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MTV KRibs: Kent Ridge Hall’s Most InKRedible Rooms

Moving into hall as a freshie may be daunting for many.

“Eee the room clean or not?” “Wa the bed like not comfortable leh” “Huh the room so small?” “No aircon? Later so hot how?” “Is there space to bring my maid?”

These concerns may be common for many who move in for the first time, but little do they know how much of a home KR has become for many of its residents – much more so for certain residents than others. Here's an exclusive insider’s scoop on Kent Ridge Hall and its Most InKRedible rooms.

1. C-tylo Milo

C-liding in with C-tyle from C Block’s first floor, we have Jin Tat and Davis! Not much needs to be said about these rooms. Complete with hipster, rugged steel shoe-shelves and even CURTAINS (honestly who likes operating the blinds right), these rooms certainly give off some of the best personalized, cosy-vibes in KR.

2. KRolden Village Theatres

Next, it seems that even in KR, boys will be boys, and it is hard to get rid of the age-old primal instinct of comparing who has more inches. In B Block, two boys have proven that regardless of whether you’re a freshie or an FYF, size simply does matter. C Block also boasts its own strength in length, and even changes the playing field with a curved unit! Let’s welcome the contenders for Kent Ridge Hall’s KRolden Village Theatres, Jeramyn, Jabez, and Andre! Be it to play FIFA, or to view certain programmes in the dead of the night with your door locked, these massive screens are sure to give you the full IMAX experience.

3. Mao’s Beachfront Villa

B Block’s 7th Floor brings us the next RoofTopBB’s room which boasts a sea-view, sea breeze, and lots of sea shells. As the Chair of the Environmental Committee, Mao is the proud owner of a room inspired by nature and the great outdoors. Other than her collection of sea shells and dream catchers which she dangles with much pride, Mao would like everyone to notice the flora and fauna that her room boasts, in the form of her bedside plants, as well as (most importantly) Chippy, her chipmunk, whom she has personally requested I feature. Yay Chippy!

4. Ritz-KRarlton?

Our next feature could very well be a suite straight out of Ritz-KRarlton, complete with housekeeping. Meet Kendrick from D Block, with a room so perfect, some residents suspect Kendrick might be harbouring a housekeeping maid in one of his cabinets, because honestly, how can someone stay in a room and keep it this perfect?! Personal wooden chair and shelf? Check. Ritz-KRarlton-standard rolled up towels? Check. Impeccably arranged toiletries and decoratory plants? Check. With this level of attention to detail and perfection, it is hard to decide if Kendrick’s room is more of a perfectly maintained 5-star hotel room, or an untouched Ikea showroom.

5. ...I have no words…

In some manner of saving the best for last, this last room was so damn inKRedible that its emergence delayed the submission of this entire article, as I couldn’t possibly submit an article without the single most inKRedible room in KR (at least to my knowledge). This penthouse suite is perched at the rooftop of B Block, and certainly dares to be different. Walking into Vanessa’s room, the first thing you would notice would be that the floor isn’t even tiled! Continue in and you’d be greeted by a huge bush of flowers (yes the bush is inside her room), followed by a painted canvas hung up on the wall, lit by customized lighting. The décor in this room is spot on, and I daresay you’ve never thought a room in KR could look quite like this. You’ll just have to see it to believe it.

6. Hoarders

Of course, balance must be maintained in the world, and there can’t possibly be so many rooms this aesthetic without the presence of rooms on the other end of the spectrum. The next two no-so-proud room owners have managed to wow and amaze their neighbours at how homely their rooms are – that is, a home straight out of an episode of Hoarders.

Although she claims that her room no longer looks like that, and is in fact “damn clean now”, we bring you the not-so-organised mess of a room belonging to B Block 7th Floor’s favourite international student, Crystal Chan! While Moses was able to part the Red Sea allowing an entire nation of Israelites to walk through, even he would have found it challenging to walk through the chaos that is Chan’s room. Floor space, table space, bed space, and any space in general is a rare commodity in this room. While some of you may look up to the PhotoComm Chair for her photography skills, I certainly hope nobody aspires to achieve this level of mayhem in one room.

For most of us here, KR has become our second (or even first) home. For some, a simple scented diffuser makes all the difference, and for others, full blown room-makeovers are a bare necessity. Kudos to those who have put in mad effort to create a room that leaves an impression (no not you Chan and Sze Min), but at the end of the day, a room is only as much of a home as you make it to be. So have it your way! Just as long as it remains humanly habitable of course.

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