, woke up late and managed to reach my class at MRB in 2 minutes. Mad clutch sia.”

4. If girl…

This is used to describe a scenario that would play out differently if it involved a guy instead of a girl. Usually indicating that the guy receiving this phrase gives girls preferential treatment.

Guy A: “Eh want go Co-op with me?”

Guy B: “Lazy lah… got a lot of work to do also.”

Girl A: “Eh want go Co-op with me?”

Guy B: “Ok let’s go! Wait I take my car from I3, drive you there!”

Guy A: “If girl, you go, if guy…”

5. World

adj. used to describe a person who is bullshitting/talking nonsense

You can’t go through life without meeting people who love to talk cock. Half of the time, you find it hard to decide if they’re being serious or not. Stun them mid-bullshitting by describing them as “world”.

“Eh sorry I cannot go training today… need to help my maid buy some groceries.”

“Wah this guy world uh.”

6. Tilt

verb. cause an extremely negative emotion/annoy

Got a bad groupmate? Tilt. Got your stuff stolen from the pantry? Tilt. Found a caterpillar in your dinner? Major tilt.

“Sian, kena news headlines… damn tilted”.

7. Skipz

verb. quite literally meaning, “skip”

Commoners use “skip”, Kent Ridgeans use “skipz”.

Eg. 1: “Ya’ll going Kanpai tonight?? Think I skipz… gna go RR study.”

Eg. 2: “Eh we vote Bene for Mr B Blk next year?” “Huh Bene??! Skipz la”

8. Sus

adj. Short for “suspicious”

Used to express suspicion when something does not seem quite right, or when foul play is suspected. Or to describe a dodgy person with questionable intentions.

9. Phantom

verb/noun. rarely seen creature; signs of its presence include a 24/7 closed door

Not sure if they even exist. Some say Phantoms are a myth like the Loch Ness Monster. Others report sightings in the toilets and dining hall

“Eh don’t phantom la… come for blk dinner?” - blk comm to a closed door

10. Class

adj. short form for “classy”, or simply, “good”

For that friend who’s always saving your ass; printing notes for you, signing your attendance when you pon tutorials, and winging you with your EC, “class” would be the most appropriate word of praise.

Or that friend who’s just “damn nice”, helping you dabao breakfast everyday? Pure class.

“Eh thanks for hiding my air humidifier. Class ah bro!”

Useful VoKRabulary

Now that you’re equipped with the necessary phrases and lingo, go forth and flaunt your colourful voKRabulary to the world!!!!

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