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The Complete Room Arrangement Guide

“The right room arrangement” has been a furiously debated (or maybe just discussed) topic amongst residents for as long as our FYFs can remember. The freedom to customise our room layouts and the number of variables to consider can be real confounders. “Should I do that?” “Wah his room look damn nice” “Omg got so much space.” Today we shall attempt to put this debate to rest (or maybe just make it worse) by giving our best breakdown of the pros and cons of the different arrangements.

The Default

The one that greeted you when you first checked in. Also the one where you are too lazy to do anything about your room arrangement. With the shelf conveniently blocking you, even with the doors open you are still granted the privacy to do what you want on your bed…… sus. It also allows you to escape dinner jios if you ball up well enough. Sorry block comm. Privacy aside, if you are a messy person you are also given maximum table space to misplace your stuff. However, on nights where you want to chill with your friends, chances are they will have to put their dirty butts on your bed.

Pro Tip: One thing you can try is moving your shelf to the window side. It is a less antisocial arrangement and also makes your room look a little bigger. But fengshui master Aren See says that this is the “coffin arrangement” so maybe you shouldn’t.

The Crowd Favourite

The perpendicular arrangement. The one that makes your room look like it has a lot of space and allows you to “study” on your bed. Very ideal if you have a screen in your room as well. This arrangement certainly looks more welcoming and your friends can sit in a circle on your floor to talk cock and drink... coffee.

However, the downside of this arrangement is that it cuts your tablespace almost by half. And let’s be honest, having your bed in your field of vision while you study isn’t exactly a huge source of motivation. Let’s not get to studying on your bed because we all know what happens after 30 minutes.

Pro Tip: The gap between your bed and the window takes up quite a bit space so one thing that can be done is to flush your table and bed towards the window. This will make your room look even more spacious. The eventual gap formed between your cupboard and table can be filled with a laundry basket or your bed shelf! Take note not to demolish the table while shifting it because it is surprisingly flimsy (happened to me before see below thx Kyeong Jae). Also be ready for surprises when you pull your table out because you confirm will find some food wrapper or wildlife.

The Office

For the more work oriented ones who take “work from home” a little more seriously, you can even arrange your room to look like an actual office! This arrangement is only possible with the corner rooms of short wing though. Talk about work life balance. Maybe it is good fengshui to face the door while you study? Idk this one must check with Aren.

The Verdict:

We were going to conclude that the ideal room arrangement depends on whether your room is a place for work or a place for rest, but we realised that our rooms actually mean a lot more to us than just that. Because beyond just work and sleep, it is a place where some of the best friendships are forged, where the funniest memories are made, and ultimately a place we call home. Maybe the debate has always existed because home is something we all feel so strongly about. That aside, for those that are still undecided on their rooms, we hope we have helped in one way or another or were just able to offer a fresh perspective.

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