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I KRy Every Tiem

IHG 18/19 has come to a close.

While we celebrate the valiant efforts of our neighbours-cum-heroes, their God-given sporting prowess and our stellar achievements as a hall (we don’t need gold to show we’re bold), we tend to forget the unsung heroes – those who put their bodies on the line just for our hall’s pride... and honour… and glory… and our IG stories of them all seh under anaesthesia in the hospital ward.

We don’t really think about it, but some of our sportsmen and sportswomen have suffered a lot in the process of refining their craftsmanship to perform better – be it during actual games, training, or falling down from a football game in church.

Yet they smile through the pain; some even carried on playing and fighting at the expense of their conditions worsening, some even refused to be subbed off, some still attended trainings to provide moral support to their teammates, some even passionately yelled at another Hall’s fanbase to Shut Their Friends Up.

More often than not, a Kent Ridgean completing a race or winning a match was accredited with heroism and a strong display of skill but those who sustained injuries were unable to revel in victory or in loss with their teams.

Among many injuries, our friends sustained things like:

  • ligament and tendon tears

  • dislocated shoulders

  • broken finger bones

  • searing, bleeding abrasions

  • devastating damage sustained to the face from a surprise headbutt that subsequently required steel-plate reparation by NUH op surgeons

And didn’t get recognised for muscling through the pain.

Thus, we made an effort to get closer insight on their personal mental battles and in honest admiration and gratitude for their courage, we interviewed Shasqil, Rachel, Glen, Cheryl and Joshua Chin to get a first-hand view of their pah buay toh attitude!

1. Shasqil Rukirsor, C Block

Hi Shas. I think we are all aware of the fact that you underwent a major operation after an IHG match. How did you injure yourself?

S: Hello interviewer. So, there I was, playing a football game for KR against TH, minding my own business, when I went out to collect the incoming ball that came from a TH cross.

Just before catching the ball, I remember seeing a person next to me, then thinking to myself "human faeces (censored)" and the next thing I knew I was on the floor screaming in pain like a little girl.

After a while, I played on despite being in pain but when the game ended, I straight away went to A&E at NUH.

That was when I found out I had fractured the walls of my eye socket as well as my cheekbone lol.

My goodness. And how was the recovery process the past weeks? How did you feel?

S: I feel much better now, the blood and swelling in my eye is gone, and the blood in my sinus is also clearing up slowly. The stitches at where they cut my face at my eyebrow, eye slit and inside my mouth have been healing well too, aside from the fact that I can’t open my mouth as I used to be able to.

The weirdest thing about the surgery is that now I have 4 metal plates and some screws in my face, 3 at my cheekbone and 1 at my eye orbital. Also, I have some double vision at certain angles which takes quite a while to go away and it just feels weird.

The other day I missed a step when I was climbing stairs and Simon and Garfunkel's "The Sound of Silence" just started playing in my head.

But it’s getting better now, so that’s good. I guess honestly, I would say the injury wasn’t worth it, because after all, it’s just IHG, and because of IHG I have metal plates in my face for life which is much less cool than it sounds. Looking back, I also really shouldn’t have played on after getting injured, because I realised that if I had taken another knock to the same area during the match, I could’ve potentially shattered my eye socket and became blind in one eye, or maybe even both. scary stuff...

That’s terrifying. You took a big blow (the bad kind) for your team. Was anyone there to support you?

S: I haven’t really been back to hall properly since the injury, so I haven’t really talked to many people. I guess the general comments are that I look like I got boxed, but now that its healed it’s more of just that my cheek is a bit puffier and that since my stitches follow my eyebrow and eye slit, it looks like I have some sort of extension that make my right eye look prettier or something.

In terms of support, my parents and my block mates have been very supportive. Special shoutout to Sen who drove me to the hospital, Tzelok, who accompanied me to the hospital, and Jun Hui, Ding Xun, Ramesh, Rachel Sin, and Jin Tat for staying on with me until my parents came yay.

2. Rachel Sin, C Block

Hello Rachel. So, you sustained an ACL tear during IHG. How on earth did it happen?

RS: HAHAHAH oh my g, it’s damn lame. It was during the Sheares match and after getting a touch I lost my balance and twisted my knee when I was trying to stabilise myself then I fell and everyone kept shouting like,

“Get up RACH GET UP!” Because they wanted to continue with the play! (Yelling)

How did you feel when you realised it was a serious injury i.e. an ACL tear? Must’ve been devastating especially since you’re in several sports!

RS: Actually, when I fell, I heard a sound in my knee which I was quite surprised by because I never knew what people meant when they said you hear a “pop”, but it wasn’t super painful, so I didn’t think it was that serious.

Furthermore, Ivan (C Block Resident Fellow) was there and he was like, “k cool just ice maybe something is torn but we’ll see”. And the safety ppl on duty were just like, “nah probably just a sprain”.

LOL but after a while it swelled up quite bad, so we went to the doctors. It was sad because I couldn’t play the rest of the day but at least we won! I only had floorball left but who needs me when there’s Fion Lim?

You sound so composed. That’s really admirable, most people would be panicking. So since then, who has been there to support you and prop you up? (Literally & figuratively)

RS: I would like to thank Baby Rach (Rachel Lim) for carrying me across the field, Bernice Tay and Janelle for following me to A&E and Woan Jing for wheeling me into desks/chairs and getting the wheelchair stuck at multiple places.

And the lovely Deborah Fung for insensitively inviting me to the gym. How thoughtful!

3. Glen Tan, E Block

Hi Glen, we heard you injured yourself during IBG and it put you out of the IHG season. How did that happen?

GT: Hi! Yes, I did unfortunately; I tore my ACL and meniscus during IBG when I played handball and was told by my doctor that I couldn’t play sports for a year, which ruled me out of IHG this season.

Was a pity because I really wanted to play against some of my friends this year.

That’s horrible. How did you feel when the doctor delivered the bad news?

GT: To be honest, at that point in time, I wasn’t feeling that sad about not being to play IHG, but I was thinking if I could recover faster and if the doctor was lying to me. Turns out he wasn’t trying to scare me, so I felt sad after his confirmation.

Our hearts go out to you Glen! For sure! And despite this disappointment, did you come to appreciate the support of some fellow friends who saw you through this injury? Who are some of them?

GT: Thank you for your concern!

Well first and foremost, I have to give credit to the volleyball seniors who’ve been there to support us with guidance during training, as well as their participation in trainings. They’ve been coming down for most, if not all, of the training sessions and I really appreciate their attitude towards the team.

Secondly, I would love to thank the SMU exco as well as the members, who’ve willingly gave their time to come down to support the KR athletes.

Thirdly, I would love to extend my gratitude to Clarisse and her excos, who would help us out from time to time even though they are very busy with their respective sports commitments.

Last but not least, my friends and family members who’ve supported me one way or another and making this IHG season as enjoyable as last year. 🙂

Glad to see such a large community backing our handsome SMU chair. Any advice to athletes who sustain knee injuries in future?

GT: I’m very grateful as well! Well, I haven’t recovered, but I would advise anyone who has sustained an injury to seek medical help and listen to the doctor, be diligent for physio and take time to rest by not rushing back to sports immediately!

4. Cheryl Lim, D Block

Hi Cheryl. How did you sustain your abrasion?

CL: Hahahh from soccer!!

I slide

Then during basketball training, I fell on the fresh wound

And it got worse

Were you still able to carry on with IHG and play other sports?

CL: Yeap I was! Just that my wound kept opening up, so I guess it will leave a scar hahaha

That’s horrible. No one likes scars. Despite your injuries you’re still playing for KR; what is/are your source(s) of motivation and support?

CL: Hahahaha my team is my source of motivation. Seeing my team wanting to reach the finals, it made me want to work harder to fight till the end.

Respect. Do you have any advice on how to avoid abrasions for other future athletes?

CL: Hahaha always put our body on the line for KR 😊 Jokes aside, fall on your side/butt to prevent abrasions on the elbow/knee.

5. Joshua Chin, C Block

Hello Joshua. How did you injure yourself?

JC: I was playing Sunday church Football with uncles, Uncle David Luiz sent the high ball from defence to find me because I’m ultra speed fast then I was looking up didn’t see fattie 1 head taller than me Uncle and knocked into him then my finger crakk (EDIT: He spelt it like this.) but I continued playing I thought it’s just sprain

Wah the crakk sounds bad. Uncle fattie really gave KR an L that day. How did you feel when you found out you probably couldn't play for IHG?

JC: It was digested food (censored) because I found out that I was gonna swim 2 days before competition then the day before Uncle fattie had to break my hand. I supposed to play Squash for the invincible Squash team this year but I couldn’t, worst thing was IVP I missed it also. Really felt stupid say real

Don’t feel stupid, injuries come in the stupidest forms but they still happen and it's really unfortunate. Was there anyone who was there to offer you emotional and moral support? (Although you're the one giving support to others sports with your unique cheers so quite ironic)

JC: Yes, Shas was giving me quite a lot of support until I had to give him more support because he broke his face.

But people in KR always wished me well and told me to take care.

Best feeling is when people say where were you we needed you and I just raised my broken hand and wave and people will give the LOL face.

Worst thing is that people keep asking me the same question what happened to you but I’m glad for the concern.

KR still loves you very much. Tell uncle fattie KR is upset. Any advice to future IHG sportspeople regarding injuries and being careful?

JC: Don’t play sports with uncles especially fattie ones before your games.

Even if it’s non-contact sports like Badminton or Table Tennis even in the swimming pool fattie Uncles find a way to injure you because they are mating (censored) slow animals.



With Joshua, we conclude our segment with our athletes; we wish our heroes a speedy recovery – the damage is done but with their talent they will rise from the ashes to compete in the next IHG and may they continue to dazzle us with their strength.

Except Rachel Sin; she gonna start work. Good luck Rachel. Don’t fall down in your office.

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