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KrangeR Things: Behind The Scenes

Hello KR! ‘KrangeR Things’ is right around the corner - hope you’ve signed up because it’s going to be litmus christmas! In the lead up to Night Cycling, we have with us today some SRU members who have been working hard to bring you an amazing event you will never forget. Take some time to understand what they have done and why this event means so much to them, and how it could mean a lot to you too!

1. Ankita (D Blk) - SRU Publicity IC

First up we have a freshie from D blk, Ankita who is also the Publicity IC for SRU!

Q: How is the experience so far for you in planning for night cycling?

A: It was an interesting experience because it was my first time planning a cycling event which involved many participants. As I was under the subcomm of publicity, my work was mainly centred around brainstorming for ideas for the posters, stickers, t-shirt and publicity video. It was fun trying to experiment between different poster and sticker ideas, different fonts (trying out the stranger things theme for our posters and shirt) and planning the scenes of the SRU video that would excite our fellow KR residents the most.

Sounds like the team has been working hard to bring you amazing publicity materials. Do look out for the exclusive Night Cycling x KrangeR Things stickers coming your way!

2. Daniel Lee (B Blk) - Block Night Cycling IC

Next up, we have the cool Daniel who is B Block’s IC for Night Cycling!

Q: What do you think is the highlight of night cycling?

A: Highlight will be watching the sunrise with your block mates! Not much has to be said when the event is going to speak for itself, so I hope you’re excited!

3. Sam P (D Blk) - SRU Logs team

Following, we have a Year 3 member, Sam P, from D Blk, a member of the Logs team.

Q: How has logistics been to you so far?

A: Pretty chill! Less work than I expected lol hopefully things go smoothly during the actual event as well

The logs team has definitely been working hard to bring together all the materials and equipments needed for a smooth night cycling. Even though Sam P thinks it’s pretty chill, I’m sure he’s just being humble ;)

4. Anonymous FYF

Next up we have an anonymous FYF who is either too cool or too shy for the editorial, which shall be left unnamed.

Q: As an FYF, how has night cycling changed since the time you were a freshie? What has changed and what has not?

A: My first year was all about Cycling, over the years the Cycling became lesser and lesser and there were more activities to engage in and have fun.

That is some wisdom right there from an FYF that has participated in Night Cycling over the past 3 years, making it the 4th this year. Times sure have changed and if you’re joining us for Night Cycling this Friday, you are in for a treat then!

5. Zann Lim (E Blk) - FYF

Q: What does night cycling mean to you?

A: Never skipped a single night cycling (recce included)! like how we all have blk outings etc, it’s like a mass hall outing to me!!

That is commitment right there, I’m sure the quantity of participation is a testament to how fun night cycling would be :)

6. Han Yi (A Blk) - SRU ex-chair

Q: What is your most favourite part of night cycling?

A: I actually like every single part HAHAHA you will be fed well and you can eat without guilt because you think you will be cycling the calories away. The cycling part is fun too because the scenery changes (until your ass starts to hurt). And the carnival!!! Only fools will pass on the games and prize exchange!!! and more food

Q: Why should Kent Ridgeans look forward to for night cycling?

A: It’s a night of endless possibilities. Eating? Check. Physical activity? Check. Block bonding? Check. There’s even karaoke on wheels. And… maybe even the budding of true love…?

Ex-SRU chair is sharing some wisdom right there, and it is only your loss if you ignore!

7. Rachel (C Blk) - SRU Co-chair

Next up, one of our two big bosses, Rachel, from C Blk who is the Co-Chair of SRU!

Q: What do you think is the highlight of night cycling?

A: Just cycling with your friends/block!! SAY REAL it's even more fun than it sounds!!! and the carnival at the end where there are ATTRACTIVE prizes to be won!!! So do stay till the end to indulge in some classic carnival food (hint: burgers) and the best part is, you don't have to feel guilty about it bc you would've cycled like 1000000km before that!!!! YAY also make your 25$ worth ah just stay and play, eat free food and win prizes BEST DEAL!!!!!

8. Nicole (D Blk) - SRU Co-chair

Last but not least, the other of our two big bosses, Nicole, from D Blk, who is also the Co-Chair of SRU!

Q: What was the most memorable part of night cycling for you previously?

A: Because I was in SRU last year, the most memorable part was probably the planning of the event as the seniors made it a lot more fun by bantering and teasing one another! For the event itself, it would probably have to be the carnival!! You could see a lot of people getting real excited to play the games and trying to coax the station master into giving him/her more tokens to win the prizes! The atmosphere was buzzing and everybody was really immersed!

With all of that being said, thank you for following us to the end of this interview. We hope that you’re as excited for Night Cycling 2018 as we are!! See you there for a night that promises to turn your night Upside Down (in a great way)!

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