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#OOTDs of Different Faculties

According to,


  1. An internet abbreviation for outfit of the day, refers to what someone’s wearing on a particular day, usually in the context of fashion blogging.

  2. A particularly fashionable outfit, or the photoshoot involved in taking an ootd photo for a social network.

It’s 2019,OOTD no longer refers to only the designer outfits that bloggers (or rather “influencers” 🤮) wear everyday. OOTD has become an identity for the different faculties in NUS. One (not so discreet) glance at someone’s OOTD and you can roughly guess what they study, then begin judging.


Let’s kickstart with the faculty closest to home.

Here’s the stark contrast between a Business student from KR and one who doesn’t reside in hall. CJ clearly wears whatever he wears from the night before (thankfully he left his fluffy We Bare Bears bedroom slippers behind) while David dons a smart-looking Polo tee and pants, as if he is going to sign a $10 million dollar cheque after lecture and play golf.

When you see someone wearing HONUS shirt, or simply any Dri-fit shirt, sports shorts and sliders, you would probably think, “Must be one of my fellow hall mates!” Simply because when we wake up 10 minutes before tutorial starts, we just don’t have the luxury of time to deliberate our OOTD when we have to run up merciless flights of stairs to get to class. 😫 (LT17 is a no-go.)


Of course, you can expect the Arts students to have the funkiest, most creative OOTDs. They wear clothes I spot in the stores and go, “OMG damn nice, but I’ll most likely wear once only.” Or even vintage pieces that most of us can’t find because we shop at the most basic places like H&M.

Maddy is bursting with sunshine in her colourful and cheerful oversized jacket. D block Sixth floor is her runway; every time she walks by my room, it’s always a different dope outfit I wish I have the guts to pull off. Vogue, if you’re not putting this in your magazine, it’s your loss.


TBH, this section should be in Fake News Friday. Computing King, Josh, spoils market with his sick OOTD. And guess what, he took five minutes to look this good. When I texted him and asked him to meet at the rooftop, he just woke up. That’s some mad skills to style the hair, pull out a crisp shirt, find the right accessories, all within five minutes. But c’mon, I heard the other half of computing students wear pretty much what you saw on CJ.


Boy was I lucky to chance upon two other computing students while I was taking pictures of Remus’ OOTD! Do you see one thing in common among the three engineering lads? That’s right, slippers. Those of you who associate engineering with Bob The Builder might have thought that they’ll wear safe construction boots, but after a long day of lecture, they simply want to sit back, relax, and air their feet.


Life science student, Agnes aka Yun Jing, is going to grow up and be the next Einstein or Nobel Prize Winner. Just look at the confidence when she holds the test tube (that’s honestly from a media kit and meant to hold flowers). Her pristine white lab coat compliments her blue Science tee, and the transparent goggles make lab sessions so much more exciting because she instantly looks geekier. Agnes simply can’t get cuter than in her Science faculty #OOTD.

Dentistry/ Medicine

Here’s Dentist Koi Kiat in action, fully immersed in his lab work while wearing a similar lab coat. But honestly, who cares what he’s wearing in class when he is flashing his exquisite Sekonda timepiece (conveniently angled towards the camera). Perhaps this OOTD is a key message to all the potential freshies so that they can be flashing luxury watches in the future too!


If you have flashy hair like this platinum blondie here, wear whatever you want. People’s eyes will only be on the exotic hair.

But at the end of the day, forget faculties. The true fashionista of KR is none other than dance prodigy Josh Immanuel. You won’t forget his round glasses, silver hoop earrings and an endless array of spot-on outfits. Whether you bump into him at 8am or 3am, he is always put together, decked in long line tees, nicely fitted pants, chains, or anything G-Dragon wished he wore first. The trick? When ordering NUS or KR t-shirts, always order XL, or XXXXXL if it’s offered. Oversized is the in-thing now (according to Josh and the dancers’ OOTD), and you ultimately make it more value for money with the extra fabric you get.

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