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5 Wholesome Things To Do When Night Falls

It is almost natural to think of 2 things when someone jios for night time bonding and we all know what it is. But with mid-terms looming ahead, many KResidents would rather leave the booze out of their system. Let’s support each other by bonding without booze and nights out!

1. Netflix and Chill


With the recent craze for “The Haunting of the Hill House”, it is no surprise that Netflix would make it on this list. Hit up a few friends, cuddle up in your bed, and put some series on. Caution: remember to not scream and shout, and let it all out! Else, the popo will come knocking at your door.

2. Night (Grab) Wheeling


Ever since the bike rental companies, like OFO, “practically ceased operations”, impromptu night cycling has been such a chore to plan. All hail Grabwheels in NUS campus! Aside from scooting to class, scoot away with your friends and enjoy the cool night breeze. Reminder to ride safely and not fall!

3. Supper


The journey to supper stretch has been made easier with the previous point now! Why gain bitter tasting calories when you can fill your tummy with good food? But if the CNY festivities are hitting you, gather a few friends for some HDL or BIAP for some high SES supper! Tip: DIY your own steamboat and spend less than $10 per person, don’t say bojio.

4. Bonding games


Aside from the everyday mahjong and FIFA games in KR, the new “Overcooked” has taken KR by storm! If you hear people screaming at each other for “dough”, “chicken”, or “plates”, they are probably trying to hit that four stars in Overcooked. But beware, it can make or break a friendship. You have been warned.

5. Gym


Why drink and gain empty, useless calories when you can be eating healthy, midnight gymming and working for that #summerbod with your crew?

Whoever said KR is all about that #toxiclife is obviously lying! Wholesome is in our blood, and that is all troof no lies.

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