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Local Cooking Star Lee Gao Wei

What’s cookin’, good lookin’? Local cooking star Lee Gao Wei aka Zack has recently gained the media’s attention with his exceptional cooking, as well as his renowned commentary on the dishes that he whips up in the AB2F pantry. Inspired by Youtube channel TasteMade, Kent Ridge’s Mr Popular is cooking up a storm in the Kent Ridge residence.

Dish 1: Minced Beef Burger

As the name of the dish describes, this speciality of Zack’s involves simple and cheap ingredients but a high level of skill. First, he leaves an onion to fry on a saute pan for a timespan of the waiting time of a Dota match (3 minutes), then, he adds the minced meat into the aromatic pot until the meat shows a robust grey colour.

The teenage heartthrob then adds his special touch to the mundane dish. From the east, he may choose to drizzle the meat with the sauce found in popular fast food chain tori-q, to add a touch of Japanese to the beef. From the west, he may choose to stack up on layers of melting cheese to really bring out the luscious texture of the beef.

He then slaps on two slices of wholemeal bread to complete the burger, giving FatBoys a run for their money.

Dish 2: Swedish Meatball Spaghetti

This dish is Zack’s go-to when he feels particularly frisky. He descends the spaghetti into boiling water, to soothe out the tension in each strand, leaving behind a cascading flow of spaghetti. He then layers the spaghetti with Prego spaghetti sauce, to make sure that it brings out both the serene herbs and the tangy tomato sauce. A playful mixture for a playful boy.

For a character like Gao Wei, he requires no less than five perfect meatballs to match his vigour. Five strong and rich beef meatballs are thrown into the mix, giving every bite a snacky surprise.

The charming chef then sprinkles the dish with cheddar cheese, giving the mix a lovely thickness that swoons ladies and gents alike. The dish then reveals an unapologetic mix of red and yellow, with portions fit for kings.

Dish 3: Beef Magee

Zack has scored a lucky girl Rowena. Befitting the more grandeur occasions, Zack purchases handsome portions of beef from Pudge the Butcher, where he cooks them to the perfect balance of medium rare. To test the rarity of the steak, he sinks a blunt spoon into the heart of the cow, exuding an amalgamation of salty and sweet, bringing justice to the slaughtered cow.

A few words from A block head Kwok Kah Onn who also doubles as Zack’s neighbour:

“Gao Wei’s cooking can sometimes be salty. As salty as the few drops of moustache and side burn sweat you often see in his igstories as he eagerly records them.

I want to say that his food brings second floor together but that’s honestly not the case. Most of the time he just steals condiments from my room and then hides in his own room to record even more igstories without offering any to our floor/block.”

Looking forward, Lee Gao Wei speaks out on his ambition to appear on famous TV-Shows Ellen Degenerate and Oprah Winston Reds. It was my honour to be interviewing a man of such eminence at the infancy of his career.

KReporters wish Lee Gao Wei all the best in his future endeavours.

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