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Halloween KRorror Nights

Boo! Welcome to the impending month of October- The gates of Hell have just closed for our Chinese ghosts but things have barely started for our Western poltergeists and demons. With Halloween around the corner, tales of spooks and horror come floating around. However, unknown to most, there is no need to get an expensive ticket to Halloween Horror Nights at USS when KR houses our own ghastly beings. For the first time ever, we are publicly discussing the stories that have only been disclosed behind closed doors. For all you freshies that don’t know yet, Kent Ridge Hall E Blk is known to be haunted. There has been stories passing around of a Valak demon haunting E blk’s residents (to be more specific, it seems to have a liking for Renee Leong (@reneebeb)). On random occasions, but mostly near the Halloween period, you would hear screams coming from Renee Leong. Often dismissed as just a joke by the rest of us, we should not doubt the concerns of a HPB Chairman as just timid-ness and wild imagination. Calls for an exorcism have been reported- and perhaps we will cover this activity when it happens. Another urban legend that exists is that of the friendly ghost haunting 7th floor of E BLK. Now, 7th floor has been host to a number of weird and spooky activities- from creepy perverted floating camera phones in Bathroom cubicles to loud Electronic Dance Music blasting to the speed of Supernatural Electromagnetic fields, the stories are endless. However, this urban legend is real and personally felt by yours truly.


Ghostbuster devices are played here every night

The infamous toilet of spy cameras After moving in to the 7th floor and taking over a special room, I have often awakened to the sound of my door knocking only to see nothing upon checking the corridors. Footsteps are heard walking to the toilet but no visible signs of human activity are seen. Water taps turn on by themselves and the most horrifying of all- Pee and curly hair follicles appear on the toilet bowl one too many times. When the innocent residents of 7th floor enquire about the weird pee and hair appearing on the toilet bowl, the blk chat does not respond. Just what kind of creature has been occupying the toilet? Toilet issues aside, it is no secret that the floor is a boys floor. However, on unlucky ( or you could call it lucky ;) ) occasions, one would sometimes see long haired females dashing in and out of rooms. Sometimes, on closer observation, you would see no shadows appearing from these “females”, but our lustful residents would be so blinded by their lust that they don’t realize just what or who they are bringing into their rooms.

I’ve seen unidentified female(s) in this room

Eww…This ghost has no manners

Lucky for me, my room is guarded with lucky “burning sticks” and my neighbor Nico Mario has stacks of bottles of NCF so poisonous that it repels any spirit from harming us. Besides, if any spirits do try to harm us, Nico will be sure to bounce them out for nobody is allowed to Jew from his territories (Avry, Wan, NCF, 7th floor, Reading Room). If anyone has any spooky stories of their own, feel free to email in and we will spread the story to protect each other!

This article is brought to you by the Fake News Fridays team. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales, and incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

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