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Let's Go KReen

Yo yo KR! Some say that Kent Ridgeans are getting so environmentally friendly that we are bleeding green this year. In fact, none of this would have been possible without Environmental Comm, a committee with members dedicated to plan initiatives and increase the environmental consciousness of Kent Ridgeans. As an act of appreciation to both Environmental Comm and Kent Ridgeans for their efforts, here are some of the milestones and campaigns the Environmental Comm pushed through this year.

Removal of Disposable Box + Disposables for Breakfast

If you have been staying for KR for quite some time, you would notice that all the disposables have been removed this year. In actual fact, more than half of the plastic used is thrown away without being considered for recycling or being put to other uses. This has led to the deposition of this plastic cutlery into waterways such as oceans, rivers and seas, contaminating the water ways. Good job KR for being so supportive of the initiative! One small act by each of us in bringing our own containers will actually help the environment in many ways ☺.

Utilities Board Challenge

The utilities board challenge ranks each block based on their utility usage. Every month, the block with the lowest utility of each category (water or electricity) gets $100, which is an increase from $100 per semester in the past. With this money, the block head can decide what to buy for the block, which provides an incentive for the blocks to conserve energy together.

Instagram Challenge

Environmental Comm also started a community on Instagram (@letsgokreen), with campaigns such as #kreduce, #kreuse, #krecycle and #krameandshame to remind residents that they are responsible for their own actions. The winners of each challenge would be awarded $20 Starbucks/Capitaland vouchers, twice every month. We have seen many creative ideas, from making flower pots out of plastic and residents sharing tissue paper just to #krecycle and #kreduce. Keep it coming, KR!


Hiding under the spotlight of other initiatives, Environmental Comm also did some work to fertilize the plants in KR through composting. Composting is a process of decomposition of organic matter. The committee collects fruit peels and cores gathered in the dining hall and made fertilizers out of them. The fertilizers were used to plant papaya trees, with two currently in the garden at A Block. Thank you members of Environmental Comm for being the silent heroes for the environment!

Freegan Project

The Freegan project is an initiative to collect unwanted items of good condition, or food, from Kent Ridgeans for other Kent Ridgeans. As the saying goes, a man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Better to pass on to others than to throw away. Do look out for the table when you make your way to the dining hall. Who knows, you might find something you really need. If not, consider making a donation if you think that you have something unwanted that can contribute to other residents!

Clothes Donation Drive

At the end of this semester, Environmental Comm will be doing a clothes donation drive where good clothes will be donated to charity and torn cloth items will be sent to a clothes recycling facility. Do support them when the time comes!

It is really heartening to see both Kent Ridgeans work together to save the Earth for future Kent Ridgeans. Let’s all do our best to save the environment! ☺

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