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Things To Expect From The KRew

Are you planning on joining a hall and have set your sights on KR as one of your top priorities? In that case, there are things you should expect from this hall and the community around here. Make no mistake, KR is a special place with unique features that will last long in your memories.

1. Late night activities

This probably is the case for many other halls anyway, but coming to KR will push ahead your body clock to a point you would never dream of. Remember when you had to leave home at 6:30 to get to school by 7:30? Or when you were always woken up at 5:30 in your army camp? Those days are long gone. More likely than not, you won’t have the energy to get up early after a flurry of late night activities, be it going out for supper, chionging your committee work, talking cock with your friends in their rooms or other night time activites you can think of. In fact, you will find that the noisiest time within the corridors is between 12 midnight-3am (contrary to official hall rules). On the other hand, you can expect it to be deathly quiet from 6 to 12 noon; not just because of people going to class, but rather because it happens to be many people’s bedtime! If you ever thought that joining KR would give you an advantage in showing up for morning classes, think again. Ultimately, though, it genuinely is worth it, as many memories are made in these moments that you will bring to your grave.

2. Loud, wild and open

Speaking of loud, it is one of the most appropriate adjectives to describe the atmosphere surrounding KR on a daily basis. People will be walking around corridors all the time, happily chatting as they do so, or hysterical noises emitting from someone’s room. Social interaction is the name of the game around here; without this constant, KR would not be what it is. Also, expect to see many open doors-a staple around this hall. It very much symbolises the openness of life in KR, allowing for socialising even when inside your room doing your thing.

Howe (D105) leaves his door open all the time, and is always accessible for KResidents to chill with

3. Our very own lingo

Say real, you better keep up with the lingo around here or else kena become outcast, eh jusss. Every place is bound to have some specialised vocabulary, and here is no different. We already have articles explaining them in further detail.

This may be one of the overlooked aspects of life in KR, but it is recommended that you brush up on your lingo as early as possible. You wouldn’t want to be cluelessly look as your buddies throw out a bunch of terms virtually foreign to non-KR residents.

4. Activities galore

It may come to the point where your main priorities lie in your hall activities rather than your studies. And in KR, there is no shortage of activities to get yourself involved with. From sports teams such as sepak takraw, floor ball, handball and touch rugby, to a pool of committees such as our Hall Promotion Board (HPB), Welfare and KReporters, or our wonderful culture groups including KR steppers (ie cheerleaders), acapella and dance- there’s an abundance of opportunities to get involved and contribute to this hall. Admittedly, competition for spots in these activities can be quite tough, and when you become a part of it becomes very time-consuming. The time you would usually allocate for studying vanishes; so you might be thinking to yourself ‘Is this really worth it?’. But know that precious memories are made from these moments, and you create bonds with those you work with.

5. A family away from home

Ultimately, what makes KR special is the community and friends you bond with- they become a family you live with away from home. Ever feel like you miss being with your parents at home? Wish you were enjoying your air-conditioned room? Stress of schoolwork weighing you down? The company you experience in KR makes up for all of that, and will form one of the most memorable experiences of your life. For sure, people aren’t perfect, and there will be disagreements and disputes you have to suss out with those around you. But, through it all, you will grow to love the friends you make over here. More than merely being a place to stay on campus, here is a place you will come to call home.

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