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FYF Series: The Most Memorable Moments

Within just a year of stay, many of us have already made memories that we won’t forget. Some say the FYFs have been through it all, so we asked them to recount on some of their most memorable experiences throughout their 4 years in KR.

Joshua Tan, A Block

"Greatest achievement in KR? Probably passing the KR Dance auditions HAHA. Or the bravery I mustered to even sign up for it.

One thing I learnt from my experiences in KR is that the butterfly effect is very real. And the one decision that made the most impact on my life here was probably signing up for dance auditions in y1.

Idk what made me do it and where I got the courage from. Before this, I have never danced before nor had the thought ever cross my mind. I scoffed at dancing for rag when my faculty approached the freshies during the camps, and I still had the preconceived notion from my secondary school days of Chinese dance being the only dance that exists in the narrow world I was exposed to, and that dance was only for girls.

Then came the fwoc Hip Hop performance that opened my mind to what dance actually could be. I enjoyed the performance so much and had my eyes on this one sick dancer that I told myself I wanna be in the future. I then signed up for auditions and screwed it up so badly. Couldn’t remember the gazillion hip hop steps, couldn’t roll on the floor for contemp cos of a bad open wound on my knee, couldn’t do anything.

Eventually got in for reasons that probably weren’t dance skill related... Worked extremely hard to repay the trust of the comm and rly wanted to prove that I belong in KR dance. Made amazing friends I’ll never forget along the way (y’all know who y’all are), got a chance to be a dance comm member 4 months from the embarrassment that was KR dance auditions, got involved in my first production that gave me an experience with a shoeless family I won’t forget, got to perform for bash in zouk (probably the only time you’ll see me in a club HAHA), initiated countless memorable suppers, gave me my square, and I finally got to contribute back to the dance club as the assistant producer for this year’s DP. Odds of such a series of events happening would probably be 938477252649403/1 if you were to ask me this in y1 HAHAHA.

Funny how one stupid, transient thought can make such a difference."

Chi Yang, B Block

"Wow now that you’ve asked me to look back at my 4 years in kr, it’s really full of moments I will always remember. But for me, it will always be about command. Every year when I watch command I just wonder how all these guys pull it off. Now that we are preparing for command, it hasn’t been easy pulling off all the 2-3ams but this command journey has been and will definitely be the most memorable one for me in Kent ridge hall. you guys can certainly look forward to 10 April, it’s gonna be a blast!

There was also this instagram competition by HPB when I was y2 with the caption #youjustgotpunKRd. Kanxy was the HPB chair and we wanted to support him as a floor but we also wanted to make the prank really good so (I forgot whose idea was it) we decided to go to west coast park and take pails of sand back to put in someone’s room. I honestly forgot who suggested Bene’s room but yea LOL it was rly tiring to collect pails of sand, put it in the Uber, get weird stares from the driver and then pour it in his room HAHAHHA honestly this incident really made our floor tighter. We gave Bene one of his many beaches :)"

Joshua Chan, C Block

"Wow this is tough. I mean there are really tons of moments worth mentioning after staying for 4yrs.

I would say, my most memorable moment in KR was performing for Star2Burst (back in 2015, Year 1). Prior to that, I really had no musical/culture experiences and just signing up for S2B was literally a leap of faith for me. Truth be told (say real), I am actually a shy guy, and standing on the stage in one of the biggest events of KR really is terrifying. But just experiencing the warmth, love and support from fellow friends, C-blkers and other Kent Ridgeans really inspired me to really pursue my childhood dream (to be a Rockstar!!)

Fast forward to 2019, I have to admit that a lot has changed since my year 1 days; the people, the culture, the caterers… but despite all these changes , I personally believe that one thing still remains pretty consistent and that is the KR spirit; which to me, is really just the love, support and bond we Kent Ridgeans share despite our individual differences.

Oh right, and also, winning my last ever IHG badminton match against TH, yes that’s pretty dope too, WOOHOO yeah! (considering how unfit I am).

Special shoutout to Nigel Cheah and Rene Ann Wong for seeing me through my musical journey, and also C-Blk for the crazy love and support!"

Mirza, D Block

"Admittedly, I have had many memorable moments in my stint here in KR. Most of which were memorable because of the people that I had shared the experiences with. However, if I had to pick one particular one, I would have to pick an IHG soccer match we had against RH when I was in year 2 (2017). It was not a final, not even a semi-final in fact, but it was more exhilarating than those matches for me.

To offer some context, we had to put 7 goals past the RH keeper in order to qualify top of our group and that was precisely what we were gunning for. It started out in an underwhelming manner and once we picked up our slack we managed to settle for 2-0 by half-time. We still had very much of an uphill battle to reach 7, but we persisted. One after another, finally we were 6-0 up, so close to our desired target.

The last goal however, was extremely elusive, and it wasn’t that long till we found ourselves in stoppage time. We took shots whenever we could but we still could not find that one last goal that we needed. We had one last chance - a corner kick (probably the last play of the game). Somehow, we managed to edge the ball past the keeper in the dying moments. The adrenaline and excitement at that moment was unparalleled. Great team, great heart, great showing - As such this was one of the most memorable experiences I had in KR."

Xin Ru, E Block

"One of the most memorable moments in KR for me is definitely in Year 2 when we won the basketball finals - the first time in 13 years? Down 13-0 in the first quarter, we spent the entire 40 mins playing catch-up game. It was so memorable that I even remember the score: 26-13 at half time, down by 5 points at the start of the 4th quarter, and up by 7 (42-49) when the last whistle was blown.

I think what made me so proud of this moment was the fact that despite being the underdogs (as usual) and trailing so far from our opponents right from the start, we did not show any sign of giving up. TH and EH players always look so strong and intimidating (prolly cos of their nicer looking jerseys) to us. But recently, when we asked them what’s their impression of us, they said “KR’s comeback game damn strong”. As you can see from the pics, we wouldn’t have made it without the mad support from the bench and the crowd (/ our bballaces fans). Rock on!!"

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