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FYF Series: The Embarrassing Moments

Have you ever thought to yourself, this is one of the most embarrassing moments of my life? Well, fret not because we guarantee you that our 5 FYFs have gone through their fair share of embarrassing stories! Let’s take a look down memory lanes of some of our most beloved FYFs.

1. A Block (Rene Ann Wong)

Rumour has it that Rene broke her leg while playing for IBG handball in her 4th week of being a freshie in KR! Yep, you heard me right. Here is her side of the story!

"Hmm... okay well. I don’t know if this counts as embarrassing but in my Year 1 during IBG, literally 4 weeks into school and I still remember that it happened on 29th August. So, we were playing handball IHG and... I broke my leg. It wasn’t even IHG, it was IBG handball, when I broke my leg.

So, what happened was that we were playing against D Block and everyone kinda did not know how to play. But once they heard that they could tackle people and have body contact, everyone got riled! We had to shoot from outside of the semi-circle, about to take a shot and I was nowhere near scoring. But as I threw the ball that was clearly going out and was preparing to land, there were 2 girls behind me who pushed me down and I sat on my leg. I stood up (and was like yep) knowing that something was wrong and as I had never sprained my ankle before, so I wasn’t sure if it was a sprain or not. I was bridal-styled by a girl from D Block off the court and had to go to NUH, only to realise that I broke my leg (the outside of my ankle).

You would think I’d break my hand, right? I tried so hard, and you know what? I didn’t even win MVP. So, A Block seriously, thank you very much and WE DIDN’T EVEN WIN!! I think we were placed 5th out of 5 blocks, well I guess… sports not our strong suit. I had to live out the rest of the 3 months until the end of Sem 1 in a wheelchair. This meant that I had to perform on stage for culture night, sitting down with my freaking cast playing guitar and singing on one of those dining hall chairs. They didn’t even give me a HIGH-CHAIR!"

2. B Block (Dayna)

Now, let’s take a look into what our very own B Block FYF, Dayna has to say!

"There’s this one girl from my block who is quite quiet but she’s really nice. So, it was my birthday and my parents came to my hall room to surprise me with all my other friends in hall. Since they did not know who my friends were, and they were essentially my floor and all those who I have been close to, my father asked me to introduce my friends to them. So, I went one whole round and remembered the names of everyone on my floor. Except her name. I thought to myself “Oh my God!” as I looked at her because I already went one whole round.

But it’s not that I don’t remember BECAUSE I’VE TALKED TO HER BEFORE! Though I attribute this to the fact that she stays all the way to end the of the long-wing and I stay at the start of the long-wing. So, I did what I could think of… I ran all the way behind (because the block comm will usually stick the name of the person on their doors) to look at her name. I went back and said “I know I know, *BEEP*!” Everyone was just looking at me and mouthing her name to me, but I couldn’t catch her name. That was a moment when I felt embarrassed.

Another one would be during KR Day, when they showed my Heritage interview video, where I did the High School Musical. I went “GOTCHA. GETCHA HEAD IN THE GAMEEEEEE!!!” Luckily, I wasn’t in the crowd – I died in the AV ROOM. As a FYF, I know that Heri always records interviews, but I thought that if you got into Heri, you’d get immunity. So, I was like – I’m going to get into Heri this time round and I’m going to do something so stupid! As the com doesn’t get to see the video and only the Chair, Lucas, compiled the video. So, I didn’t manage to see the video until the day of the dry-run – that was bad."

3. C Block (Rachel Sin)

Moving on to our family block, C Block’s beautiful FYF, Rachel!

"I was doing laundry one day and I brought my phone down to the laundry room. After I left, there was another person in the laundry room doing his laundry too. When I went back to my room, I was like “S**t, where’s my phone?” I asked Tat who stays on first floor to call my phone, but it couldn’t go through. So, I thought that the other person in the laundry room took it because I placed my phone next to the laundry machine.

I was super convinced that the person took it and I told my friends about it, so we were ready to confront the dude. They kept asking if I properly looked for it and I told them that I looked everywhere for it but its nowhere in the laundry room. BUT GUESS WHAT? After that, my friend went to open the laundry machine, and my phone was in there. The washing machine was already washing but the water hadn’t filled up yet. Luckily, I did not go and confront the dude that I thought stole my phone."

4. D Block (Nick Yap)

Next up, we have our most suave lawyer-to-be, D Block’s top hunk, Nick Yap! Some say he once called Party A a snake while they were in the SAME LIFT (without knowing Party A was in the lift with him). Now on to his story!

"I got punched by ******, my former roommate due to some misunderstanding. Basically, he was studying, and I was playing floorball with my other roommate. We kept flicking the ball at his head and he was warning us to stop. Hmm… I think he was very stressed at that time and he was saying, “Eh, you all stop it ah! If not, I’m gonna get angry ah!” Then, it just so happens that I was the one to flick the final one that triggered him. He came up to us and at that point, all of us thought that he was playing.

My other friend who was my accomplice kept telling me “I got your back! I got your back!” and we were laughing at the situation, not realising how angry he was. So, he came up to us while I was still turning and laughing with my friend completely unaware of what was about to happen. Next thing I know, he just *BAM* one time and my nose was bleeding. So, the second-floor lift corridor was stained with my blood and people started coming down. Then, Gab came down without saying anything and went on his knees to help me clean the blood off the floor."

Nick Yap also specifically mentioned that he wishes to put a stop to the speculation (Ding started) on whether or not he cried after he got punched. The answer to that is a resounding YES!!! (though what he wants the KR to know is that despite getting punched, he did NOT cry).

5. E Block (Zann)

Moving on to our final FYF, the one and only Zann from E Block! What better way to close off her KR journey than to reminisce the start of it all… initiation!

"In year 1, we had this thing called initiation. I don’t think it’s allowed now because its stricter nowadays. It was by block and E Block’s initiation had us blindfolded as we went around the whole block. We had to complete tasks while being blinded and one of the 4th floor (guy’s floor) games where we had to go into the toilet. The game required us to reach into the toilet bowl (they actually wrapped something around the toilet bowl but since we were blindfolded, we didn’t know) to pick up a “coin” that was inside it.

We were informed that in order for us to get out of the game quick, we had to play the shoot-shag-marry game in which we were given 3 names. When I heard the game rules, I thought to myself that it was quite simple. Since I just wanted to get out of the game quick, I blurted out the 3 names. A week later, the photos of the initiation were up and that was when I realised that the 3 names I blurted out were in the toilet with me.

Another moment was last year when I was in JCRC and I had to work with Dr Ivan. There was once when we had this JCRC meeting, in which he told me to prepare for as it was going to last quite long. Dr Ivan told me “I think the meeting is going to last quite long, so I’ll bring Ghirardelli along”. So, I went “Who is Ghirardelli?” thinking he was going to bring along an Indian dude for the meeting. In the end, he took a picture of the snack and told everyone in the JCRC meeting that I thought Ghirardelli was a person."

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