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5 Ways To Show Some Extra KR Spirit This KR Day

It has always been a KR tradition that us KResidents would don our “I <3 KR” shirts every KR Day, and let the whole world (or just NUS) know which really is the best hall. But why stop here when you can also follow these 5 tips to show some extra KR Spirit this year!

1. Get a tattoo of the KR Crest


Nothing says “I LOVE KR” more than a permanent, life-long mark of the Kent Ridge Crest etched into your skin for the rest of your life. We all may have to leave KR eventually, but KR will never ever leave you after this! For anyone reluctant, just be thankful you aren’t getting a PGPH tattoo instead.

Pro tip alert: tattoo on bicep for that extra flex.

2. Conduct “Hey Baby” flash mobs throughout campus

This has to be everyone’s favourite KR tradition, because what’s more fun than hundreds of people running at full speed towards each other to the beat of a relatively unknown 1980s pop song. Nothing will catch people’s attention more than this and really show them what a vibrant, energetic and dangerous place KR is!

Pro tip alert: avoid conducting said flash mob at Arts slope, it will be very tiring.

3. Listen to the Family Song on repeat

Much like how everyone only listens to Michael Bublé during Christmas, so too should we KResidents listen to the Family Song throughout KR Day. Hearsay, this version is pretty good, but word on the street is that we’ll soon be singing along to the DJ Bandung remix dropping soon.

Pro tip alert: to promote the KR Spirit even more, attempt singing out loud. It may sound bad but at least we get to spread some good ol’ KR cheer.

4. Only speak in KR Lingo (no jussss)

Say real, abit world but also quite class. Namsayin?


Pro tip alert: attempt at own risk, may lose all non-KR friends.

5. Actually learning the KR Cheer

This might actually be the only proper suggestion of this list. Think back to every CBB, FWOC and IHG closing ceremony, and I believe it’s safe to say that most of us have no idea what we’re saying, let alone are clapping on beat. But all hope is not lost, we might just be doing the cheer at this year’s KR Day so let’s try and not screw this one up!!!

Pro tip alert: none. would have attached lyrics if I knew them.

In all honesty though, let’s not forget what KR Day is really about; a time for us to appreciate, celebrate and embrace the friendships, experiences and cultures that make KR the home that it is for all of us. Do wear your KR shirts proudly on 14th March and do come down and support Heritage Comm for our KR Day celebrations!

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