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8 Hall Hacks To Make Your Life Better

Hall – a home away from home for university students. However, there are some inconveniences that come with having to move out of the comforts of home to live alone. But fret not! Here are some hall hacks that may (or may not) help you through your time in this second home.

1. Fix a broken slipper with a bread clip


We all know how irritating when our slippers keep falling apart, as we try to get our lives together and have no time to get out of hall to buy a new pair. All this hack requires is a bread clip and it’ll make your life so much easier. Hmm… But if it is as much of a hassle to find a bread clip, simply find a friend who has the other side broken and steal the good slipper!

2. Smoothen out a wrinkled shirt using the dryer


Part of adulting in hall is not having someone to iron your clothes for you. While you can simply stop being lazy and actually iron your own clothes, here is an easier way to smoothen your clothes for that presentation you are having tomorrow at 8am. Just pop a few ice cubes or damp socks into the dryer with your clothes, works like magic!

3. Use the iPhone wire as a measuring tape

Remember that your iPhone wire is 1m long the next time you have to measure something but don't have a proper measuring tape with you. Alternatively, ask around for those free IKEA measuring tapes - someone is bound to have it and it doesn't hurt to ask!

4. Netflix and Chill (without hands) ;)

Step 1: Setup your standing shelf between your bed and your window

Step 2: Setup your laptop on its right edges

Step 3: Netflix and Chill (without hands)! ;)

This is one for the extreme bums like me! On some days, even netflix and chilling seems too much of a chore to do; I hate having to lie on my back and not being able to move around while my laptop is on my tummy. With this hack, you can finally watch your movies hands free! Remember to get one of those DIY speakers (#6) for a fuller movie theatre kind of experience.

5. Free Lunch

Aside from joining the NUS Buffet Response Team on telegram, here is a simpler hack that you may not have thought about. Next time you are low on the moolah, and have to save on meals, wake up earlier for breakfast, and get an extra matric card number. Dabao an extra meal for lunch and you are good to go!

6. DIY speakers


Not everyone can afford a good speaker, but that shouldn’t stop you from blasting music when you are down and feeling stressed! You only need four things here - two plastic cups, one toilet paper roll and a pen knife. Enjoy a less than a dollar speaker!

7. Get a small electric pot

Late night supper may be tempting, but also super taxing on the wallet. So get yourself an electric pot and some simple ingredients like eggs and instant noodles - You can get a meal for less than $2! On days you are feeling more like spluging, a one pot pasta may be an idea as well. You can even have a one man hotpot in your room! Alternatively, get a best friend who has a electric pot and would cook for you when hunger hits.

8. Repurpose those can tabs


Like in the photo, a simple can tab will transform your entire wardrobe. Now, you have twice the space in your wardrobe! Now that you have more space, it calls for a shopping spree with the pals!

Your life made simpler

Have fun with these hacks and let us know if you had fun making these hacks a reality!! If you want part 2, remember to leave a comment down below!

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