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Which Type Of KRBFF Are You?

The time has come yet again, the highly hyped about KRBFF game. In this KRaticle, we are going to explore the different types of KRBFFs that we have encountered this year.

1. The Busy BFF

The BFF that is has many other commitments and is thus unable to commit to his/her BFF.

E Block: Yong Jie

This BFF is the chairperson of EEC and is so busy that he did not even have time to slip on a shirt when his BFF came up to his door to give him the first welfare of the game.

2. The Sugar Mummy BFF

The BFF that spoils her BFF with endless welfare and treats *wink wink*

A Block: Min Kwok

This BFF invited her BFF’s entire group of friends to her house twice, once for BBQ and once for MOOKATA. All expenses were paid by her. She even went to really great lengths to purchase a cotton candy machine to make cotton candy for him. Legend has it that Jeremy doesn’t have to pay his school fees anymore.

3. The Lazy BFF

The BFF that is lazy.

D Block: Ding Xuan

This BFF may have ran out of shits to give since he was a baby. Rumour has it he once told his unfortunate BFF, “Let me know when your floor has only 2 undone doors left. I’ll do your door then.” His BFF mentioned that he may have intentionally avoided calling her by her name as she suspects he forgot her name.

4. The ‘when you try your best but you don’t succeed’ BFF

This BFF tries his/her best to be a good BFF. However, artistic talent and luck may not be on their side and things/door decor doesn’t go their way

B Block: Jabez

This BFF tried to show that he has the potential to win best BFF. He transformed Jazzminion’s door into one that could be the dream door of young preteens. With its bright pink background and shining fairy lights, the door was super eye-catching. In an unfortunate twist of events, all the fairy lights he put up fell to the ground and all his blood sweat and tears went to waste.

5. The “so sweet it can give you diabetes” BFF

This BFF is sweeter than sugar itself.

This BFF has single-handedly changed the whole bell curve of the BFF game; her exceptional efforts puts to every individual in the hall to shame. Legend has it that her BFF was a saint in his previous life, to have encountered Wei Han as his BFF. Wei Han prepared chocolates for him, attached to each chocolate is a note. This amount of unconditional effort is something that every KR resident should strive for.

6. The “both attached” BFF

Who needs BFFs if you have a BF/GF?

“Roses are red, Violets are blue, we have doors but let’s not do.” This new breed of BFFs (Mr Jess and Ms Chyi) have made consensus early on to completely ignore the game. The barren doors in C block and A block can either be seen as both parties being lazy or insanely respectful to their attached pair.

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