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Camp Blue Blood 2019

An exodus of 98 potential Kent Ridgeans graced the hall during the recent Camp Blue Blood. The camp was a platform for freshmen to find out more about the hall, as well as to make friends before the school year starts.

The day started cold with ice breakers in the morning, as the new faces played different games to get to know each other. They then pit their wits against each other during the following mass games. The mass dance then followed, where the freshies (now noticeably more comfortable with each other) showed off their dance moves along to the tune of Runaway Baby by Bruno Mars. Led by Freddy and Lishan, the freshmen thoroughly enjoyed this simple yet adorable choreography put up by the Hall Promotion Board.

At night, the freshmen were exposed to their talented seniors from the K6 cultural clubs. They heard amazing vocals from KRacapella, witnessed crazy stunts by our champion KR Steppers, sawgraceful and upbeat movements by the KR Dancers, and grooved to the soothing tunes of our home-groomed KR Inspire. And of course - the night doesn’t end without a rockin’ performance by our KR Rockers!

The following night, the freshmen were brought to different blocks for block supper, where seniors from each block prepared hearty meals for the incoming batch of freshmen. The residential fellows from each block also addressed the freshmen with regards to life on campus, especially in the vibrant and active Kent Ridge Hall. Camp Blue Blood was a glimpse into the life of a Kent Ridgean. Kent Ridge Hall thanks every freshman for coming down and we welcome you and more to join the Kent Ridge family.

Next up, get ready for FWOC!!!!!!

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