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Valentines' Day: KR Success Stories

Hello Kent Ridgeans! Valentine’s Day is right around the corner again. Have you ever wondered whether it is really possible to get a bae from KRBFF? If the cute girl or guy who slid into your DMs was really interested in you or that you are just delusional? Or if KR relationships even last because honestly, why are you sh*tting where you eat?!

Look no further! Read on to find out the answers to these burning questions and learn more about how some Kent Ridgeans defy the impossible and land themselves a bae for a life time through different approaches (and generations)!

Yin Jia & Kia Wei

The first Krouple met in 2015 through KR Dating Game (now called KRBFF) when freshie Yin Jia chose senior Kia Wei as a date through recommendations from a friend (this is why you need a good wingman). After three years, fyf Yin Jia and Kia Wei who stepped into the corporate world have reached another phase in their lives, but still love each other as much since day one.

What’s the sweetest memory you guys have together in hall?

KW: I love how she spent time with my friends in hall or when I could spend time with her friends. I love that we each had our own “lives” in hall but still very much wanted to meet each other’s friends and be a part of each other’s hall “lives”.

YJ: The best memory would be my 21st birthday. Kia Wei got my closest friends to surprise me in my room after he brought me out to dinner. It was really the sweetest and best thing i could receive. 😊 Also I enjoyed just hanging out and watching shows at night together!

Any piece of advice for people trying to find love in hall now?

Both: Give each other the space and the freedom to build a life in hall that is not exclusive to each other. Understand that your relationship will (hopefully) last a lifetime but you only have a maximum of 4-5 years in hall. So, treasure that time you have and support each other in giving back to hall and experiencing everything hall has to offer!

Chyi Fang & Wen Ping

This Krouple had their first conversation after Chyi Fang allegedly slided into Wen Ping’s DMs to borrow a volleyball for a photoshoot. According to the both of them, Wen Ping only replied after a few days and said “sorry I don’t know how to use insta, I just saw this”.

Honestly, did Chyi really need a volleyball? Did Wen Ping really not know how to use Instagram?! Sus. You decide. (P.S: they also thank Dank and Siew Wei for making this possible since they were the wingmen).

What’s the sweetest or most memorable time you guys have together in hall?

WP: IHG!! Watching her choke during handball finals gave me the opportunity to show my concern and offer a listening ear for her LOL. But also definitely her finding time to watch my matches when she was so busy with her commitments (IHG+DU+IVP).

C: The day he shifted his fan from his room to mine. Also how he always makes an effort to support me in all my commitments, both physically and mentally.

Were there any obstacles, trying to balance school, hall, and love life?

WP: We decided to take German together but got cockblocked by Chi Yang since he took the same lecture slot. This guy is really a lamppost but at least he carried us through.

C: Mahjong!! I realised that if you can’t beat it, you got to join it. So now if he plays MJ, I’ll share a seat with him or watch and learn so that I can upgrade my skills.

Siew Wei & Marion

Siew Wei and Marion met each other when they took GEH1051 Public Health with three other mutual friends. Coincidentally, the two of them are the only ones who turned up for study jios after class because the other three tend to ditch and through these study sessions, they got close.

What’s the sweetest memory you guys have together?

M: When we went out for the first time to watch a movie and it just felt like I was talking to someone I've known for a very long time, even though we've only known each other for 3-4 months that time (also dank ig-storying us and putting a national geographic logo).

SW: The sweetest memory we had together was when we were in Europe for two weeks after my SEP and before hers.

Any piece of advice for people trying to find love in hall now?

M: Don’t find a "hall boyfriend" and make time for yourself in hall. Don’t spend 24/7 with each other because it's so easy and convenient to grow dependent on a "hall boyfriend”.

SW: Sliding doesn’t work. (A/N: Weren’t you Chyi Fang’s advisor???)

Aunty Siew Hwa & Uncle Kim Keat

Hall DND 1983

During a certain period in KR’s history, Liwen’s parents met in KEKR (the old building). They were both from A block and were attracted to each other after many happy block suppers in the block pantry. Uncle Kim Keat’s first impression of Aunty Siew Hwa was that she’s a really sporty girl who played many sports and also a bit temperamental, while the latter thought that the former was really handsome and had a killer smile (ref. to pic). Uncle Kim Keat was also very friendly and approachable!

From staying in hall to having their own children definitely wasn’t easy, but they made it.

KR Command 1984

There are many ways you can meet your bae in KR. If you have already met one, lucky you! If not, don’t worry because your time will come after you meet the right one. Meanwhile, enjoy hall while it lasts, and have a good Kralentine’s Day!

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