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Types of Freshies in KR

It’s a new academic year and KR welcomes all new blood with open arms! Which category of freshie do you fall under?

Mr/Ms Popular


A super-extrovert, a true social butterfly. One moment you are walking with them and the next, they are getting "hi' and "sup" left right centre, barely having any time to make conversation with you. The people greeting them are literally from every block from A to F and it’s not just one or two greeters, it’s the whole fwocing group.

‘I Took Part in Bash’


Bring out the sashes, you know who they are! From Mr Hotpot to Burger Prince, these freshies were barely seen with their districts during FWOC as they have been selected to partake in their faculties’ pageants! They sacrificed important KR ice-breaking time and put in a ton of effort for their respective bashes, kudos to them!

P.S. Rumour has it that they have maintained their show-ready body! Please help me fact check!!

The Phantom of the OpeKRa


You know who they are, or do you really??

Welfare King/Queen


Open their Instagram stories and chances are you’ll see a long stack of reposts; "thank you for the sick welfare!!", "OMG thank you!", "U MADE MY DAY!", "xxx, rly no.1 welfare". Digging (deep) out of their pockets to get treats for their hall mates, sometimes we can’t help but wonder whether they just did it for the gram… ALL KIDDING ASIDE. please keep up the good job, hall life is about communal living and all of us could use an ice-cold gong cha or liho at any time of the day!

Seniors' Favourite


Girls want him! Seniors love him! Freshies want to be him! Of course, this could be a girl as well (#2019) but you know who I’m talking about. Seen mingling with seniors even during FWOC, they naturally get along well with the seasoned old-bloods and blend in ever so effortlessly into KR. Not surprisingly, Comms and Culture groups probably fought tooth and nail to have them in their teams, look out friends, they are the reason YOU got cut!!

The Athlete


This freshie single-handedly changed the IBG scene. Bringing their own well-worn equipment to the field/court, they are either representing NUS or our nation in what they play and honestly, it’s our honour to be graced by their presence at IBG.

The Party Animal


How do they do it? No one knows. This freshie is all dressed up without fail every Wednesday and Friday night. The smell of cologne/perfume wafting in the air overpowering that of the usual Nong-Shim-Ramyun aroma in the corridors, but we all know the real question is whether or not the toilet smells like puke tomorrow.

The Multi-Talented


Stacked beyond belief, this talented freshie seems to have dipped their toes in comms, culture and sports, and a couple of each at that! When their friends who did not make it into any comms/got cut from round one of sports/culture trials ask them what they got into, they simply scoff at their incompetency and think to themselves, "guess I won’t see you in KR next year".

That’s all folks. Did we miss any types out? Let us know in the comments below!

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