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KRambridge Dictionary

Greetings, you RAMBUNCTIOUS lot! There has been massive feedback about the lack of explanation with regards to the influx of new vocabulary in Kent Ridge Hall. Below are the words that made it to the KRambridge Dictionary, together with their long-awaited explanations and various usages for these terms.

1. Eh, Cheers /eɪ, tʃɪəz/


This salutation indicates the well wishes by one party to the other, especially common amongst aspiring (Cheers) convenience store cashiers. This term can also be doubled up as an exclamation when something interesting happens.

2. Wholesome

/ ˈhəʊls(ə)m/


This term is usually used to describe by the person himself/herself. Often used by delusional individuals, their point is that just because they choose to not indulge in alcohol for one night, it qualifies them to more “whole” than others and they will definitely be going to heaven. Congratulations to you lot!

Boy: Sorry man, I not drinking tonight. I wholesome.

3. Snacc



Used to describe attractive male and females alike, this superficial term is one of the top compliments that one human being can give another. Additional Cs can be added to the back of the word to intensify the snacciness of the individual.

Girl: WOW BABE, your top makes you look like a SNACC!

4. Pink Truth /pɪŋk truːθ/


An expression used to emphasise the honesty of an event/object. Originally seen on Adrian Gabriel Paraiso Espina’s Instagram story, this term initially gained its recognition over the confounding use of the adjective “pink” over a certain dish.

Since then, this term gained traction as one of the less intelligent synonyms of “honest”.

The term “pink”, originally known to many as a colour, also has a utility that the layman cannot fathom; terms such as “pink cheers” are simply fodder words meant to façade a complexity which the user is usually not capable of.

Boy: Eh I heard Kent Ridge is a family hall

Girl: Pink Truth!

5. Apple JuUus

/ˈap(ə)l dʒuːs/


This homophone of “apple juice” was first used by Freddy, meaning to add an accent of comedy and light heartedness behind a statement. An earlier article in KRonicles introduced the term “juuuus” as means of saying “just joking”, this upgraded and more complex form of the term is seen as a revolutionary step for the English language.

Freddy: Eh bro you damn buff Huat: Eh thanks! Freddy: Apple JuUus! Huat: D:

6. Rancid


noun, verb, adjective

Most have heard of this term, which was initially used to describe something that has an unpleasant smell or taste. However, this term is now remodelled into a staple for NUS students. This term can now be used in various forms, usually to describe anything with a negative connotation.

Bro 1: Hey bro, how was last night! Bro 2: Wa DAMN RANCID

7. Snooze


adjective, verb

Used to describe the lack of enthusiasm or interest for a certain subject. It can also be used to describe lacklustre performance or a slow progress.

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