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KrangeR Things Coming Your Way

Hello Kent Ridgeans! Spotted any ‘KrangeR Things’ around hall lately? Hope you did because SRU 18/19 is proud to present KR NIGHT CYCLING 2018 – ‘KrangeR Things’! To all the freshies out there, don’t know what night cycling is all about? Don’t know whether you should sign up? I gotchu fam. Here 3 MYTHS about night cycling, 2 things you'll need for this insane adventure, and 1 thing you should do for night cycling!

Before we start, check out this sick promo vid:

3 Myths about Night Cycling:

1. You need to know how to cycle to participate in Night Cycling.

This is not true! A picture speaks a thousand words so refer to the following images:

Here we have specimen 1: Our very own Mr KR!

You can always tandem with that good buddy of yours, and our very own Mr KR has definitely proven that you don’t need to know how to cycle to become Mr KR... I mean participate in Night Cycling! ☺

Specimen 2:

Think tandem bikes aren't fun? Check out this pic and think again. Low quality picture but high quality fun! So don’t be scared because there’s always something for everyone at KR Night Cycling. You could even use this as an excuse to ask that chiobu/cute guy out for a wholesome night ;-)

2. It is too tiring and you need to be fit in order to join Night Cycling.

Definitely not true! Yes you will be burning off lots of calories while riding through the night and having fun, but your tummies will not be left out! Who needs to be fit when you have food right? I mean, there’s food everywhere……….. look at all these happy faces and happy tummies.

3. There’s only cycling during Night Cycling (er duh?)

Contrary to popular belief, as you can see from the image above, it’s not all about cycling! There’s food and fun, and the picturesque sunrise. It’s not the same every year, so you have to sign up to find out what’s different!

2 Things you need for Night Cycling:

  1. A small bag! This is definitely a must to store your necessities like your water bottle, poncho, cap etc.

  2. Out of everything you need to bring, a power bank/portable charger is the most important because you’ll be busy taking Instastories (mainly this) and taking Instaworthy pictures (KR Photocomm has got you covered) all night long and you wouldn’t want your phone to die on you!

1 Thing you should do for Night Cycling:


See you at KR Night Cycling 2018 – ‘KrangeR Things’!

© Photos courtesy of KR Photocomm

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