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Making Valentine’s Great Again: 5 Things YOU Can Do To Spice Up This Valentine’s Day

Ah, once again we find ourselves closing in on the 14th of February - delightful for some, disastrous for others. Now before you hurry along to make the usual plans for dinner and a movie and a “one-thing-led-to-another”, how about spicing up your Valentine’s Day with some Kent Ridge Vibes? Whether you’re attached, dating, or single as a pringle, here are 5 ideas you can use to make Valentine’s Day great again, or really just get it over with.

1. Romantic Rooftop Dinner

Nothing spells romance better than dinner with a beautiful view, just as the sun sets over the horizon, painting the sky like a magnificent canvas of ombre hues. So cancel your expensive dinner reservations at fully booked, overcrowded restaurants, and make your way up to our very own block rooftops for an unbeatable al fresco dining experience. All it takes is a little bit of effort to put up some fairy lights, lay out a fancy table cloth and light a couple of scented candles, and you’d be all set. If you aren’t a whiz in the kitchen, and want something special for your special someone, GrabFood and Ameen’s always has your back. Just make sure to plate it beautifully, and don’t forget to chope the rooftop on your block chat! Unless you don’t mind sharing your romantic intimate evening of course.

Now, for those of us without a date to worry about, Valentine’s Day dinner does not need to and SHOULD NOT be spent alone! Our committed block comm members will always be there to shower us with love and jio us for block dinners where we never have to be alone! After all, that’s what family is all about.

2. Hell’s KRitchen

For the couples out there who are up for a little challenge and believe you’re enough of a whiz in the kitchen, why not spice up your romantic rooftop dinner by cooking your own dinner! In the spirit of IHG we’re all about friendly, healthy competition, and what better way to do that than to have a little cook-off with your significant other in a state-of-the-art kitchen right here in Kent Ridge Hall? With Sheng Siong just a couple of bus stops down the road, there’s simply no excuse. After all, nothing tastes better than a meal cooked with love (and a couple of mistakes). If you have no idea what to cook, look no further than KR’s resident chef’s Instagram page @sibeigaowei ! His multilingual cooking videos, complete with recipe instructions and reviews are sure to give you all the inspiration you need.

However, don’t let being single stop you from preparing meals with love and dedication. Studies have shown that there is no better way to pick up a fellow KR resident than free food, and even if it doesn’t work, since when was there anything wrong with a little self-love? That’s right. An extra-full tummy never hurts anyone.

3. Marie KRondo

For those of you unfortunate enough to be seeing someone whose room honestly does not spark joy, Valentine’s Day is your chance to kill two birds with one stone! Give your special someone the most delightful surprise with a clean, tidy room, complete with folded laundry, pressed bedsheets, and a trash bag full of nonsense that does not spark anybody joy. They’re bound to be so surprised at how clean their room is they might not notice all the junk you’ve thrown out. Tough love is still love!

Of course, if you’re single and your room is a mess…that room might just be the problem. Do yourself a favour and do some Marie Kondo-ing - not only could you be a more eligible bachelor(ette), you might just find some extra cash lying around in your clothes as an added bonus!

4. Care Packages/Boxes

Want to save some money but still want to get your significant other a great present? Why not get him/her a box full of Hall essentials! Fill it up with laundry coins, so that they would never have to make the tedious trip down to the coin machine, a topped-up printing card so they never have to borrow someone else’s, and complete the package with some mosquito repellent and baygon to ward off the creepy crawlies lurking in the nook and crannies of our rooms.

For those who are single and proud, don’t fret, a box full of tissues will bring you great joy throughout the night as well ;)

5. Scavenger Hunt

Looking for a way to make this year’s Valentines a memorable one? Organise a one of a kind scavenger hunt around hall to lead him/her to a big surprise! However, make sure that none of your hidden items are blocking the corridor or door, or your friendly RFs will undoubtedly remind you about the importance of fire safety. The best part of this idea is that you can combine it with the other ideas we came up with! Let the clues lead your significant other to an intimate rooftop dinner, or to a care package filled with love and thought. This will definitely be a Valentine like no other.

For the unattached, you can still participate in this by hiding stuff around your room for you to discover! As mentioned, self-love is also important!

With so many ideas to choose from, what are you waiting for? Start your planning and make Valentine’s Day Great Again!!!

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