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Wolf Beats Slug: KR's Official Mascot Revealed


In commemoration of the hall’s 40th anniversary, KR is finally getting its own mascot!!!

Amidst stiff competition from the Blue Jay (some bird), Warrior and Shark, the Wolf emerged from the pack and is now KR’s very own official hall mascot. Personally, I think that it’s a solid pick overall, but there are some clear and noticeably missing potential candidates that may or may not represent the hall better than the initial four nominees. For example, Snakes, Horse, and Moles maybe. I don’t know.

What I do know is that there was an even clearer and an even more egregious omission that definitely deserved a spot amongst the four nominees. Frankly, it is an insult that it wasn’t even considered in the first place.


I’m talking slugs.

The KR Slug.

What (or Who) is the KR Slug?

The KR Slug is also known as the Tropical Leatherleaf (Laevicaulis alte), it’s a dark-coloured fella that can grow up to 7-8cm. The tentacles on the KR Slugs head are small in comparison to its other slug counterparts and is prone to performance anxiety – subtracting its tentacles inside itself when people come close.

KR Slug facing performance anxiety amidst the alphas of AB2F

But then again, who are we to judge?

You’re being an arse if you judge the KR Slug, just like the KR Slug itself. Because, the KR Slug itself too is a noticeable arse, but that isn’t a bad thing per se. As PaDIL (an initiative of the Australian Government’s Department of Agriculture) puts it describing the KR Slug, “the anal aperture is a crescentic slit with a conspicuous pale border”.

Furthermore, the KR Slug is pretty world and can be found spreading its slime in other parts of Southeast Asia, Taiwan, United States, Australia, and Africa where it is said to be indigenous to. In the United States, the KR Slug is considered to be an invasive species and a pest, but that is not the case here in KR, where residents and slugs live alongside one another in utopian harmony.

Where and When do you find the KR Slug?

The KR Slug has a few common spots where it likes to hangout, most notably, at the A block entrance, the walkway between the back of B and C block, the ground floors of most blocks, and sometimes inside the dining hall.

KR Slug spotted in dining hall, thankfully not inside the vegetables.

Like some residents, the KR Slug is a hella thirsty one, often only showing up when it rains the day before. Also, the KR Slug usually comes to life at night, probably passed out, hungover, and recuperating under some leaves during the day from the previous night’s slug parties. All that being said, what this says about the KR Slug’s character and personal values is entirely up to your own discretion.

Why the KR Slug?

That’s the million-dollar question, after all. Why would anybody want a slimy, black, vaguely phallic creature with potentially questionable moral values to be the face, icon and common public identity of an entire hall?

Then again who wouldn’t?

Congrats again to the Wolf.

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