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Unspoken Heroes of Kent Ridge Hall

Remember that one time you woke up safely on your bed, not really remembering how you got there because you were so #ded the last night? Here are some people who may or may not have selflessly helped you after your pursuit of all that’s fun and games.


Instagram: mradester

Adrian, A211

“Adrian will make sure that he ‘takes care’ of you without [losing it himself]”, says Kah Oon, A block head. How? I guess you’d have to spend a night around Mr Style-To-Watch to find out for yourself.

Instagram: heatherchenjs

Heather, A319

Tired of feeling like crap when you wake up after a long night? Trust Heather to keep you up all night with a wide range of annoyingly cute maomao videos.


Instagram: yinghaoyup

Ying Hao, B309

Rumor has it that Ying Hao cut his head one time trying to bring one of his block mate back. Here’s to the guy who is so busy taking care of others that he sacrifices his own wellbeing. P.S. If you ask him nicely, he may show you a photo of him in his bloody sheets!

Instagram: truthfulbgrocery

“Cause who needs supper stretch when you have truthfulb?” says Ernest, B Block head. However, truthfulb has sadly ceased operations as Emma looks for a new successor to take over): Any takers please comment down below!


Instagram: anuragmarkandu

Anurag, C209

The embodiment of true CIBLING love, Anurag is the guy who will stay up all night to put the whole block to sleep before hitting the hays. When you are too #ded to walk, he will bridal carry you back, no questions asked! Ask Jeslyn Ong.

Rachel Lim, C409

Crowned “The Guardian Of The Cisters” by her very own block head, Jin Tat, Rachel is one who tries very hard to stay sober and help whoever is in need, albeit toh-ing occasionally. Rach, your efforts are greatly appreciated and Jin Tat would like to remind ALL OF YOU to NOT ask her about SEAWEED!


Instagram: quekadoodle

Sherman, D314

While D block head, Izni, commends Sherman for his caring behavior towards his D block Divas, stating that “he would personally make sure that everyone is okay and safe before he even goes on with his night”, Sherman has humbly insisted that Kerwin is the one to go to after a wild night! So who is the true top lad of D block? Divas, leave your vote at the bottom!

Instagram: andreaongboo

Middle, Andrea, D507

The first person I’ve ever witnessed Andrea taken care of is Alicia Chai. And I must say, she amazed me with her patience. Any Dblkers would know how Alicia gets when she comes home from a late night out. “Taking care of Alicia is more tiring than polo training.” says Andrea, but you’d see her tirelessly entertaining and caring for Alicia time and time again. What a lad Andrea!


Instagram: lyeanel

Lionel, E203

Lionel is a man of many tricks. So if you ever feel bloated but don’t want to stop for the night, Lionel is your man. Why?

“Cause fella can teach u how to puke then drink more” – Jamie, E block head.

Melvina, E605

Aside from having to lecture and put crying people to bed after a long night, Mel takes it upon herself to ward off any stray hands trying to dabao any of her Elpacas. The worst was probably having to deal with someone trying to change a litterbox, despite his/her inability to walk straight. Bless you and your patience Mel!

Remember to appreciate these Heroes

While it is impossible to name every single one of these unspoken heroes, here are two of the best from each block, nominated by each block head. That being said, everyone would have a different hero in mind, so remember to give a #shoutout in the comment section to the person who would sleep at 5am for you. This one is for you, Natasha Lau, D607. For all the times someone knocked on your door so that you’ll take care of me, I love you!

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