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An Unforgettable Culture Night

If you weren’t in the half of Kent Ridge performing or the other half in the audience at Culture Night on October 24, you certainly missed out. Culture Night was a night of entertaining and boundless talent, fueled with booths by the different committees selling bouquets (even food bouquets) that made perfect gifts for performing friends.

The annual talent showcase featured KR Steppers, KR Dance, Acapella, Choir, Rockers, Inspire, and for the first time ever, KRemix, our very own DJ group initiated by DJ Bandung (Dylan Loo) and DJ Farmosa (Farhan Angullia). Each item was full of energy and looked spectacular being set against the paint splatter ‘Culture Night’ Banner. Of course, the performances wouldn’t be the same without the support of the enthusiastic crowd.

The night kicked off with KRemix’s Alex Ng, or rather, DJ WhoTheKyng. For someone who has only been turning the knobs of a controller for just a few months, he has certainly picked up the art of music mixing, impressing the crowd with his set that wrapped up with one of our Post Malone favourites, Better.

KR Steppers entered like an army. Honestly, who knew there were so many of them? There’s no act that could offer such an energetic performance like Steppers, with the flyers in cute little bows charming us with their flexibility and the guys defying gravity with their consecutive flips. There's no doubt that an insane amount of training was put into the execution of such a bedazzling performance.

Acapella One was next, all decked in shades of red, as they grooved to a cover of Moves Like Jagger.

Next up was Inspire, and not only do they have awesome vocals, but they also have songwriting skills up in their pocket too. Their melodic three-part item consisted of an original named Midnight, You Got A Friend In Me, and another original, Fighter.

We did not have enough of Acapella! The second group came on up to perform a classic Michael Jackson song, Man In The Mirror. It opened with lead vocals that not all of us identify with till Joshua Chin walked through the crowd to join the rest of his team.

The crowd couldn’t wait any longer for KR Dance. The first piece was a moving contemporary dance that was augmented by their convincing solemn faces. Their emotions were amplified further with effortless movements, with each dancer pouring their heart and soul into every turn and jump, making the whole piece absolutely seamless.

Dance was followed by Acapella Three who belted out our favourite song of the season, New Rules. The group sang it their style, giving it a little dark and spooky element (perhaps coinciding with Halloween?). Yes, their dance moves were awkward, and Howe admitted it himself, but it was intended to make us laugh as they sang.

KR Dance came back again with a hip hop item. The cool dancers donned camo greens, and danced with an attitude to Charli XCX’s Fancy. The energy was palpable, and peaked when the song transitioned into a trap remix of Humble.

The second last act was none other than KR Choir. The harmonious team sang to the beat of their new conductor Ms Lee. Nicole opens with her soothing vocals while Yu Qi wowed us when she sang her solo with her angelic vocals. The second piece they sang was This Is Me, which gave us major throwback feels to the best musical film of 2017.

The fun-filled Culture Night wrapped up with Rockers. We could really feel their passion in every song they performed, including When You Were Young, Sunday Morning, Creep, and the classic song that all of us sang to - Jet Lag. It was such an invigorating set, making us look forward to more exhilarating performances together with the rest of Culture groups at upcoming hall events.

Photo credits: KR Photocomm // Shiuen Yen

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