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Do Not Smoke in Hall

Not smoking in hall is not only respectful to the school rules, but it is also an act of consideration towards the residents around you. As the hall advocates itself to have a family spirit, we expect the residents to be equally respectful of the compound and the counterparts in the vicinity.

Residents who live along Heng Mui Keng Terrace have put up signs to express that they are uncomfortable with students smoking outside their houses, and we should uphold the NUS image by compromising on our part and walking the extra few metres out to the main road to smoke.

This article serves as a reminder to smokers in KR that smoking is not allowed, and offenders will be met with severe punishment. We strongly advise anyone who has smoked in hall to admit to their mistakes and we will not punish the offender as severely as if we have found it out ourselves.

Moving forward, below are the consequences for smoking in hall:

1. First time offender (admitted to smoking) – one strike

2. Second time offender (admitted to smoking) – two strikes and 9 demerit points

3. First time offender (did not admit) – one strike and 12 demerit points

4. Second time offender (did not admit) – two strikes and termination from hall

Before you smoke in hall, do remember these three tips, and it will go a long way:

1. Think twice

2. Walk out of Heng Mui Keng Terrace

3. Join efforts with the hall to make KR a smoke free place

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