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New Family Song, Same Old KR Family

You may only know the lyrics to the chorus of this song, but did you know a new version has been released? It is a tradition that the KR Family Song is sung at the end of every major hall event - everyone swaying in a circle, pretending to sing until the chorus when the true KR family spirit can be felt. Does anyone actually know the lyrics to the song other than the chorus??

KR Spotify:

Jokes aside, the new version of the KR Family Song was recorded and produced by our very own talented musicians in Inspire. Spearheading this project were Inspire chairman and vice-chairman Joshua Chan and Nigel Cheah, and lovely vocals were performed by Rene Ann Wong, Danny Lim, KR Choir, and KR Acapella. Here’s an insider look into the behind-the-scenes processes and inspiration behind the new family song!

What inspired you to produce a new version of the family song?

Nigel: I think we've always joked about it, how it'd be cool to actually have a full fledged version of the song. There was never really a proper recording of the song that people could listen to, and I think that's why a lot of people don't really know how the tune goes - and that's fair enough.

I still had the basic chords that Irsyad, an ex-Kent Ridgean, gave me when I was Year 1 and had to learn it for KR Day. I ran with the chords and vocal melody, trying to re-harmonise what I could to make it more sophisticated.

After many edits and chats with my partner-in-crime Joshua Chan, we settled on what we have now. We tried to emulate something that would induce an NDP-like vibe, at least in that big and commanding manner. So in terms of music, that was the direction we went with.

JoChan: Throughout my 4 years stay in KR I heard many versions and interpretations of the family song. Don’t get me wrong, some of them are good! However, being the hall anthem, some of the FYFs felt that we ought to really stick to our roots and try to keep the Family Song sounding as close to how it was first written and sang.

As FYFs, how does it feel to produce a new family song before you leave KR?

Nigel: It feels very special and quite surreal as well to know that batches to come will sing along to this new track (at least I hope they will). For someone who become more of a recluse in hall over the years, it's nice to know that I still have some part to play in this special project. Since the song was sung by so many people, it doesn't take away from the hall spirit by focusing on one person's individual abilities. But I definitely feel proud to have been put up to the task, and my only hope is for all Kent Ridgeans to actually know how to sing the song now LOL.

Rene: I’m honoured to have been tasked to sing on this track! Not to be dramatic, but this is more than I could have asked for. I never imagined that, if people asked me if I’d left a legacy in KR, I could actually say yes and direct them to the Kent Ridge Spotify page. It’s awesome. I’m also really happy that there’s finally a proper KR Family Song that new Kent Ridgeans can listen to and learn from!

JoChan: Definitely, a great feeling. Really had the pleasure of working with an awesome team; Nigel who did most of the production works, Rene and Danny on the lead vocals and KR CHOIR/ ACA for the group vox.

And I think more importantly, as a collective, despite being from different batches, we share the same sentiments towards the Family Song, which really made the whole process more organic and genuine.

As FYFs (Nigel, Rene and myself), this song is a form of gratitude to the four amazing years in KR and we hope that this production would really uphold the KR spirit.

What was the recording experience like for you?

Rene: It was really fun and challenging. Nigel, the producer, had a plan for Danny and I to sing different parts, letting us lead in different areas of the song, and singing in unison in some. The best thing was that Nigel wanted me to go crazy and run and ad-lib all over the last chorus, so that was really fun, experimenting with the song and my voice. It really pushed me as a vocalist, which I think is a pretty apt representative of my time in KR!

Danny: It was a pretty exciting one knowing that I was working with Nigel and Rene, two seasoned artists in the local scene. But at the same time I knew they would help me along the process if I needed any help. In the end the whole recording didn’t take too much time thanks to Nigel’s experience and Rene finished recording her part really quickly too.

How did you feel when you first heard the new version of the family song?

Danny: I couldn’t wait for the song to be played at the end of KR events, though till now (after KR day) the full version with the vocals hasn’t been played yet. I just hope that the residents are satisfied with my voice to represent the spirit of KR.

JoChan: Shiook. Hahaha, k maybe I am just biased. But, it really takes me back to when to Y1 when the entire KR sang the Family Song as one hall.

In other news, keep a lookout for KR Inspire’s spotify page this month! Hear say some of our very own KResidents will be releasing their original songs…… ;-)

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