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KRazy Rich Kent Ridgeans

Crazy Rich Asians was hailed as a huge step forward for asians, even touted as the “Asian Black Panther” for featuring an all-asian cast. With the inclusion of Singaporean “stars” such Pierre Rice and Fiona Thanks, it was a really proud and heartwarming for most Singaporeans who saw our tiny island represented on the big screen. But peering past the smoke and mirrors of patriotism, what we were really more intrigued with was the portrayal of these “crazy rich asians” — How crazy, rich and asian are these affluents really? Do they even exist? More importantly, could they be in our midst? We had to find out.

After some sleuthing and research, we uncovered some of our very own KRazy Rich Asians living amongst us in the slums of Kent Ridge Hall. (Or maybe they are just KRazy… who knows)

1. Kent Ridge Hall’s very own MUJI store?

Quaint. Homely. Magical. That is probably how you feel when you enter the MUJI shop front. But, did you know that someone actually owns his MUJI store right here in KR? KRazy!

Look at the comparison between the two images, I can barely tell the difference... It is rumoured that the owner of this room is the grandson of the aunt of the cousin of the founder of MUJI. Honestly though, look at that set up, those details, them arrangements, it must have been the work of a KRazy rich Kent Ridgean(‘s manual labourers and slaves, which he probably feeds only MUJI food products!!! P.S. where can I sign up?). I mean, who else could it have been am I right? Do you know who this KRazy Rich Kent Ridgean is? F

2. Fit for a Queen

This KRazy Rich Kentridgean takes pampering herself to a whole new level. To her, normal cotton sheets are too rough on her soft delicate skin and she is unfortunately unable to even bring herself to sit on them. The only bed sheets that are worthy enough for her to sleep on are made up of 100% silk and they are as smooth as a baby’s buttocks.

All her expensive skin care products must be kept chill in her very own skincare fridge. Rumour has it that she refuses to use any skin care products that are room temperature as she believes using them will irritate her precious skin.

She is also a huge caffeine addict. Hence, she bought herself her own coffee machine so that she can enjoy a warm steamy cup of coffee every morning.

3. The Hustlers

These KRazy Rich Asians have been spotted hustling hard in group chats, on instagram and even with our hall master himself. You’ve probably seen this ad pop up a few times whilst scrolling through Instagram….

Rich and famous?

Besides snaking, I mean helping, people to sign up for python programming courses (hit them up if you’re interested!), these KRazy Rich Kentridgeans can often be found at their favourite late night supper spots. While peasants like us head to supper stretch for that $4.50 Fongseng (maybe with an extra cup of iced milo if we’re feeling rich), these KRKR are out hitting those midnight hotpot spots — BIAP. HDL. You name it, they’re there. Rumour has it that one of them gives up their matric number for dinner almost every day so other hungry broke residents can get an extra free meal, talk about giving back to society.

With all that KRaziness in KR, do you know any other KRazy Rich Kent Ridgeans living amongst you? Well… Don’t tell us. Don’t tell others. Be their friend. Let it be your little secret. I’m sure they have more than enough money to spare ;)

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