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Hall Life In A Sentence

What exactly, is this “hall life” that uni kids talk about? Some might assume that it’s all about the unbridled freedom and havoc-wreaking nights. Others might just see it as a convenient place to crash on school nights. But only those who have experienced this “hall life” will truly appreciate the little things that come along with it.

Sixteen Kent Ridgeans, freshies to FYFs (and even alumni), were tasked to describe their Kent Ridge hall experience in one sentence. Regardless of whether you’ve been here for a month or four years, these are some things that we can all relate to.

Hall life is…

“3am suppers and late night talks” - Heather Chen, A Blk, Freshie

“Waking up to “can tap me in?” in block chats every night” - Darryl Seow, A Blk, Freshie

“Knowing how long your neighbours ignore their alarm.” - Megan Chan, B Block, Freshie

“Bad acapella in the shower with your neighbours” - Emma Lee, B Blk, 3rd Year

“When you have 8am sectionals the next morning but you still choose to chill with your neighbours at 3am.” - Bene Yeo, B Blk, FYF

“Cheering even if you don’t like the performance.” - Jun Jie, B Blk, Alumni

“Continuously planning to eat breakfast with your floormates but never waking up early enough for breakfast.” - Raymond Handoko, C Blk, Freshie

“Shorts and slippers for lecture.” - Yit Cheng, C Blk, Freshie

“When you sleep 12 hours and complain there isn’t enough time to study.” - Jin Tat, C Blk, 2nd Year

“Knowing your missing items are probably in one of your neighbours room :)” - Fion Lim, C Blk, FYF

“Walking past people in their towel after showering” - Liwen, C Blk, FYF

“Girls screaming at 2AM because there’s a cockroach.” - Shanna Mun, D Blk, Freshie

“Knowing where your neighbours are just by looking at their missing shoes” - Melissa Boey, D Blk, 2nd Year

“Memorizing Ameens number.” - Natasha Lau, D Blk, 2nd Year

“Sharing your coffee and detergent with the whole floor” - Zhao Wei, E Blk, Freshie

“No matter how much u flirt with the breakfast aunty she will still rage at you” - Farhan, E Blk, 3rd Year, MR KR 2017

The small things

From breakfasts (or the planning of), to knowing exactly what your neighbours are doing, it's all the little things we hardly notice everyday,which makes hall life, hall life.

What is hall life to you?

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